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    Economic Collapse in Progress?

    in Self Help

    Major economic changes have been unfolding for several years. We are now reaching a financial crisis that will get everyone‘s attention. There is a great potential for social chaos to result. 

    With interest on bonds so low that some rates are negative, the decision to increase interest rates before long could crash the markets. 

    Meanwhile, very few people have a full time job with benefits and enough income to meet living expenses and service their debt. Financial slavery replaced and expanded on physical slavery after the Civil War. Now we are reaching the point of realizing the low end experience of that financial prison.

    Alternative economists warn that sluggish economic activity, market drops, dollar decline and wealth redistribution may soon bring financial wipeout of the middle class and widespread poverty.

    The orchestrated migration of refugees from the middle east, who are being difficult to manage, are exacerbating the financial crisis in Europe and soon may in the U.S. Now the hostilities seem to be bringing on World War III.

    It is certainly time to get prepared and make plans with compatible friends.

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    Tune into In the black radio tonight, we are speaking about  The prison industrial complex, black mans hell, white mans profit..  We are going to be exposing the for profit  Industry that keeps our young Black  soldiers locked behind bars between the years they are most likely able to  Bear children. Also we will be speaking on the  correlation between  The third grade reading level  Of black boys and the prison  capacity. How it's just another form of slavery!! What types of goods and  products  are made in prison ?? And  ultimately why this is an attack on the black families unit  ability to reproduce. We are covering all bases tonight Bring a pen in your pad because were teaching tonight.. Call in number is (619) 924-0694.. Make sure y'all  visit our YouTube page @ IN THE BLACK MEDIA and please subscribe!

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    Economic Collapse or Total Transformation?

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    The talk among economists for the last couple of years has been about when a collapse will hit. Some have anticipated that the markets would crash along with the dollar. We have been in a deepening recession since 2008, despite the fudged economic numbers that hide this. Soon the financial crisis will be no longer unnoticed by most. It is projected that social chaos could result. 

    However, a couple new breakthroughs may transform the world economy for the better. A lot of problems could be resolved and a new “renaissance” may develop.

    The Keshe Foundation is introducing a plasma energy generator unit as open source, with no patent. As this inexpensive "Magrav" technology spreads around the world, it is projected to power homes, vehicles, businesses and more, at almost no cost. If it works as described, it could eliminate the need for burning fuels - coal, oil, gasoline, nuclear materials, solving the “energy crisis” and bypassing any effect these old methods may have on climate change. However, this technology is currently banned in the U.S. by executive order.

    DISCLAIMER: Jon Miller and Natural Health Enterprises do not promote the use of Magrav technology in the United States.

    Meanwhile, an alternative real gold currency is now available in the form of a reliable card with 1 gram of gold embedded in it that is already being used in transactions in Europe and the U.S. This is a means of exchange that will retain its value much better than methods based on “fiat” currencies like the dollar.

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    Hotel Dodds; Government Industrial School (GIS); Cahill and Political News

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    Hotel Dodds.   Her majesty's Prison in Barbados, Dodds, under investigation for inmates and prison wardens dating, having sex in prison cells and containers and setting up home with convicts on bail or ex-convicts.  Is there a security breach?  Is this how Winston Hall was allowed to escape (he walked right through the front gate).

    Dodds Government Industrial School (GIS) should be under investigation for lack of care to its wards. 

    How Effective is Barbados' Attorney General: Adriel Brathwaite?

    Cahill, the waste to energy plant issues are not going away as minister Denis Lowe will approve plans once other government departments are on board.

    Other: Politiall News with Rawle Maycock.

    Books:  The Khaki Boys; The Men are Under her Spell, Naked Departure, Marc is Dying (The Trilogy Series); Boys in the Band.

    Sheri Veronica.  Rawle Maycock.  Alex Mitchell

  • Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar

    in Current Events

    Let's Talk! The End Point with host Tim Campbell is a 100% listener driven broadcast. Call in at (646) 716-9430 between 10 to 12 CST to discuss your ideas, opinions, insights or just to talk - I will be fair to all concerns, all viewpoints. I will get the ball rolling with news of the day, informative clips or what's going on in my universe but will freely take all callers as they come and I will give you ample time to speak...

