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    Special Guest Jerry Sullivan, Buffalo News columnist re Strat-O-Matic...

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    Wednesday, February 25, 2015

    Join David Weinstein, Bill Gutman and Champ Jordan who will be discussing all the leading sports headlines!  

    Hartford Courant reporter Jenny Wilson, who has been reporting extensively on the Aaron Hernandez murder cases, will update us on the recent developments at trial. 

    Hot Topic: From Strat-O-Matic and Rotisserie to Fantasy Football and “The League."  Special guest is Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan.  Mr. Sullivan is also a former national NBA writer for Newsday.

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    I'm A Multi-Media Columnist

    in Entrepreneur

    Our theme for the month of August is "Teaching and Speaking". We will be discusing how some Entreprneurs businesses are the very words they use. We will be joined by media columnist Valante Grant of ByDesign Network.

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    REELTalk: Author, Andrew Bostom & Author and Columnist, Jed Babbin

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - the Iranian regime has NEVER ceased its march toward a nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the map! YET, the WH continues its wooing of the mad Mullahs. Why? We'll discuss that with internationally renowned author and speaker ANDREW BOSTOM. PLUS, US removes Iran & Hezbollah from terror list...have we lost our collective mind?? And how is Obama taking the tremendous victory by Israeli PM Bibi Netanyau? Did his reported investment of taxpayer money, to interfere and defeat Netanyahu, break the law? And what about the woman who would be king, Hillary Clinton...did she finally blatantly break the law concerning her email behavior as Secretary of State, and will it mean the end of her 2016 run for President? We'll discuss that and more with best-selling author and former United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush, JED BABBIN! AND, top stories at the top of the show!! We just can't stop revealing the truth the Elite are concealing!!


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    REELTalk: Comedians Ellen Karis & Greg Morton, Author-Columnist Jed Babbin

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - Do we have a right to NOT be offended? Well, if you look at the current culture, you'd think it was true since our country's inception...we are free to criticize and laugh, and we'll do just that with two of the most brilliant comedians out there today: GREG MORTON & ELLEN KARIS! PLUS, the SOTU address, Charlie Hebdo Jihad attack, Kerry's concert tour, ISIS, Boko Haram...we'll get the latest from former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense & author JED BABBIN. Free speech is the target of our enemies...we'll give you the info to get in their face and win!!

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    Ellen Wood, Author, Speaker and Columnist

    in Health

    This award-winning author, speaker and columnist is one of the leading pioneers of age-reversing consciousness. It was forty years ago that Ellen discovered the power of mind/spirit techniques and applied them successfully in her relationships, career, and self-actualization. Then came a turning point in her life: she watched her mother waste away with Alzheimer’s. Several years later she noticed she was experiencing mental decline similar to the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Her distress became the wake-up call of a lifetime. Ellen realized she could use the same techniques that had transformed other areas of her life to change her aging process. In 2004 Ellen began evolving her grow-younger program of mind/spirit practices by adding action steps for the body as well. She faithfully follows her own advice and Ellen now enjoys a clear, sharp mind and a strong, healthy body. As a carrier of the Alzheimer’s gene, APOE-e4, Ellen is proving she can keep that gene in the ‘off’ position with practices that strengthen and invigorate mind, body and spirit. We’ll find out how old she is during our interview on October 29. Be prepared: her enthusiasm and joie de vivre are contagious. 

    To learn more about Ellen Wood, , click here.

    Call Topic: Want to grow younger?

    Why what you eat may be killing your brain and what you can do about it right now.
    How your dominant and non-dominant hands help train your subconscious brain in less than 3 minutes a day.
    Her greatest secret for youthfulness that re-balances the energy in your body and helps you grow younger.

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    Stand For Truth Radio

    in Politics

    Join me when my guest will be T.J. O'Hara. Mr. O'Hara is a strategic consultant, political commentator, author and professional speaker. He has appeared on a wide variety of radio and television programs both nationally and abroad (including his political commentary on One America News Network every Tuesday).

