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    Head Closer Toward the Winter solstice With Afronerd's Grindhouse, Sat@6pm EST

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    Just like the often and incorrectly attributed Dragnet catchphrase-"Just the facts, ma'am"....we will try to make the show description brief!  Welcome to The Grindhouse (Comic Shoppe+Afronerd Radio) broadcast airing this Saturday at 6 and 7pm, respectively.  For The Comic Shoppe, join Dburt, Capt. Kirk and Daryll B. as they tackle the following subjects: more on the Sony hack (The Interview gets pulled, Idris as 007, Denzel gets slammed in an email, Andrew Garfield out as Spidey?); more on David Walker's take on Shaft, courtesy of Dynamite; in quest of a Black owned comic shop; Marvel' Comics editor-in-chief talk to CBS about the changes/diversity in Marvel characters; is there any hope for continued storylines relating to the Last Airbender series as the Legend of Korra series comes to a close?, and lastly, our thoughts on two new TV series, Netflix' Marco Polo and Syfy's Ascension.   

    And there's Afronerd Radio airing at 7pm.  Join Dburt and Captain Kirk as they decipher the following "Da vinci coded" current event laden issues:  much hyped racial discussion between The View's Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell; neo-soul artist, D'angelo releases his Black Messiah album after a 15 year absence; it appears that Bobby Shmurda's new audience will be behind bars (really?); after President Obama's historic political coup in renewing diplomatic relations with Cuba after 53 years of hostility-is he being "graded" fairly? and lastly, with VH-1's Sorority Sisters, cyberspace's lightskinordarkskin.com and a new Hip Hop themed restaurant serving "thug rice," is there no end to the minstrel industry onslaught?  Call live at 646-915-9620. 

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    Happy Gecko Sticky Situation with Rachel BeachGecko

    in Pets

    Join HTR Sunday as we talk to Rachel of Happy Gecko Sticky Situation about some awesome stickers magnets and other cool herp items she's makes.

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    Practical Knowledge for the Awakening Discussion

    in Spirituality

    This week your hosts Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles and Sierra Neblina bring you a discussion for the Awakening Minds. We will cover this week- a discussion about what is Truth.


    - this will be a introduction to the shows that follow, laying a foundation to the tapestry of information we will be unfolding into the future. This will help set the context, which iscrucialto developing acompleteandholisticunderstanding.

    - I am not the source of Truth, you are via your process of openness, contemplation, and thought-form creation which reflects the truth.

    - General guidelines for show: We share ideas as a premise, an offer, cypher or coded "zip file" to contemplate. This is one of the most importantpracticalsteps, and cannot be over emphasized. You are an integral part of the truth discovery process, an action and state of being.

    - We will share ideas that we have tested and have a high certainty and probability of being true; an air of con. BUT we always encourage discussion and discourse surrounding these ideas, which aides in the decoding process.

    - Truth discovery is a group effort, and best done when we are able to share all our ideas together freely, assisting in decoding and grounding process. NO idea is worthless, all things are aides in our process. To follow the slide show gohere:


    Be sure to call in to interact with this discussion LIVE at 646-478-3085 and then press 1.

    Looking for more on this? Go to:




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    in Self Help


    Call (347) 850-8741

    Learn how magnets, crystals, pyramids, and sacred words of power can assist in dynamic transformation for yourself and others. Each week will feature a different topic. For example, magnets, crystals, pyramids, sacred geometry, sacred words of power, healing science of water, how to visualize, meditation, guided visualization, and the power of group consciousness to bring about change. Individual and collective.
     Q&A will be taken during the 2nd half of each show. Each person calling in will be asked if they desire collective healing focus. There will be three segments to collective healing focus. 1- Individual healing focus, 2- Family/community healing focus, 3- Planetary healing focus.
    Each weekly show will feature a healing crystal of the week.
    Each week will feature a chant or affirmation to practice for personal transformation.
    Everyone is welcome to join into the show with their sacred spiritual tools, such as healing crystals, amulets, pyramids, Tesla third eye magnets, herbs, medicine bags, sage, palo santo, sacred staffs, etc.  A healing circle for songs, chants, and prayers meditation.
    Meditation music will be featured to assist the listening audience into shifting their awareness into deeper meditative states of alpha, theta, or perhaps delta brainwave activity.

    This show is hosted weekly by Bro, Hankh-Creator of Hand crafted Tesla Blue Quartz Bottles, Tesla Third Eye Magnets, and Tesla Crystal Wands.
    (347) 788-1865
    and  Lester Loving- Creator of pyramids, platonic solids, personal and home ionizers.
    (215) 609-6586


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    Catch Your Spirit - Releasing the Holiday Stress

    in Spirituality

    The Holidays can be a time of great stress.

    Stress is an energy form that can accumulate in the body.

    Without the ability to remove this energy form, we become like magnets... attracting it!

    The five most stressful issues around the holidays are:

    1) Exhaustion from being so busy

    2) Family Drama

    3) Money

    4) Overeating

    5) Painful Memoires

    There are probably more but these take top billing.

    IN this next episode of Catch Your Spirit, we will be talking about stress and the ways in which we can release it out of the body... through Energy Work - EFT - Pranic Healing - Reiki - Yoga - Meditation.

    I will be offering Angel Readings to help you recognize your issues and move them out.  Call in with your questions.  I will take as many callers as I can!

