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    N.M.I. w/ Bianca Kajlich(Leslie on NBC's Undateable) & The Voice Battle Rounds!!

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    Bianca Kajlich - Bianca Kajlich stars as Leslie Burton in NBC’s comedy series “Undateable.” Leslie is Danny’s sister and is a recently divorced wine-rep who, now single again for the first time in ten years, is struggling to find her place in the single world. Once introduced to the guys at the bar, she bonds with them immediately as they welcome her into their gang.Kajlich starred in Rules Of Engagement, Bring It On, 30 Minutes Or Less..Follow her on twitter @misskajlich

    Sawyer Fredericks - 15 - Fultonville,NY - Team Pharrell - Won his battle against Noelle Bybee while singing "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" by Creedance Clearwater Revival

    Corey Kent White - 20 - Bixby,OK - Team Blake - Won his battle against Jacob Rummell while singing "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes

    Koryn Hawthorne - 17 - Abbeville,LA - Team Christina - Won her battle against Vance Smith while singing "Love Me Harder" by Ariana Grande

    Jacob Rummell - 19 - Akron,OH - Originally Team Blake then stolen by Team Pharrell after he lost his battle with Corey Kent White while singing "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes

    Rob Taylor - 22 - Baton Rouge,LA - Team Christina - Won his battle against Jeremy Gaynor while singing "Animals" by Maroon 5

    Brooke Adee - 16 - Tampa,Fl - Team Blake - Won her battle against Bay Brooks while singing "Style" by Taylor Swift

    Lexi Davila - 17 - Lorain,OH - Team Adam - Won her battle against Bren'nae Debarge while singing "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedinfield


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    Military Monday With John D. Gresham Replay – DINFOS Trained Killers

    in History

    The Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on the Writestream Radio Network (@Writestream)) team is off this week, as we prepare some new and exciting shows for you in the weeks and months ahead. So we will be running a replay of last week's outstanding "DINFOS Trained Killers" show with Lt. Col. John Clearwater, USA (Ret.) today at 1 PM EST. And please join us next Monday at 1 PM for another brand-new edition of Military Monday.


    Thanks All!

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    Nips: March 16, 2015

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    Enhance your experience if listening live to this episode ... Follow us on twitter @pulpnpaperradio for live tweets with more information during the broadcast.

    Get the latest news from around the pulp and paper world in our weekly program, including updates from Sonoco, Smurfit Kappa, Sappi, Verso, RAPP, Huhtamäki, RockTenn, Glatfelter, Clearwater, Kruger, Stora Enso and more.

    Nips is a weekly show of contemporary information related to the pulp and paper industry worldwide. Hosted by Jim Thompson, the voice of the worldwide pulp and paper industry.

    Listen live at 7 a.m. EDT on Monday, 16 March 2015, or anytime afterward! 

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    The Power Alley

    in Baseball

    Welcome everyone to a brand new episode of The Power Alley with Steve Silver from 1090 The Fan in Seattle, Wa and Bo Reed from LetsTalkRangers.com. On today's show, we'll leadoff  with conversation with the news regarding Cole Hamels and Hunter Pence. 24 scouts were on hand in Clearwater Florida to watch Hamels toss one hit ball over two shutout innings vs the Yankees. We'll discuss if a deal will, and should get done before the start of the regular season Also, the San Francisco Giants lost an extremely huge piece on Thursday as Hunter Pence broke his left arm being hit by a pitch. We'll discuss if this is a huge set back for the Giants, and discuss options on how the Giants will replace Pence. 

    We'll also cover the latest news surrounding Josh Hamilton's likely suspension from a relapse of drugs and alcohol. Hamilton's fate is now in the hands of an independant arbitrator after a four person panel, made up of two doctors, and two lawyers, were split on their decision on whether Hamilton should go into a treatment facility. Absolutely he should, but what's best for the Angels? 

    If you have any questions regarding today's show, any fantasy baseball questions you need answered, or you just want to stop by and say hi, hit us up on Twitter @InsiderSteve and @LTRReed. We're excited to have you with us this morning, now grab your bat, see the fastball, and drive that sucker into The Power Alley!

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    On tonight’s episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we will ask the question "Who are you?”

    In a captive land the Afrikan in America suffers from a cultural identity crisis. It is deliberate and diabolically set. What can we do to combat it, recover from it and return to our Afrikanly amazing selves.


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    Travel Today: Clearwater, Florida

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    Here's the expected about Clearwater & Saint Petersburg: Great white sand beaches. And then there's the unexpected about these two Florida cities.For starters, there's the Salvador Dali Museum with one of the best collections of Salvador Dali; Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home to Winter the dolphin - and an amazing story of rehabilitation and technology. Some really great local shops and restaurants, only to be outdone by some really fun catch and cook restaurants that only open when the fish is fresh. Listen now to the local gems!

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    Disabled Veteran Radio With VISIN

    in Politics

    In tonights one hour episode we find out that The Veterans Administartion , VISIN and even Robert A. McDonald The VA Secretary favorite word which is "I don't know". I talk about anger. The struggles that I battle everyday because of MONEY owed to me by The Veterans Administration for a misdiagnoses of a personality disorder which should have been PTSD on the date of discharge which my VA Psychatrist states to me but is afraid to say it so it would benefit me because she may be fired.. Also I still pose the question. Does anyone really care about Disabled Veterans Issues ?

