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    LIVE! with Cathi---Destination---CUBA!

    in Motivation

    DESTINATION---CUBA...We've been privvy to witnessing an historical event.  Circa 2016...First U.S. President to visit CUBA since Calvin Coollidge in 1928...87 years ago!

    Did you know the nickname of CUBA is "El Cocodrilo" the crocodile because CUBA is shaped like one.


    Shortage of cars and public transportation has made hitch-hiking a must...

    Sammy Davis Jr lied about his mother's birthplace.

    Cuban rodent is a source of food, often cooked with nuts and honey.

    Grandma...the Communist Party's newspaper named after the boat that carried Fidel Castro and his comrades from Mexico to CUBA IN 1956 to launch the revolution.


    CUBA changed its constitution to describe...etc.

    Beatles music banned in 1964...etc.

    First latin-born baseball player in the U.S...etc.

    1962, cigars were banned...etc.

    Fidel Castro takes office in 1959...etc.

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    The Tampa Natives Show in Cuba

    in Culture

    Listen in as host Mario Núñez interviews his father, Felipe Núñez about their recent 

    trip to Cuba.   Felipe had not been to Cuba, his father's birthplace since 1947.

    This trip was made even more historic since President Obama was there at 

    the same time.    Call in with your Questions, Comments, Cheers and Jeers!

    If you have an opinion on Cuba, this is your chance to express it.

  • The Webster Phenomena ET Reveals As Clouds

    in Current Events

    The Webster Phenomena is the realization of extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional (non-human) beings occurring and re-occurring all throughout nature. The fact that these beings can be found outside of Earth’s atmosphere and throughout the terrestrial Universe makes these beings extraterrestrial. The core being that I have discovered can be found in every aspect of nature. It is so prevalent in our experience that it has blended in perfectly, not only in the background, but also AS the background. They are the very scenery that all humans take for granted from birth. Until now, nobody has directly noticed these beings and spoke about it since Ancient Egypt.
    Help evolve this research by Contributing HERE

    The Reveal Book I, II, III and IV on Amazon HERE


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    The latest in US-Cuba issues with Jorge Ponce

    in Politics

    Guest:  Jorge Ponce, Cuban American writer, joins me for a look at the latest from Cuba.........Raul Castro delivered a very stern speech to the Communist Congress......more bad economic times coming....he also complained about the bureaucracy and its unwillingness to reform.........a Cuban ship with illegal drugs stopped in Panama.....memories of similar incidents over weapons and other goods in violation of UN resolutions.......

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    Brazil update, Cuba today and other stories from Latin America

    in Politics

    Guests:  Fausta Rodriguez Wertz, the edtitor of Fausta's Blog.....plus Orestes Matacena, filmmaker and Cuban American activist......we will hear Orestes' reaction to President Obama's trip to Cuba as well as efforts to increase travel to the island.........Fausta will update us on the impeachment proceedings in Brazil and the deterioration of Brazilian politics.....Venezuela the land of shortages and more shortages......Ecuador and the aftermath of the earthquake.....Puerto Rico and bankruptcy.....Mexico and Mr Trump.....and other stories of the week.....

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    Tour De Cuba! Let's Go! Special Guest Lee Robinson, African Awareness Assoc.

    in Current Events

    Join us tonight Wednesday, 4/27, 2016 at 8est on George Jackson University Radio.  You can listen in and speak with us by dialing 347 826 7332 or by logging on to www.blogtalkradio.com/georgejacksonradio.  Tonight, we will be joined by our Guest, Mr. Lee Robinson, with the African Awareness Association also a member of the National Network On Cuba.  We are gearing up to travel to Cuba this summer and we want to tell you all about it.  We want to share with you why we have special interest in Cuba and as always on GJU radio we will deal with some Political Education on Cuba's relationship with African peoples throughout the world and Cuba's constant and vigorous will to resist U.S. imperialism.  What does it take to remain sovereign?  Our guest Mr. Robinson recognized the importance of Mass Media and its influence on our community and the need to develop Mass Propaganda and Information that is revolutionary in nature and enlightening in essence for an ill informed and underserved people; therefore, by his own initiative and effort, which he was inspired to do so, by his community; he created and became a Co-founder & founder, a TV Producer, Director and Host of a live TV Pan-African Political talk show called "African Perspectives, to the present ongoing talk show called "Africa Speaks", that can be viewed in the Metro-Richmond, VA area on channel 95, Comcast Cablevision. His voice also, is heard internationally as the producer and host, on his worldwide internet BlogTalkRadio Show, "African on the Move", which is bi-weekly, aired on Sundays evening at 6 PM.  Mr. Robinson has lead Delegations, Participated in National & International Forums, Conferences, Workshops, Tours and Events for the past 32 years.    We want you to go with us to Cuba, come find out how.

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    Over The Top Radio #367

    in Sports

    Over The Top Radio #367

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    Over The Top Podcast Episode # 1

    in Wrestling

    The Debut Show of Over The Top Podcast, We Talk All Things Pro Wrestling!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen its Wrestlemania Week and We Discuss this Week, The GO-Home Raw and Our Predictions For NXT TakeOver Dallas and WrestleMania 32. Also We will have Special Guests this week From Dynamo Pro Wrestling Based out of St. Louis and discussing their show At the Stratford Bar and Grill. April 2nd, 2016. 

    We will also be taking your calls to get your thoughts on The upcoming events 



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    Lessons on Aging in Cuba

    in Caregiving

    In the last 25 years, aging on the island increased by 6.5 percent, and in 2010 the elderly population was greater that the number of Cubans between 0 and 14 years of age, representing 17.8 percent of the total 11.2 million inhabitants. 

    Cuba is able to provide high quality care to a poor population, with limited financial resources. Yet, the Cuban people enjoy better health outcomes in every category of measure: low infant mortality; low rate of depression and sickness in the elderly; and almost everything in between.

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    Obama trip to Cuba and reaction from Cuban Americans

    in Politics

    Guests:  Fausta Rodriguez Wertz, the editor of Fausta's Blog, joins me for a look at President Obama in Cuba.....also joining us will be Jason Poblete, Cuban American attorney who represents US families suing the Cuban government over confiscated properties......also we will hear from Jorge Ponce, Cuban American writer......what does this trip mean for US-Cuba relations?  the US embargo?  human rights.....and general reaction to the trip....

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    Over the top episode 2

    in Wrestling

    This week we talk wrestlemania weekend and what to expect from Monday night Raw plus guests from Metro Pro. MPW champion Jeremy Wyatt and one half of High Level Enterprise Jon Webb