    Tonight I will be breaking down some information about the Petrodollar system AND what it's collapse portends, and some interesting scripture from Joel 3 and Revelation 14... Daniel's handwriting is upon the wall in regards to the American system of economic/military power... Islam, war, the Red Horse

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    Nourishing the World with Industrial Hemp | with Paul Benhaim

    in Entrepreneur

    Enjoy this insightful and empowering hempisode of HempAware Radio with very special guest, Paul Benhaim, hemp entrepreneur, nutritional expert, author, among other amazing titles. Discover how essential hemp is as a food, and what products Paul is currently working on. Also discover how he has been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his amazing hemp companies!

    Discover more about Doug Fine at: www.paulbenhaim.com

    Give us a ring today to let us know what you want to hear on HempAware Radio: 805-410-4367

    Discover more at www.HempAware.com

    And let's connect:

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    Looking At Economic, Social & Eco-System Collapse with Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.

    in Lifestyle

    This evening’s show looks closely at society’s collapsing institutions and infra-structure, against a backdrop of eco-systemic collapse, extreme weather, massive pollution and Climate Change and how we humans navigate and are to emotionally deal with, adapt to this severe situation of life as we know it changing dramatically before our very eyes.  Can we adapt cooperatively and evolve collectively?  Can we use this profoundly challenging situation as an opportunity to grow?

    To discuss this, Mitchell’s guest this evening is Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. who has written and worked with these issues with her students and clients for years.  Carolyn was an adjunct professor of history and psychology for 11 years and a psychotherapist in private practice for 17 years.

    Purchase Carolyn’s books here

    This subject of dealing responsibly and creatively with the collapsing of eco-systems and society is central to our lives today. Tune in and get familiar with these thoughts and terrain.

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    The New Islamic Civilization

    in News

    What is the New Islamic Civilization?

    Will the International Powers support or at least accept  the New Islamic Civilization?

  • The Time Of War, Deceit, Collapse, & More War(Rp)

    in Current Events

    Sunday's replay: This show is a discussion on the unfolding prophecy on war, deceit, economic collapse, and more war. It will show you exactly what is going on behind the scenes economically, politically, and militarily and how it all corresponds to prophecy and the fulfillment of end times. As the world comes to a screaching halt you will need shows like this to have you prepared to not only survive in the midst of desolations, but to thrive and be succesful in this time.

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    12 Warning Signs That The Collapse Is Near, EMP: You Only Really Have 2 Options

    in Prepping

    Tonight, I will be discussing these topics  Top 5 Injuries People Will Get After The SHTF, How to Blend into Your Surroundings for Safety, Why you shouldn’t bury shipping containers for bunkers, How To Block Infrared Thermal Imaging.

    If I have time, I will do this story as well, The World is a Mess: A Quick Primer for Beginner Preppers

    Contra Radio Network website  Contra Radio Netwrok FB page  Care For Our Nations Retired War Dogs  

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    Passing time while waiting for collapse, and some points to ponder while we wait

    in Politics Conservative

    Paul Ryan was a no-show. So was Mitch McConnell. 

    But Obama on Monday signed the federal budget bill crammed through by Republicans last week. The deal eliminates any cap on the federal debut through the remainder of Obama's final term in office. Obama says he applauds this as part of a "longer term, more responsible budget process." 


    You may have also seen in the past week or so that an heir to the Disney forture now spends her money and time creating documentaries touting progressive causes. Abigail Disney's latest venture chronicles an evangelical minister whose outlook on guns has undergone conversion, and he now preaches gun control. 

    Wonder what Abby's Uncle Walk would say of such things? 

    Would Disney's Swiss Family Robinson have been a better movie if the Robinson's had declared their island a gun free zone? 

    Even the Leftists are finding things to be spiralling out of control. Especially on college campuses. Meanwhile, the left's attempt at mainstream media keeps dishing lines about today's conservatives being a rising form of fascism. 

    Try to connect today's dots, and it looks like scribbling. Expect no better when the dots are from today's leaders, who lead with the immaturity of a raging child with a box of broken crayons.

    So back to our headline, how are you passing the time on the way to collapse? How much time do you think we have left? 

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