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    New Youth Science For You!

    in Health

    We will share the latest gene based science that is turning everyone's head. This science was discotered after the human genes all 25,000 of them were maped.Now science has the ability to turn back on YOUR YOUTH GENE CLUSTERS!!!  Those Genes were expressing their energy when you were in your youth. So acturally science is helpiing them express youthfull activity again.

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    How Your Personal Life Dramas Affect Your EFT Business

    in Self Help

    There is no doubt about it, your history can follow you. Your personal traumas and chaos can be like shadows that never let go of you. You try to start fresh, you begin a new tapping career and the same disappointments of your past rear up in what was supposed to be a new and different trajectory. It's not only the disappointments of your past that rear their ugly head, but new and different variations that appear as new dramas, all taking your attention away from your EFT practice and resulting in lackluster results, including few new clients and clusters of cancellations. What unfolds for you emotionally and mentally has a greater affect on your business results than any marketplace trend. What is an EFT practitioner to do?

     If you are ready to hear some straight talking and make a real change, then listen in to Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank,the hosts of EFT Mastering Business Acumen Radio, creators of the affiliated EFT MBA Practitioner Success Program. They are professional speakers, authors and EFT trainers for EFT Universe (EFTU), the Alternative Healthcare Professionals (AHP) network and Matrix Reimprinting (MR). Further information can be found at EFTtappingtraining.com

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    OCTOBER 2014 WEEKS #2 -&- #3 REVIEWED: (Part 5)

    in Current Events

    Due to appointments, unable to do the MAGOG EPISODE on Part 5, as we will move on into WEEK #3 UPDATES and talk about TOPIC #1 WHIRLWIND STORMS; TOPIC #2: EARTHQUAKES; TOPIC #3: VOLCANOES; TOPIC #4: COSMIC SIGNS; and more on this bi-weekly series of episodes.. JOIN US ON TODAYS LIVE BROADCAST. GET IN THE KNOW. STAY INFORMED...

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    Out of the Grey "Redux" Talking about Mass UFO sightings

    in Paranormal

    Dark Side Radio Network Episode one, Out of the Grey Redux

    due to losing our stream in mid show we decided to repeat the show for Thursday October 2nd, 2014. please bare with us as we try to get our first ever episode produced and published. we appreciate your patience and support. please stop by and listen to the show we are working hard to make it the best possible content on our chosen subject of UFO's and the Paranormal.

    Coming to you from some where deep in the Louisiana Swamp Land, amid the Aligator and Copperhead dealers of death lays VooDoo Bayou, a place where the paranormal is a way of life and life always leads to the paranormal, Welcome to the Schoolhouse of the unknown and the unseen. this is Dark SIde Radio Network with your host Dave Starling.

    In tonight's show Dave will be asking some disturbing questions about Mass UFO sightings of Mile Long Unidentified Flying Objects, why are they here and what are they looking for? have you had a close encounter of your own? call in and share your thoughts on this interesting subject of mass UFO Sightings, also do they correlate at all with cluster dissapearances? reports of people going missing in clusters all across the country, estimates indicate that almost one million people go missing in the US each year, some of them never to be seen again, does this some how connect with mass UFO sightings? what's the connection?

    Second half of the show Dave will be speaking with a renowned Louisiana Psychic and teller of the future, Doreen of the Central Louisiana Psychic center will be dave's guest and will be taking questions and giving us an insight into the realm of the Psychic reader, do you have any questions you are seeking answers to? well make sure to call in this evening and talk to our very special guest. 646 929 0959 please call during the show. 10:00pm Estern. 


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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Elizabeth Letchworth

    in Politics Conservative

    An Iraq vet's reaction to the Latte Salute.  And Barack's amazing temper tantrum. Tonight Elizabeth Letchworth and I examine both.  Also...

    Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) predicted lawmakers would vote on giving President Obama the authorization to use military force against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) when they reconvene AFTER the midterm elections.

    Democrats are split over the expansion of U.S. airstrikes in Syria this week, with some issuing strong statements of support and others saying the president should be seeking congressional approval. A disunity that party leaders hoped to avoid before the midterm elections in November?

    Lawmakers will rake in $608 per hour for the time they work in DC as Congress will be in session only eight days between Aug. 1 and Nov. 12.

    And... For months, several clusters of conservative lawmakers have been secretly huddling inside and outside the Capitol, plotting to oust John Boehner from the Speaker’s office when House Republicans regroup after the November elections.

