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    The commercialization of Easter-how the Resurrection is being forgotten

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    America is is the season of Easter, which is supposed to be dedicated to the events surrounding the death, burial and ressurection of Jesus, but as we apporach and celebrate Palm Sunday, there are so many in this country who don't know, or have forgotten what these 2 weeks are all about. Easter has been forgotten about, and has been replaced with gross commercialization, and a lack of respect for the real meaning of the Holy season- can we return to a time when people had a resepect for God, and this special time?.

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    Angel Investing, Intellectual Property, and an Active Member of the Community

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    Show Details


    Title: Angel Investing, Intellectual Property, and an Active Member of the Community

    Show: Talk to Donna with David Woolford, Partner with Miller Thomson


    Date/Time:  Friday, March 6th at 10:30 a.m.




    David Woolford is a partner in the Southwestern and Toronto offices of Miller Thomson.


    David is a member of the TSX Venture Exchange’s Local Advisory Committee for Ontario, and a Director of the Golden Triangle Angelnet (GTAN). He is also a former member of the Angel One angel investor group.


    He is an active member in the community, and has been extensively involved in the United Way of Peel, including 10 years as a fundraiser. He was formerly the General Counsel and a founder of the Maple Leaf Angels and the honorary National Solicitor and a director of Peel Senior Link, a vibrant community service organization providing supportive services and care to senior citizens.


    David specializes in investment, corporate finance and governance. Structuring and commercialization of intellectual property rights for emerging companies is one of his specialties.


    David is an expert with limited partnerships; mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other corporate reorganizations making him an excellent Python for this year’s Pythons’ Pit.


    David’s experience in e-business, e-commerce, outsourcing; and software technology development, along with licensing, franchising, acquisition and distribution contracts makes him a welcome addition as a returning Python.


    He is a Python with this year’s Pythons’ Pit. www.PythonsPit.ca

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    Computer America - Prof. Adam Chlipala-MIT ; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one:
    MIT, Prof. Adam Chlipala, Assistant Professor of Computer Science.

    The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory – known as CSAIL ­– is the largest research laboratory at MIT and one of the world’s most important centers of information technology research.  CSAIL and its members have played a key role in the computer revolution. The Lab’s researchers have been key movers in developments like time-sharing, massively parallel computers, public key encryption, the mass commercialization of robots, and much of the technology underlying the ARPANet, Internet and the World Wide Web.

    Hour two: Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    path1 exposing the commercialization of the rastafarian movenment 2013

    in Culture

    philadelphia brother ptah revolitionary 2013 and akbar ralston the truth doctor 2013 will break down truth on exposing the commercialization of the rastafarian movenment 2013 www.blogtalkradio.com brother ptah revolitionary radio 2013

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    Commercialization, Westernization, Subjugation, Indoctrination. Part 2

    in Spirituality

    Commercialization, Westernization, Subjugation, Indoctrination. The Bastardization of African American indigenous Spiritual Systems. Part Two


    House of the Divine Prince:

    Hoodoo New Orleans Voodoo Secrets and Recipes 

    Pan African Spiritualist Hoodoo Obeah Bokor

    My website, where I can be reached utilizing various means almost 24/hrs a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year, operating in 360 degrees of power and understanding: http://www.HouseoftheDivinePrince.com/


    Where I specialize in doing battle; difficult and blocked situations of every type and endeavor and I specialize in results!


    Please also know that I have several virtual temple groups within my  House of the Divine Prince site, where I offer a variety of virtual temple groups  of various Pan African and World Spiritual, Religious and Magical Practitioners in one convenient location from a diverse collective of cultures and traditions. 

    Voodoo Chief Divine Prince Ty Emmecca on YouTube:


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    The Shoutout Show Episode 19: X-Mas, Inc.

    in Entertainment

    Black Friday is now 'Black Friday on Thursday'!
    Christmas decorations in September! Stores want your Christmas Money and offer you no Christmas Spirit!
    Christmas has been bought, packaged, and gifted to you! Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas anymore!
    Your hosts will discuss the Commercialization of Christmas, in addition to Weekly Shenanigans, the Sit Cho Azz Down award, and anything else we feel like getting off our chests!
    Call and speak with us at 914-338-1628!
    Tweet us at @DaShoutoutShow
    Put your comments and questions here on the event page and we'll address them on the air!

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    Christmas exposed,International Affairs, Riots Across America‏

    in Politics


    During the month of December I do a special show about the origins of Christmas.I have found this to be very successful in making Christians and other faiths realize that Jesus is not "the reason for the season".During my youth I had many questions to ask my parents concerning Christmas "their reply was "this is  what they do".They lie to themselves and their children about a big fat elf who flies around the world dropping off toys and gifts.If this were true, wouldn't it be better to drop off lasting peace between nations and families.Heal all pain and suffering,and restore earth's environment.The commercialization of Christmas is the topic tonight.  

