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    Communication to Capture Client Commitment

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    In a world where loyalty to a company is almost old fashioned, and where it is so easy to access any business at any time, it is critical to make your small business stand out.  One way to do this is to create an environment where clients feel valued and listened to.  In her workshop, Powerful Conversations, Life, Business and Leadership Coach, Elizabeth Critchley, teaches the secret of listening along with asking the right questions to allow clients to know they are seen as individuals and to know that they are valued.  Sometimes what is unsaid is just as important as what is said.   In this Blog Talk Radio program, get some insight into some of the strategies from her workshop that you can use to enhance your client experience and loyalty.

    Elizabeth Critchley is a certified, professional Life Coach and the owner of Impact Coaching.   She excels at helping motivated clients clearly define and work toward their goals, dreams and purpose in both their professional and personal lives.  She is also the founder and President of The Building Hope Society, a Canadian charity that builds schools for children in Kenya.

    You can read Elizabeth's article in the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.


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    Client Screening: Is This Person Coachable?

    in Education

    A Coach knows that matching a client’s needs to the abilities of the Coach is very important – but there is a greater question than simply need; there is ability. Is the person coachable? Studies show that many individuals seeking coaching actually have root problems better handled by mental and physical health specialists: Depression, addiction and more. Coach Jeanne Erikson joins Frankie for and informative conversation you won’t want to miss!

    Coaching Impact Radio. Brought to you by Impact Coaching Academy.

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    What type of client are you?

    in Fitness

    The best clients are the ones who achieve success, but sadly, not all clients are doing what they should do to achieve success, then they look at me to see what I am NOT doing to help them. Well, it ALL starts with you and what type of client you are in the first place. It's really not complicated, it's about mindset and the ones with the best, most positive, "I can do this!" attitudes are the winners.

    But what if you don't start out that way, can you become a winner? Of course you can, you just need to be pointed in the right direction. Tune in today to learn how you can be and will be a winner at weight loss. You are one of my "best clients" in the making and I'll show you what you need to do to kick your attitude into gear and get to losing!

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    The 3 C's of client attraction - how to get more clients faster!

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you trying to figure out how to get more clients in your holistic business? It can be challenging, unless you know the secret formula to mastering client attraction. The secret? It turns out it is all about your message. In this week's show I want to reveal to you three important elements of your message, I call them the 3 C’s of Client Attraction, and all three of them have to be in place in order for you to attract all the ideal clients you want.

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    January Jones - The Mate Acquisition Program

    in Romance

    January Jones - The Mate Acquisition Program

    Leonardo Bustos has just finished creating a unique and revolutionary that is destined to become the way most couples will meet in the future. He first became well known as a relationship and dating expert in 1981, when he wrote and published his first book, "How To Attract Men and Keep Them Interested", followed by "How To Attract Women and Keep Them Interested" under he writer’s name Steven Zapman. They can still be found on Amazon.com and other online book stores.

    At the time, he was featured in many publications like Playboy, Cosmopolitan, the L.A. Times and many other journals too numerous to mention. He also generated lots of media attention on many radio and television stations - the most prominent being a weekly spot on a syndicated radio program called "Something You Should Know".

    Tags: howtoattractmen, howtoatractwomen, leonardobustos

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    The Xchanging - MM4 Acquisition: One Year Later

    in Business

    The last time I spoke with MM4 Founder and CEO Dave Bowen was a year ago not long after his company was acquired by Xchanging.

    During that interview, in which I referenced my Procurement Insights September20th post "Is the acquisition cup half full or half empty: A tale of two takeovers!", I talked about why the majority of M&A's fail to deliver the expected results and, why I thought that the Xchanging-MM4 deal would be the exception.

    A couple of months later, I reported to you that the Xchanging-MM4 acquisition was already paying dividends when Xchanging was able to land a contract with utility company Severn Trent Services.

    So here we are a year later, and while there have been some inevitable changes, the real question is simply this - is this relationship still paying the expected dividends?

    Joining me today to talk about the Xchanging-MM4 M&A one year later is Dave Bowen, CEO of MM4 who is now also the Managing Director of Procurement Services, Xchanging Americas. 

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    Top Five Mistakes Coaches Make in Their Client Sessions, Series #4

    in Business

    An agenda, it's a good thing right?  


    An agenda can keep your work with your client on track.  It can prevent meandering.  It can also totally derail your clients progress, especially when the agenda you're following is tied to a lot of attachment to "success" or a specific outcome.  We may not know what real, true, soul success might look like and if we're holding on too tightly to a specific vision or outcome our agenda might not get our client where they really need to go.



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    60 Minute Sales Conversations For $100K Client

    in Business

    Are you always wondering what to say when you are talking to a client so they purchase your products and services?

    Do you find it hard to communicate the value of your product and ask for what you are worth?

    Tune in to this episode of Marketing Experts Cafe daily show and see how you can have 60 minute convesations with clients to close $1000, $5000 or even $60,000 deals.

    The host of Marketing Experts Cafe, Iman Aghay, is a master sales and marketing expert who works with coaches, consutlants, authors, speakers and entreprenuers to create effective marketing and sales strategies in their business.

    Also call the show live between 12pm (PST) to 1pm (PST) to ask specific sales and marketing questions about your business.

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    Yahoo Announces an Acquisition

    in News

    Yahoo buys Brightroll; Alibaba celebrates a major victory; Uber use surges among lawmakers out on the campaign trail and the 12 scams of the holidays. WSJ's Mathew Passy has details on those stories and more.

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    Russ Cofano from Move.Com on the News Corp. Acquisition

    in Real Estate

    Today we're joined by Russ Cofano, Vice-President of Industry Relations for Move.Com, to discuss the recent announcement that News Corp will be purchasing Move.Com. Cofano is a 25-year real estate industry veteran who joined Move.Com back in June 2014 as the senior vice president of industry relations, and in that role he develops strategy and business plans that further the company's open communications with the industry's leading companies and trade organizations as well as the technology sector. Read the News Corp Press Release and the Move.com open-letter to the industry.

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