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    The Lost Gospel, by Jacobivici and Wilson

    in Radio

    On Thursday December 4th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with Host Poke Runyon
    will review and discuss the latest controversial book attempting to prove a marriage between Jesus and Mary the Magdalene: "The Lost Gospel" by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson. This is basically a reinterpretation of an ancient text, the elaborated story of Joseph and Aseneth from Genesis seen as a coded allegory for Jesus and Mary the Magdalene being married and having a family. They make some very good arguments for this interpretation. Apparently this is not a new idea but this "Lost Gospel" has been speculated as a coded text for hundreds of years. We find it particularly important because it lines up with the
    Nassaene Hippolytus document behind our conception of the secret Holy Grail history suggested in From Ritual to Romance. Frater Solomon discovered a link from The Lost Gospel to the Crata Repoa that I find is quite significant. It also seems that Mary the Magdalene (Mary the Lady of the Tower) may have been known to the original Rosicrucians. So if you want to get a Hermetic view on "The Lost Gospel" tune in and we will start decoding.

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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Brenda Carlisle, Dr. Nyjon Eccles and Dr. Donese

    in Spirituality

    Your Health - Your Choice with Dr. Donese Worden (20 min)
    Frank and fearless, Dr. Donese Worden is a passionate advocate for truth in medicine.  In this regular segment she takes on the role of our eyes and ears, to help us carve a pathway through the minefield of information (and disinformation) about our health, our bodies, and our rights, bringing us everything we need to know to safeguard our own and our loved one’s health. 

    After suffering as many as forty hot flashes a day, and desperate to find something that would ease the severity of the hot flashes, night sweats, and sleeplessness that were making her life a misery, Belinda Carlisle found a safe and holistic solution that took her from forty hot flashes a day to zero hot flashes in just two days. That experience, she claims, saved her life. Now the pioneering pop music star is on a mission to make sure every woman knows that the safe, natural, drug and hormone-free alternative to HRT that worked for her is available to us all.  

    In this episode, Belinda Carlisle and fellow advocate, Dr. Nyjon Eccles, will discuss: 

    •What is the menopause really?
    •What’s happening in a woman’s body that triggers so many physical, mental, emotional, and psychological challenges?
    •How can a small $52 therapeutic device alleviate so many symptoms of the menopause? 
    •How and why therapeutic magnets can help alleviate pain, balance the Autonomic Nervous System, and more
    •Why Belinda feels so strongly about this natural menopause solution 



    Listen to the show on the Awakening Zone: http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=3447


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    Let's Coach! with Mark and Carolyn

    in Motivation

    Building Better Relationships by Mastering The Twitterverse, Part Two...

    This week we will continue our discussion on Mastering the Twitterverse with Gary Loper, certified Twitter expert and teacher, author, Motivational Speaker and highly successful entreprenuer. Gary has created strategies around growth for TWITTER that are unique and unusually successful. With over 160,000 followers on Twitter, Gary has been instrumental in helping others build a huge following in just a short period of time.  During the show Gary will not only provide you with tips and techniques but will tell you how you can get a FREE 30 minute Twitter review in an effort to help you become an effective Tweeter and turn on the attraction magnets, so that followers may become prospects and eventually customers. 

    So if you are ready to step up your engagement on social media, build a huge following, and take flight in the world of social media - Don't miss this show! 

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    Speak Light - Free Expression with Dove & Adeo

    in Spirituality

    Join us on Sunday late morning at Speak Light Radio with Adeo and Dove

    Coded FREE Expressions of Light.

    Ushering in Peace (Golden Age of Awareness) through self mastery  

    Presenting CaaS: Consciousness as a Service(tm) for emotional, spiritual, and physical vitality. 


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    Censored Science: Scientific Proof for the Creation Story

    in Science

    Today we have the honor of talking to Bruce Malone who is the author of Censored Science and Brilliant.

    Censored Science shows the evidence for each major scientific discipline (first third - biological science, second third – earth science, last third – physics/cosmology) in a non-technical, easy to understand way.  Briefly – the laws of science reveal that evolution is impossible.  Matter cannot create itself…DNA is coded information and information cannot write itself…life only comes from pre-existing life and every experiment ever done testifies to this…there is not one missing link but systematic gaps between every  different kind of body structure…gas always expands outward –never packs tighter together so stars could never form themselves – and no one has ever seen a new star form.  Brilliant documents these and dozens of other examples of how we can know creation has a Creator and did not make itself. 

    Learn more at http://www.searchfortruth.net   and don't forget to take our listener survey.

    In the second part of the show Stacy discussed how the Homosexual Rights Campaign Founder was arrested for raping a 15 year old boy.  

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    11:11 Ascension Gateway Meditation

    in Self Help

    During the 11:11 Ascension Gateway a sacred portal opens to the heavens, creating a bridge between the dying world of Duality and the vibrant new 5D world. In ancient mythology the sacred geometry of 11:11 represents the masculine and feminine circuitry linked in eternal connection!  In the Cosmic Ascension Plan, 11:11 is genetically coded within our dormant “junk” DNA to spiritually awaken.

    The number sequence of 11:11 also signifies the gateway between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. As we become more aware of the planetary shift in consciousness, our minds can access the higher realms of Light Language and universal knowledge.

    Join other Starseeds and Lightworkers around the world to form ‘One Mind’ on 11:11, united in seeding the New Earth paradigm into the Crystalline Grids and Golden Mean Spirals in all the pyramids/sacred sites.

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