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    Create your Dream Team

    in Goals

    Create your Dream Team!  Tune in to begin to forge your dreams into a reality. We will be discussing strategies to establish a dream team.  Tune in and to make your move to that next level. 

    Get 5 strategies you can intiate WHILE YOU LISTEN to help you get to the next level.


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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Jana Beeman of Create Your Dream Practice

    in Self Help

    La Center, WA – Coaching is one of the fastest growing service industries in the world. However, recent studies suggest only two percent of coaches will make more than $100,000 a year. Most coaches won’t make it past the hobby phase. Coaching is a booming industry, but most people simply don’t know how to monetize it.

    Jana Beeman is the founder of Create Your Dream Practice, a business coaching, training and speaking platform that specializes in helping sole practitioners learn what it means to be self-employed and grow their business. Jana has coached hundreds of individuals through the process of starting their own business.

    “The one thing I like to say to sole practitioners is we are not meant to be in this alone,” says Jana. “Building a business requires taking all your personal development work and putting it into a public structure. My process is developing a path from where my clients are now to where they want to be. We create landmarks that become part of our coaching journey so we can make measurable progress and hold them accountable.”

    Jana says for most of her clients, successfully building their business requires a combination of awareness and shifting their mindset.

    “The entrepreneurial mindset is full of shifts,” says Jana. “It’s really easy to be very busy, but if you’re not busy doing effective things, you’re wasting a lot of time.”

    Jana works with her clients to set up structures and systems that will allow them to maintain a steady cash flow and retain clients.

    “I teach my clients how to give their clients more, support them at a higher level and make more money so it’s win-win-win,” says Jana. “They’re all focused on helping people. Those are the people I love to support.”

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    Your Hidden Riches: Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning

    in Spirituality

    Join Spiritual Intuitive and Consultant, Practical Magic Expert, Human Empowerment Facilitator Certified in Spiritual Psychology; Seminar Author & Facilitator; Awakening Zone Creator and Co-founder; Co-founder and EVP of NLN (N-Light-N) TV/Radio/Media and President and General Manager of NLN Radio, Channel and Host JOE RUMBOLO www.HealingTheUniverse.com as he WELCOMES author Sylva Dvorak (PHD, MS, CHES) www.drsylvadvorak.com

    Dr. Sylva Dvorak is a transformational counselor, humanitarian, and author who maintains a part-time private counseling practice while serving as a Partner in One World Projects, Inc. (an international compassionate and fair trade organization that creates economic self-sufficiency for individuals and communities around the world).

    Sylva received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and her PhD in Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing from Beurin University in Los Angeles where she is a member of the faculty.

    She has consulted for Fortune 100-500 companies, worked with top corporate executives, spoken at international corporate events, and shared the stage with Don Miguel Ruiz, Marci Schimoff, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, Phil Town, Marcia Weider and numerous others. to name a few.

    She is a co-author of Your Hidden Riches - Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a of Life of Meaning and Purpose with Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. The book provides a real-world guide for busy modern achievers to harness the power of ritual to create a rhythm to their life by managing their time, energy, and thinking, as well as tapping into their inner “hidden riches” to align themselves with their unique Life Design.

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    Create the Blueprint for Your Best Life Yet!: Dr. Deborah Carlin

    in Self Help

    When you get lost you feel awful. And finding your way through life's morass can be difficult even impossible.  We all posses strength, inner fortitude, and confidence, but often lack the capacity to truly utilize them.

    My guest today is Dr. Deborah Carlin and she is the author of the new book "Build the Strength Within."

    In this fabulous new book she helps the reader make the most of his/her abilities, find joy, and reap the rewards his/her success. It is now time to live your best life posible and this show will help you to do that.

     This is a show worth listening to several times.  For more information please visit www.drdebcarlin.com 

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    F. A. C. T. Four Things You Must Do To Create Your Dream.

    in Spirituality

    We have discussed many things in the quest to stop just going through life and to begin living and directing your life movie.  This episode Bonnie W. Kaye and I are discussing 4 essential factors in creating your life. 

