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    Relationships: Dating vs Tinder Culture and Sluts vs Hoes

    in Entertainment

    In our second broadcasted show, we are going to discuss relationships!

    We want to know more about this Tinder Culture and how is it different from Dating?

    Is there a difference between Sluts and Hoes?

    In the movie segment, we will be discussing Jurassic World and the upcoming Star Wars.

    For entertainment: What's been going on this week with the celebrities?? Why's it so quiet?

    And will Ky ever start the 30 day workout challenge?

    Tune in Tuesday for an all new NO CONDUCT RADIO

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    NFL: Code of Conduct and Playoff Highlights - K&K SPORTS TALK with Kat & Keith

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    The NFL has developed a new Personal Conduct Policy that applies to all NFL personnel — owners,
    coaches, players, other team employees, game officials and league office employees. The policy
    was developed after discussions with more than 150 experts from across the country — including
    domestic violence and sexual assault experts, advocates and survivors, law enforcement officials,
    academic experts, business leaders, current and former players and the NFL Players Association.

    HOW DOES IT WORK? The policy establishes clear standards of behavior for all NFL personnel. Clubs are
    obligated to promptly report any potential violation of the policy that comes to their attention and must fully cooperate
    with any related law enforcement and NFL investigations. When a potential violation occurs, the NFL will make
    available evaluation and counseling services for the player or employee, as well as resources to assist victims and

    The NFL will follow a fair and predictable process for investigating the incident and ultimately taking
    disciplinary action if a violation has occurred.


    K&K SPORTS TALK on KLJN 107.7  


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    in Dreams

    Tonight a surprise show with special guest the One Angry Jew. Vince will comment on the events of the day (such as #FloodWallStreet), listen to the Jew blather on a bit, then take your calls! 

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Free Ball Friday

    in Dreams

    Join Vince and guests Jewish Producer and Mr. Midnight Movie as they celebrate Bi-Sexual Awareness Week, discuss current events and take calls. No underpants allowed. OPEN LINES: 1-347-826-7667




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    disorderly conduct

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    disorderly conduct

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    Let That Ish Go!

    in Entertainment

    Why do women always bring up an old issue when there is an argument? Why can't you let that ish go? In this show, we delve into this problem and find out what men think about it. We also figure out if men do the same thing.

    The question of the week is Would you offer your "services" to someone who just wanted a baby?

    You can answer this question on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/noconductradio

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    Can Men and Women be Friends?

    in Entertainment

    It's been a long raging battle that's looking for an answer; Can men and women be friends?

    We'll give you the answer tonight!

    Join us on Facebook or Twitter to chime in!

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    Would You Date Outside of Your Race?

    in Entertainment

    Today's question is actually the discussion on the show, Would you date outside of your race? If so, how would your parents feel about it?

    We will discuss this from a man's and woman's standpoint ~ would the views change due to gender?

    You can answer this question at www.facebook.com/noconductradio

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    in Self Help

    Are you a leader who conducts meetings with your committee or your work group? Do your meetings run too long?  Does someone in your group dominate or disrupt the meeting?  Is there time wasted with bickering? 

    If you want to increase productivity and harmony in the meetings you conduct, then listen as Dr. Joan describes three basic steps and three ground rules which may help you and the members of your group improve the climate of each meeting.

    So just like the ants in one ant hill, your goal is to work together to accomplish your goals.

    A portion of each broadcast of Harmony Keys is devoted to the reading of Dr. Joan's writings.  She is currently reading from her novel on human harmony in relationships: Gra Im Thu! I Love You!, available in print and digital versions.  Suitable for ages 12 - 104.


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    Introduction Show - Entertainment, News, & Relationship Advice

    in Entertainment

    This will be our first show. This show will have 2 guys and 2 girls discussing everything and everything from the standpoint of guys and girls. 

    What's going on in entertainment this week?

    Current news - Republican Rep. Stephen Fincher goes in on Malia and Sasha Obama 

    Relationship corner: Dating vs Tinder Culture

    Beginner workout challenge: 

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    The Eric Garner Verdict

    in Entertainment

    This week's question: To shave or not to shave that is the question? Women, do you like your men shaved on top AND below? Men, how about you; do you like a clean shaven woman.
    Answer this question at www.facebook.com/noconductradio 

    Since we missed it last week, we will be discussing The Eric Garner Verdict with our guest Logic.

    Also, should side pieces expect gifts for the holidays?

    Movie Segment: Jurassic World and Star Wars - we will list both trailers on our website.

    Finally, BJ with the fashion segment - What's popular for this winter?

    See you there!

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