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    Born to Compete Youth Sports Radio Show - 8.28.2013

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    B2C Radio Show is the #1 radio show for youth sports.  This week we have Coach Jermyn (Atlanta Vikings), Coach Graham (Faytte County), Coach Ced (North Henry), Coach Shelly (Central Dekalb), Coach Devaugh (Tucker), Coach Shawn (Welcome All) and special guest Frank Ski.

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    Non Compete Agreements

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    In order to uphold a covenant not to compete, a contract for sale of a business may not circumvent California’s deeply rooted public policy favoring open competition.  Otherwise, the non-compete agreement is void.  In this show, Bill and Rick discuss the requirement that there be a clear indication that in the sales transaction the parties value or consider goodwill as a component of the sales price, as well as the fact that a covenant not to compete be reasonable in terms of time, activity and territory covered. Likewise, the discussion will distinguish the viability of agreements involving the taking of proprietary material, or "trade secrets," versus a non-compete agreement.

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    Episode Seven: Compete

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    In episode seven of VolNation's Power-T Talk, Daniel and Zack talk about last week's Oklahoma game. The guys discuss the playcalling of Mike Bajakin and what they see that is right and wrong with the gameplan. They also discuss how important it was for Tennessee to compete and make it a game against Oklahoma. Then they get to talking about how Oklahoma compares to the rest of the schedule and see if that was the best team Tennessee plays all year. Plus quick twitch and this week's pick em's. 

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/power-t-talk/2014/09/16/episode-seven-compete#ixzz3DWg1ulxW

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    Don't Compete With Your Competitors!

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    Today we are discussing my approach marketing on the web, and why competing with your competition can actually waste more time than does any good. If you like the show, like us on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/websnoogie, or fill out a support ticket on our website at https://www.websnoogie.com/support.

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    Championship Battle Rap (4 MC's Compete For The Crown)

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    Tonight for the first time on "IRTR", we're hosting a live rap battle between 4 MC's: "Jcadi" reppin Alberta, Canada; "Jenezyz" reppin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; "Raunchy Raye" reppin Baltimore, Maryland; & "Viki Shakespeare" reppin San Diego/Oakland, California. This is a judged competition and the rules go as followed: Jcadi & Jenezyz battle in a 2 minute round in Battle #1. Afterwards, the judges will elaborate on who they think won, and then each judge will announce who they chose and why (each judge MUST choose an MC). Like most other competitions, majority rules. The same rules apply for Raunchy Raye & Viki Shakespeare in Battle #2, leaving the winners from Battles 1 & 2 to faceoff in the Championship Round. With pride, bragging rights, and the crown on the line, the Championship Round will be a 3 minute spaz fest for each MC which follows the same rules (minus the time limit) from Battles 1 & 2. After the judges deliberate, a winner and NEW C.B.R champion will be crowned. The battles are all acapella and explicit content is permitted, so if you have virgin ears then this may not be the show for you, but if you enjoy Hip Hop and you're a battle rap fan, then "It's Real Talk Radio" is where you want to be on Wednesday, March 4th at 9PM EST. To listen live on your phone, dial 347-838-9540.





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    How To Compete With The Big Dogs - What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

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    Uncover The challenges of juggling it all in pursuit of building an Empire and having Financial Freedom.  Learn the must-do's and the pitfalls to avoid on your way to building a successful and sustainable business.

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    What it takes to compete at the Iron Man competition

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    My guest Jessica Schenkhuizen recently competed in the Ironman competition and finished in the top 25% percent of her age group.  She will talk about her experience and tell us about how you can go from barely finish one lap in the pool to being able to successfully compete in one of the hardest competitions on the planet.

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    How to Compete for the Best in Life

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    Diana Tyler is owner and coach at CrossFit 925 in San Antonio, as well as the author of two women's fitness books, Miss University: A Girl's Guide to Fitness, Beauty, and Confidence and Fit for Faith: A Christian Woman's Guide to Total Fitness. She is passionate about helping people acheive both spiritual and physical fitness that equips us for serving and inspiring others rather than glorifying ourselves. You can follow her on Twitter @Dianafit4faith and check out her website, http://fit4faith.com/. 
    On today's show, Diana will be talking with Jake Thompson, the Chief Encouragement Officer of Compete Everyday (http://www.competeeveryday.com), a company founded on the belief that inside everyone is a desire to compete for what they want in life. Encouragement is one thing, but the will to compete after that initial push is something altogether different. Jake and CED's goal is to fuel your fire, but that’s only the beginning. He wants to drive you and help you see it through to the end. 365 days a year, seven days a week, 86,400 seconds per day. However long it takes. Compete Every Day.

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    B2C Radio Show 9-20-13

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    Born To Compete Radio Show

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    LL Sports 2 - "In the words of D-Rose - COMPETE!"

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    Welcome to LL SPORTS 2!  A sports show for everyone!! – but for the ladies, we’ll get an opportunity each show to teach you some of the fundamentals of baseball, basketball or football.  We promise to never answer your questions with "not right now, the game is on!"

    We thought it was an instant classic with Baltimore vs Patriots in the NFL Divisional round....NOT!!!  With as much controversy as we have had this NFL season, from Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Ray McDonald, the referees and so on and so forth....Packers vs Seahawks, it's why we love this game!!! We break down what the Seahawks did right, and what the Packers did wrong.

    Along with some NBA and MLB news, we have the Wednesday Wikipedia, Ladies Learn Moment, your phone calls, comment, questions and much much more!

    So join TJ & TIFF Wed. night @ 8p est!!

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    Ryan George and Ross Levine join PFR and Jeff Doss is Co Host/Compete Nationals Results

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    Click on the link from your phone, tablet or computer. Use the same link to listen Live or to Recording. Call as speak to us at 347-637-1334 

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