    The true story about the Ukrainian crisis has been right in our faces the whole time. And most Americans don't know this is a war about a gas pipe line,which the contract for was broken and caused turmoil in the region.These reactions are dangerously close to a nuclear confrontation between the world's superpowers.A new twist has occurred and i'll tell you what it may means to America. 

    Riots across American are increasing,and multiple arrests of protesters are making the U.S. look like the nations overseas,who use military force against their own citizens.More deaths of black unarmed men are happening and the list grows on.A riot last night in Berkeley,California happened and the only way I found out about it was from an overseas news cast. CNN did not cover it right then.So listen to "We Resisters Radio" tonight and look for "The Perry Steele Show".Kick back and be informed about how we as a people,are knocking on the door of destruction,and somebody just turned the knob. 

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    More Than Just A Good Idea: Education Research to Guide Product Development

    in Education


    More than Just a Good Idea: Education Research Guide to Product Development

    Ideas abound for new teaching methodologies, and curriculum, and each claims to be innovative and effective. Governments throughout the world fund a wealth of research into educational strategies and instructional design every year, yet we find that these communities often don’t communicate well with each other. It is not unusual for popular educational solutions to lack research into their effectiveness and how best they can be applied. Equally unusual, many educational research programs, in which curriculum is developed, never see the commercial light of day, or broad distribution.

    We will examine what educational research brings to improving products today and in the future and how publishers can take advantage of research findings to improve their offerings. 

    Host Michael Jay and our leading education thinkers will contemplate the following:

    How closely tied is today’s research programs to educational practice?
    Where are there challenges for the research community in working with commercial vendors?
    How are requirements at funding agencies changing to bring these communities closer together?
    How are our universities and research institutions working to accommodate the commercialization of products from their research?
    How can publishers reach out to the research community to improve their offerings and gain greater credibility with the educational community? 

    To keep up to date, subscribe to the show at  edtabletalk.org

    Ideas for future show topics? Tweet us @edtabletalk.  

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    Five Tips For Overcoming Holiday Depression

    in Self Help

    For many, depression creeps in.as the Yuletide season draws near, Nearly 17 million American adults and 2 million teens live with major depression independent of the pressure of the Holiday season.  Commercialization of Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas,romanticizing of the “Happy Family” and the bombardment by the media of images of smiling families and friends can push some people over the edge.  Stress and anxiety of the holiday season—especially during the months of November and December-cause some to experience loneliness and a lack of fulfillment which evolves into depression.

    So what is to be done to prevent"Holiday-induced depression"? Consider that “depression” is the spiritual equivalent to cancer that grows from within and it changes thinking and sense of well-being slowly and nearly imperceptibly, metastasizing to all parts of our being. Therefore careful planning is necessary to build your immunityagainst "Depression".

     Start now designing what makes you happy during the holiday season; don’t just go with the flow and don’t privatize your pain. If you hate office parties; Don’t go to office parties: schedule a movie date with yourself or with a friend instead. Schedule a visit to a senior citizen residence facility or an orphanage or a local school and provide light refreshments and come with your camera and take pictures of the residents to be presented as gifts to the residents.  Make yourself a “gift” to someone… spend some time doing something you seldom take time to do.Do something that is pleasant and memorable for you; start a tradition and reflect on what “gift-giving” is meant to be.  

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    Hollie Wood & Friends: Commercialization of the Illuminati

    in Pop Culture

    Tune in Sunday, May 19th, Sunday at 8PM EST/5PM PST as Hollie Wood & Friends speak on: The Commercialization of the Illuminati. 
    The Illumaniti, meaning "enlightened," is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitous. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women's education and gender equality.
    Ironically, today many believe the Illuminati to not be supporters of equality, but rather devil-worshipping secret societies trying to create a new world order and keep the rich wealthy and the poor, even more poor. Some even have accused superstar artists as being agents for the Illumanti, most have denied such a claim. 
    However, the accusations and the commercialization of the myth continues, if you go to youtube.com you will find thousands of videos promoting the fear of the Illuminati. If you search the internet you will also find items available for sale to prepare consumers  for potential "attacks" by the Illuminati. But the question is, is the Illuminati still relevant today? If so, are they planning a new world order? Or, is this just another fad of our society, and with that, fear mongers are using the misguided fear some have of the Illuminati to make a quick buck off of the gullible? 
    Hollie Wood, Venor, and MJ will discuss this along with other hot topics of the day. 
    To discuss this topic and more, the call in number is 646-716-8544
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    Weekend Watchdogs: Commercialized Jeter, NFL Preview and Sports Gambling

    in Sports

    Mike Silva and Joe Buono debate the commercialization of Derek Jeter's farewell tour. Nick Kostos of Sirius-XM and the Bleacher Report gives his preview of the 2014 NFL season. The guys discuss Adam Silver's comments about the legalization of sports gambling.