    Today I visited VISIN in Clearwater, FL. This is where you can go to report a problem that you may have with the Directors of Various VA Facilities or Patient Advocacy People.You would think that VISIN Offices would be on VA property. They are located in a Tall Fancy Richy Hi Rise called The Franklin Templton Building located on the 6th Floor. This is some seriously large square footage the Veterans Administration Pays Monthly Rent on but wait here is the kicker. If your a Disabled Veteran unsatisified with the VA and want to see an outside Dentist, MD, the VA will not pay for that. Yes that's right the VA pays it higher ups to work in Lavish Up Town Fancy Building they ponthly Rent on . There is some strong language in the 10 minute piece from VISIN in this one hour segment. Dear LORD help be informative, help be humble, help me with life,help me with firends, help me with family and most important of all help me help get DIsabled Veterans Fully Compensated.

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Radio Broadcast on WWPR AM 1490 02 17 15 5pm to 6pm

    in Rock Music

    In the second hour of Disabled Veteran Radio we play a few Alice Cooper tunes because the owner of WWPR AM 1490 Valerie went and saw Alice Cooper in Concert at Ruth Ekard Hall in Clearwater, Florida and Lesslie Gore who had The Hit Song It's My Party and I cry If I want To passed away at 68. I am asking if you can help me keep Disabled Veteran Radio on the air in Bradenton and help expand the Radio Broadcast to other stations and hopefully Sirius Satellite log into http://billapgar.com to make a donation

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Debates CNNs Twist on PTSD

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    This will be a live show streamed through blog talk 4pm to 5pm and hopefullt broadcasted live on WWPR AM 1490 out of Bradenton, Florida. I will talk about Bradenton Riverwalk First Annual Regatta great time. Last night CNN aired a piece on PTSD in conjuction with the movie out now American Sniper in theaters. Two different sides of PTSD my side which is never told. I will dial Hair Saoln in the Countryside Mall in Clearwater, Florida that cut my hair. I did speak with some oth vendors at the Regatta a few of them may call. You will have to call the show at 


    (646) 716-8912

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Broadcast on WWPR AM 1490 For 02 10 15

    in Current Events

    Disabled Veteran Radio was on two hours today live eralier from 4pm to 6pm eastern time. This was my live broadcast from WWPR AM 1490 in Bradenton, Florida. I talk with the Dawn Monday from Style Out in the Countryside Mall Located in Clearwater, Florida at SR 580 and US Hwy 19 and I play her the Grammy Winning Song Sam Smith Stay With Me. I talk about the Bradentons Riverwalk Regatta the ist Annual Event very successful. We discuss CNN's spin and reporting of PTSD. I speak with Clarence Johnson about Affordable Care Act. We try to reach Pete Rose in hour 2 but Pete's Public Relation Guy Joey thinks I am some evil person because I accidently put him on the air even tho I said this is Disabled Veteran Radio. I tried to apologize but I was just talked down to and was told I would be never allowed to interview Pete Rose. I sure do hope someone listens to this broadcast or personally knows Pete and ask him. Pete Rose would not treat a 100% Disabled Veteran with PTSD the way his PR guy Joey did would he ? Anyway I do not wish any harm to nobody but why do people treat Disabled Veterans specially 100%  ones like crap ? I discuss the foggy conditions around The Sunshine Skyway and I hope you can sponsor Disabled Veteran Radio to keep my show on the air http://billapgar.com or call me on my cell (727)678-1219

  • Diamonds In The Rough Exposing The Nature Of Reality

    in Spirituality

    On a special January 10, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" both I and Elizabeth "Diamond" Mulligan (who hosts the "Diamonds Forever" show and was one of my previous show guests) moderate a roundtable discussion to bring to light the ET/UFO/star seeds/contactees’/hybrids’/abductees’/dimensional star people in regards to both their presence on this Earth and other dimensions, how governments are involved with that presence, and how society can go about bringing disclosure to the public to bring to light the fact that the ET/UFO presence is real and cannot be denied.

    Countless whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists, and investigative journalists have already shown the evidence that there is definitely an ET/UFO presence on Earth. But since the governments and mainstream media won't touch the subject, and since many people in the general public find the idea of UFO's and aliens on Earth to be too crazy to believe, then consequently it becomes hard for disclosure to beome truly official. We hope to change that!

    Roundtable panelists include Paradigm Research Group president Stephen Bassett, philanthropist Tom Clearwater who funded the "Citizens Hearing on ET Disclosure," and Peter Slattery who has had many spiritual experiences involving ET contact.

    Bassett's site: http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org

    Slattery's site: http://www.petermaxwellslattery.com

    Clearwater's site: http://www.citizenhearing.org

    Diamond's Forever 31 13 blog:: http://diamondsforever31.blogspot.com  see top of blog for Show attendance info

    Diamonds youtube http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-i8au1BVfkFI1LMxwZWT-Q/videos

    Diamonds show Live every Sat 2pm Est: 209 255 1000 Pin 883267#

    Recorded Line 209 255 1099 Pin 883267# Ref # shows 1# thru 198 as of Jan 10 2015

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