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    Healthy Cooking with Macro Val

    in Spirituality

    Healthy Cooking with Macro Val. Chef, author, instructor, Valerie Wilson helps people live happier lives through healthier eating! www.bodymindspiritradio.com

    Topic: Millet and her recipe for, Millet Chili, a perfect recipe to use in the upcoming Fall season! Call in with questions about staying healthy and eating right!

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    Instant Pressure Cooking with Jill Ann McKeever

    in Food

    Today award-winning television host, popular plant-based cookbook author and vegan chef Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian welcomes the Simple Daily Recipes founder, Jill McKeever to talk about Instant Pressure Cooking. Laura Theodore’s newest cookbook, Laura Theodore’s VEGAN-EASE is now available on AMAZON!

    Jill McKeever teaches how to create family-pleasing, plant-based meals on her hilarious YouTube channel, Simple Daily Recipes.  After watching the life-changing documentary, Forks Over Knives, McKeever decided she didn’t want to grow old with poor health and living on prescription medications, so she adopted a whole foods, plant-based diet, dropped 30 pounds and gained energy. For the past year, Jill has been focused on pressure cooking healthy meals with her favorite appliance, the Instant Pot®. She’s driven to turn any stove-top meal into an Instant Pot® meal. This summer, she wrote the first plant-based Instant Pot cookbook called, O M Gee Good! Instant Pot® Meals, Plant-Based & Oil-Free. Available as a downloadable PDF on her website, SimpleDailyRecipes.com, and coming soon in print on Amazon. Direct Link to her PDF book: http://simple-daily-recipes.myshopify.com

  • Tiger Conservation, Nature Art, Cooking with Wine

    in Lifestyle

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa D. Smith – publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Big Blend Radio, airing live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona, the headquarters for the Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 408 National Park units.
    On This Episode:
    - Tiger Conservation - Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA & Born Free Foundation wildlife conservation organizations.
    - The Barbizon School – Artist Victoria Chick talks about The Forest of Fontainebleau and the Beginning of Painting from Nature.
    - Cooking with Wine – Howard & Ruth Milstein, author of ‘Cooking with Love: Ventures Into the New Israeli Cuisine’ share recipes and wine pairing tips.

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    Healthy Cooking with Macro Val

    in Spirituality

    Healthy Cooking with Macro Val. Chef, author, instructor, Valerie Wilson helps people live happier lives through healthier eating!

    Topic: Garlic and her recipe for, Grilled Vegetables in a Miso Garlic Marinade! Call in with questions about staying healthy and eating right! www.bodymindspiritradio.com

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    Cannabis Cooking Hour -Sep 8 - Show 1 part 1

    in Cooking

    Make sure to catch the Cannabis Cooking Hour with Chef Mike Delao on Tuesdays from 6p-7p MST starting September 8th.
    Delicious, nutritious and cannabis infused - Chef Mike teaches you how to make the most out of your kitchen and the ingredients.

    Feel free to email your recipe requests or kitchen tidbits to CannabisCookingHour@MillenniumGrown.com

    MGBN broadcasts shows 7 days a week!
    Follow us on Twitter @MillenniumGrown
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    Plum Luv Foods Season 2 Episode 28 Cooking Channel's Nikki Dinki

    in Food

    On this episode we are talking to the fabulous Nikki Dinki from Cooking channel's "Junk Food Flip" and Food Networks "Food Network Star". Nikki is hella funny, a great cook, and a really awesome person! What is it like to go from contestant to host with Food Network, working with Bobby Dean and so much more!  How does one go from hating all great food to loving it? Nikki will lt us know! We also are 4 days away from the CT Chefs Challenge and a huge announcement is made tonight regarding the event! Chef Plum will also talk the goldbar event for Truecooks, doing media for food events, and preparing to host a live event in front of a live crowd!

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    YouTube Cooking Channels: Real Talent or Chef Wanna-Be's?

    in Dining

    YouTube is inundated with home cooks showing off their cooking skills and recipes.  Is this simply entertainment of bored housewives or are these real Chefs with real talent?  Does anyone ever try to make their recipes? Special guest host will be joining us!  Sheila Chadwick is the star of "The Ghetto Cooking Show" which is very popular among YouTube followers.  Other topics may also be discussed.