    In 2012, Mr. O’Hara was the leading independent candidate for the Office of President of the United States. He was honored to receive the Whig Party's first presidential endorsement since the 1850s and achieved the distinction of being named the first "Virtual" President of the United States by the web-based "We Want You" poll that measured the merit of the candidates' solutions as opposed to their ability to raise and spend money. Mr. O’Hara dominated that poll by receiving 77.91% of the vote as compared to President Obama's 5.81% and Mitt Romney's 5.23% (who finished the second and third, respectively).

    For over 25 years prior to entering the political arena, T.J. O’Hara served as a strategic consultant and chief executive who specialized in facilitating corporate turnarounds. He has demonstrated a unique ability to provide situational assessments, identify solutions, and build cross-functional teams in businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across high-tech, low-tech and no-tech sectors.

    We'll be talking news, politics and a whole lot more.

    Call in number to ask questions or to comment: 347-205-9620

    Host/Producer: Susan Knowles, licensed psychotherapist, former practicing attorney, author, writer

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    Liz Peak-Right Handed Commentary On Politics And Economics

    in Current Events

    "Liz Peek was one of the first women on Wall Street to earn that most hallowed of titles --Partner. After graduating with an Honors Degree in Economics and as a Durant Scholar from Wellesley College, she joined a research boutique on Wall Street where she developed an improbable expertise in backhoes, mining equipment, oilfield wireline services and drilling fluids. She became a CFA and in 1975 she moved to Wertheim & Company, a leading equities house which subsequently was bought by Schroder, Inc. and then by Citigroup. During almost two decades with the firm, Liz became a top-ranked analyst covering oilfield services companies, co-head of investment research and head of the firm’s international research department. As a partner she was seconded to Schroder to assist that company’s entry into the equities business at the time of London’s “Big Bang”, and then assigned to build Wertheim’s equities business in Tokyo.

    Liz was the first woman to head the National Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts, a national organization of several hundred energy investors, and was a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Oil and Gas Journal, Wall Street Transcript and other industry periodicals. She was a guest on Wall Street Week and other financial programs.

    In recent years Liz has been a columnist with The Fiscal Times and FoxNews.com. For several years she was the business columnist for The New York Sun; she has also written for The Huffington Post, The Motley Fool and published a weekly column on Women on the Web (wowOwow.) She has also contributed articles to Trends, a business periodical in the Middle East, Avenue and The New York Observer. She is a regular guest on FoxNews.comLive and has appeared on other TV programs including Larry Kudlow and Fox and Friends. She has been twice nominated for a Loeb Award."

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    PWTorch Livecast - James Caldwell & Greg Parks

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch assistant editor James Caldwell and PWTorch columnist Greg Parks get you ready for WrestleMania on Sunday with your calls and emails to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

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    PWTorch Livecast - Pat McNeill interviews Trevor Murdoch

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill hosts Interview Wednesday each week on the Livecast. This week, McNeill welcomes former WWE tag champion Trevor Murdoch. Call in live or email questions to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

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    Author, and Columnist Becky Akers Our Guest Thursday Night, 10/23/14- 7:00PM CST

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us Thursday night, 7:00PM CST for a few hours with our guest Becky Akers.

    Becky Akers is an Author, historian, columnist and an American Patriot. She has been writing about the American situation and speaking to the American people for many years in an attempt to inform them of the dangers of encroaching governmental controls. Taking on the TSA, The Federal Reserve, Senators, Congressmen, the President, and every agency that regularly places their boot on the necks of American citizens. You can find her regular column on Lew Rockwell, running for over a decade now.

    Becky Akers is also an author with two historical/biographical fiction novels. "Halestorm"  which is the story of Nathan Hale, one of America's first heroes, and "Abducting Arnold", a tale of the betrayal of American Patriots by one of our most successful generals during the American Revolution. These two stories are fascinating and available on Amazon with just the click of a button.

    Join us and add your voice to the discussion by calling 347-308-8790

    Hope to see you there!


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