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    Writestream Tuesday with author Ronan Cray

    in Writing

    Join author, blogger, writer and internet radio host Dariaanne for Writesream Tuesday on December 10 at 1 p.m. Eastern when she welcomes the author of Red Sand, Ronan Cray to the show. Ronan will talk about his current book and his forthcoming book Dust Eaters, plus share his thoughts on social media, publishing and writing. 

    As always, the host and guest welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246 and your participation in the live chat room. Tune in to Writestream Tuesday on December 10 at 1 p.m. Eastern with guest, Ronan Cray!


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    Episode 151: NLCS Game 4: So this happened

    in Baseball



    (so that happened, Jeffrey, Greg, and Steve try to talk about it coherently. They mostly succeed we think. On the agenda: The 2015 National League Champion New York Mets are your 2015 National League Champions. They don't have great merchandise, but they do have Daniel Murphy, who is hotter than the rapidly expanding universe after the Big Bang which also resembles the speed and trajectory of all his crazy dingers.)

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    Cray Cray Hump-Day. Episode 19

    in Entertainment

    Today's discussion topics include:

    *Arron Hernandez's 1st degree murder conviction and upcoming trials he will be facing.

    *NBA Playoff Picture, whos in and who's out and Predictions from our show hosts.

    *Drake and Madonna's make out session

    *Upcoming shows in the central florida area and surrounding areas.

    *Also the latest and greatest in the music industry with the newest releases from Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator, Drake and many more artist who aren't Rick Ross or soulja boy because those two suck. just saying.

    * Todays debate : Religion in schools


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    Alicia Cray-What's Her Why?

    in Motivation

    Join me your host Jane Coy as I speak with Alicia Cray and find out how God has inspired and encouraged her "Why".  She will also talk about why it is important to know your "why" when it comes to doing your business.  Alicia Cray known as The Acceleration Coach is sought after for providing proven strategies to shift employee’s frustrated behavior to create more positive outcomes, with an entrepreneurial mindset.  You can visit her at http://aliciacray.com/ to found out more about what she do.

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    Weird Wednesday baby, so you know it will be mucho cray cray!

    in Paranormal

    So boys and girls, here we are on yet another Wednesday :)

    Murder most foul, murder of an imaginary friend, yup you read that right. a doll whose hair grows all by itself, and of course another ufo crash being hidden yet again.

    And there has been a very disturbing development on the war front. And brutal as it is I will be updating. Fuckery is afoot and worry not babies Dr Monika has all in hand. The balance will be redressed, fear not.


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    A chat with award winning author Liah Penn

    in Lifestyle

    There is just something about daughters and their dads. When a little girl hears golden words of wisdom from her father, it is something she seldom forgets.  Mandeville resident Laurie Pennison's dad once told her, "You can do anything you want but you have to work at it," and the lawyer, artist, and now author, has taken that advice to heart.

    Pennison, who writes under the name Liah Penn, studied creative writing in college but has worked much of her career as an attorney and as a commissioned artist.  It has only been recently that she has returned to her love, and talent, for writing and she has come out of the starting gate at record speed.

    Even though Pennison worked in the publishing industry in her early years, it wasn't until November 2013 that she was propelled back into writing.  She explained that her seventeen-year-old son, Cray, challenged her that year to complete in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) event where, after writing for thirty consecutive days, a literary artist submits a 50,000 word composition.

    She noted that her son, who is also a writer, completed the NaNoWriMo challenge and that that month was "a real bonding experience for us" since they would talk about their manuscripts over dinner and every chance they could get.

    Her first book, Pure Death, received rave reviews and so much recognition that her publishers have asked her to pen a series of novels featuring her two lead characters.

    She explained that the success of her novel has totally taken her by surprise and the sudden success has been a wild ride.  

    Her second novel, Pure Justice, the sequel to Pure Death, should be on shelves sometime this month. Her books are currently available on line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. We look forward to her on the show.

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    The World gon cray cray -- WHAT'S WRONG !!!!!

    in Entertainment

    I don't watch the news because it's depressing but when I do - PEOPLE GONE CRAY --- WHAT'S THE CRAZIEST NEWS YOU HAVE HARD ---- WE GOIN CRAY CRAY --- CALM WITH YOUR STORIES AND LETS GET IT IN !!!!!

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    Ray Rice wife is cray cray!!!!

    in Current Events

    Ray Rice was wrong for hitting his wife like Mike, Mike Tyson that is, but seriously she has issues as well!!!

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    04. Light It Up

    in Hip Hop Music

    So today's show we play another round of 5 mics, Akon lighting up Africa, Iggy Azaleas downfall and more.
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    Our Vay-Cay Was Cray-Cray

    in Comedy

    Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team took a week off in order to enjoy some vacation time and recharge their batteries.  Now, they are back and they are tanned, rested, and funnier than ever.  The IWS Radio team will be discussing the crazy, alcohol-fueled, sex-charged shenanigans they experienced during their time off.

    Join Jay, Matt, Bobby Kraft, Guy Ahnyurdyck, and The Tibbles Family, as they talk about their wacky vacations, and folks…in addition to taking your phone calls, IWS Sports Director Slyder Balzcock interviews the late, great Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth in a LIVE IWS Radio exclusive. So pack your swimsuit and your funny bone, and go on vacation with IWS Radio.

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    Downtown Tony Brown Comedy 20 point Not to date or be crazy person to date

    in Culture

    Are you looking for that special someone but keep getting cray cray. STOP, listen, look and recognize how to respect yourself so the other person will to  Learn how to survive new age dating with old fashion rules. Don't be fall for words, look for actions. This can be applied to men and women. Sabrina will be open and honest with the pain, drive and tenacity it takes to have morals and find Mr. Or Mrs. Right. Welcome the great Downtown Tony Brown. He is funny, honest and Sincere.