    Many go through life excepting whatever comes their way.  Never being the producer and director of their movie.  They allow circumstances to dictate their scenes.  F. A. C. T. represents four essential, must things to do that will allow you to begin actively directing your life.  Join us and learn what these four letters mean.  Call in to join the live conversation at (347) 838-8437.  Press 1 to speak on air.

    Have suggestions or simply ask a question or listening to the podcast?  email me at beverly@commandingyourlife.com  Also visit my website at commandingyourlife.com.

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    How To Create a Stronger Future for your business

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to At Your Service Yes Radio! This broadcast is about daily commitment to business. How To Create a Stronger Future for your business

    One of the biggest ways to create a stronger future for your business is to create avenues of residual traffic and exposure. Also to learn from your mistakes and move forward. Of course we also share a couple of news items from the day and also an encouraging word for you!

    Thanks for listening to At Your Service Yes Radio, hosted by Daniel Barth.

    We look forward to helping you with your business

    At Your Service Yes Radio

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    How to Create Your Real Life Happily Ever After

    in Relationships

    Kim Ades, MBA is president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine™ Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and mother of 5, Kim is one of North America's foremost experts on thought management. By using her unique process of coaching through journaling she works with clients who are intelligent, driven, and ambitious and helps them examine and shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results. Kim is the Author of What You Focus on Grows– a collection of personal short stories specifically designed to build the reader’s mind muscle. Join us to learn how to create your own real life Happily Ever After.

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    How to Create Your DREAM: A Simple 5 Step Process

    in Business

    It all started with a DREAM... so a popular line goes. The question some of us face however is - how can we be sure that we have the right dream to start with in the first place?
    After a brief hiatus, The Keep Your Dream Alive show hosted by Placida Acheru, is back with guest Audra Duffy in what promises to be a lively discussion on yes --- "How to Create Your Dream".
    About Audra Duffy:
    Audra Duffy is a Money, Marketing and Mindset Coach/Mentor, speaker and founder of www.DesiredToInspired.com. 
    Audra helps women entrepreneurs, particularly those that work as transformation professionals, who don’t know how to get clients, are struggling financially and experiencing an invisible barrier to their success.  She helps them to attract an abundance of clients and money in a way that is fun, feminine and authentic. 
    Contact Audra:
    Website:  www.DesiredToInspired.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/DesiredToInspired
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AudraLDuffy

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    Manifestation - Create Your Reality and Best Life Ever

    in Spirituality

    Join our panel as we discuss on Monday from 7-8pm est "Manifestation and how to create your own reality"  Make this your best life ever! Do you want to improve your life?  Listen in to find out how.


    No readings at this time!


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    Ten Tips that Will Help You Create Joy and Inner Peace in Your Life Every Day

    in Self Help

    In this first episode of A Joy-Filled Life, Life Coach Tess Adams interviews an inspiring health and wellness coach who shares her top ten tips for helping us create joy and inner peace in our lives. Then Tess answers two questions from emails sent to her by her newsletter subscribers. In each session, she will answer questions that are emailed to her so if you have a questions you would like her to answer on air, please email her - tess@tessadamscoaching.com or go to her web site TessAdamsCoaching.com to submit your question on the Connect with Tess page. We hope you tune in to begin this new journey with us. It is created with the intention to introduce to inspiring people you probably don't know and to give you an opportunity to ask a life coach questions about how to create joy in your life.

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    How to A.M.P. Up Your Life!

    in Self Help

    In this episode, learn more about finishing the year end strong by A.M.P.ing up your life.  Find out what A.M.P. means and how it can prepare you to go into 2015 with great momentum.  Also, find out more about what your year end financial portfolio should be all about as Certified Financial Planner, Mario J. Payne of Raymond James Financial Services shares about your year end investment checklist.  

    Get your A.M.P. up your life commitment and 10 Days to Finish Strong Routine List, Free! Click to Request, now.

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