    The strategy — for now — seems disorganized and fluid: Find a way to push the Speaker’s race to a second ballot, create turmoil in the conference, portray Boehner as highly vulnerable and offer up an alternative.

    Join us!


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    A Taste Of Ink LIVE Rewind with Ruth Parrish Watson

    in Pop Culture

    Beautiful Blackberries in thick clusters, shiny and wet and bursting with tiny pockets of juice, and when you put them in your mouth  you taste their bitter sweetness in your mouth....bringing memories of the sweetness of summer...the bitterness of stories that become known! 

    Such as Ruth P. Watson's Novel, Blackberry Days of Summer!" The novel begins as “The Great War” is coming to an end. As Robert Parker’s body is lowered into the grave, Herman Camm introduces himself to the mourning family. 

    We are counting down to new programs but first we are going to play some favorite Broadcasts.


    6:00PM EST - 5:00PM Central - 3:00PM Mountain/Pacific

    Dial In/SKYPE to listen in or join us at (914) 803-4579 join chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallive/2014/08/24/a-taste-of-ink-live-rewind-with-ruth-parrish-watson


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    Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde; No, don't tell me I have Mental Illness!!

    in Family

    Hello my audience. My special guest speaker Vik Moore and I are covering the depths of Mental Illness. Central to the field of abnormal psychology are questions about what causes people to experience mental distress and/or to behave maladaptively. If we knew the causes for given disorders, we might be able to prevent conditions that lead to them and perhaps reverse those that maintain them. We could also classify and diagnose disorders better if we clearly understood their causes rather than relying on clusters of symptoms, as we usually do now. Although understanding the causes of abnormal behavior is clearly a desirable goal, it is enormously difficult to achieve because human behavior is so complex. Even the simplest human behavior, such as speaking or writing a single word, is the product of thousands of prior events—the connections among which are not always clear. Attempting to understand a person’s life in causal terms is a task of enormous magnitude, whether it be a fairly normal or adaptive life or a life characterized by severe mental disorders. As a result, many investigators now prefer to speak of risk factors (variables correlated with an abnormal outcome) rather than of causes. Nevertheless, understanding causes remains the ultimate goal. A child growing up under conditions of adversity may be protected from problems later in life if he or she has a warm and supportive relationship with some adult—such as a grandmother. Encouraging children to ask questions, taking the time to listen to their problems and concerns, and trying to understand the conflicts and pressures they face are the important elements of such a supportive and protective relationship. If you or a loved one suffer from mental illness, join us here Friday nite at 9pm CT at www.blogtalkradio.com/ritaodges or call in live at 646-929-0421. Audience participation encouraged!!


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    YMM AM - Homes By Runways Fetch Big Bucks

    in News

    Clusters of homes known as air parks are multiplying and getting more upscale, What to do if you lose important documents while traveling. Bill Fantini reports.

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    Why are Black Women Educated at a Higher Rate than Black Men?

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight @ 8:30 pm est  call in 347-857-3911 visit us at www.the3kingsapproach.com        


    Walk the campuses of many black colleges, and you are bound to notice young female students strolling and talking, clusters of women having lunch together, classrooms filled mostly with women. It’s impossible to miss the dearth of male students and not worry about that.


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    Freedom Friday Hour: Transhumanism "Deity," Death & Destruction

    in Spirituality

    Transhumanism "Deity" evolving from post-human age, GMO children in USA, Mysterious birth defect clusters, chemicals destroying human offspring, a reptilian humanoid sighting, a troll chases a train, and much more!


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    in Spirituality


    Jan 15, 2014 · Astronomers have found three planets in a star cluster, and one of these planets orbits a star much like our sun.

    CNN) -- It's rare for astronomers to spot a planet in a star cluster. That's partly why a cluster called Messier 67 is so special: We now know that it has three planets orbiting stars.


    Even more exciting: One these planets orbits a star called YBP1194 that is so similar to our sun that scientists call it a "solar twin." The results are described in a study in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

    A solar twin is similar to the sun in mass, temperature and chemical abundances. This particular star is the first solar twin found in a cluster that has a planet, astronomers say.


    The lack of planets found in star clusters before had been puzzling because, astronomers say, most stars are born in clusters. "These results demonstrate that planets can form and survive in a dense cluster environment, where strong interactions with other stars are supposed to be present," said study co-authors Anna Brucalassi and Luca Pasquini in an e-mail

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