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    in Hip Hop Music

    White supremacy doesn’t stop behind studio 

    There’s a tradition that I’ve read, forgive me if I’m recalling it incorrectly, that says something like, “Love of prestige is worse than love of money.” And that’s a heavy statement, because you already see the wickedness that people will do for money. So imagine what people will do for a perception, to project an image of themselves. They’ll do even worse things than what they’d do for money. So I think really that’s what it comes down to. Even when we’ve been accepted, for some of us being accepted by our own is not enough. It’s not enough until we’re having our paper graded with an “A” by the system. But not just a sales “A,” from selling a lot of records. It’s the message of, “You’re acceptable. We’re comfortable with you. You can still, you know, we understand your background, you can still use all the parlance of the times. You can still speak in code, we don’t mind, we’re entertained by that, it’s exotic to us.” This is how what sounds like hip-hop becomes orchestrated by someone outside of it.

    As an artist movement, as a global presence, hip-hop has been one of the few opportunities that people on a global level got to even see Black people when they weren’t playing sports. And it’s also a narrative, that even if it was exaggerated or fictionalized, it was a narrative that they were constructing. Like a screenwriter didn’t pick Ghostface Killah’s name, he did. So it’s very different. Some think there’s this inherent competitive quality to hip-hop, but I disagree with that. I don’t think art has to be about that, and I think the competitive nature they’re referencing has less to do with who has the bigger audience or more money

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    Cooking with the Chef

    in Business

    Christopher Sutton's passion is inspire the younger generation through food by showing them that there is a better, more positive way of doing things. It is his dream to remove our youth from the statistical bubble and to broaden their horizons. As a chef, he loves to cook, especially through experimention of food.  He says that he does it all for the Kingdom of God.  

    Chef Christopher Sutton is the Head Chef and owner of Strong Tower Catering, LLC. Chef Sutton's passion for cooking is also shown in his company.  

    His impressive resume is as follows: 

    Chef with Campus Cooks from 2012-2014, Baton Rouge, LA 

    Sous Chef with the Kutz Camp Institute in 2012, New York City 

    Sous Chef with MGM Grant Hotel & Casino from 2007-2009, Biloxi, MS

    He was educated in the Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Dallas from 2009-2012, thereby receiving an Associate's Degree in the Culinary Arts/Chef Training.

    Now, let's talk Cooking with the Chef.

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    Barn Goddess BBQ & More with Host Lori Frazee

    in Cooking

    Join Lori each week as she interviews BBQ and food personalities from all over the US.  This week we are Hawaii bound to chat with Paul and Ed the guys behind the very populare site www.ilovegrillingmeat.com.  These wiz kids are the tech behind an idea that is going the distance.  This weeks show is sponsored by, Sweet Smoke Q, Rec Tec pellet Cookers, Royal Oak Charcoal, Fire Bulter, Cookinpellets.com, and Mack Daddy Smokers.  Show starts at 7 PM EST, call in number is 347-989-1121.  Hope you can join us.  Contact Lori direct with show ideas, and advertising and sponsorship opportunities, lori@barngoddessbbq.com

  • Super Chef Pierre Thiam Shares Senegal Cooking

    in Food

    NWP welcomes super chef, Pierre Thiam! 

    Chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author, Pierre Thiam was raised in Dakar, Senegal, a bustling and culturally diverse metropolis on the west coast of Africa. Although he developed an interest in the culinary arts at an early age, he studied physics and chemistry from the city’s Cheikh Anta Diop University.  Thiam moved to New York in the late 1980s where he began working in a number of restaurants. His bottom-level entry steadily led upward, and by 2001 he opened his first restaurant, Yolele, a visionary African bistro in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. His second outlet, Le Grand-Dakar Restaurant followed, opening in neighboring Clinton Hill three years later; it quickly became a culinary and cultural locus for Africans from the continent and the Diaspora. Currently he owns Pierre Thiam Catering, which introduces a diverse, savvy New York clientele to contemporary interpretations of ethnic flavors; he also serves as consulting chef for a number of restaurants in the City and beyond.  http://PierreThiam.com