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    "Selma" Actor Clay Chappell

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    Having shared the big screen with Jim Caviezel, Sam Sherpard, Andie MacDowell, and Tyler Perry, Clay Chappell has his biggest movie role to date in the Golden Globe winning "Selma", produced by Oprah Winfrey. Chappell was previledged to share the scene with Winfrey in one of the most climatic scenes in the movie.

    The Georgia native not only acts, but is an accomplished golfer and he teaches junior golf He also co-owns and operates the Athens Area Junior Golf Tour and Oconee Junior Golf League.

    We will talk to Chapell about working with a talented cast, his future projects, and his mission to bring golf to the next generation.



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    Actor Clay Chappell with Boyd and Lucinda

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    Atlanta - Actor Clay Chappell is no newcomer to the big screen. As a working actor, he has landed some prime bit parts in several major films. He played a councilman alongside Dennis Quaid in the remake of "Footloose" and did a scene with Robert Duvall in the Billy Bob Thorton directed "Jayne Mansfield's Car." But his brief appearance in the cinematic drama, "Selma," a historical period piece distributed by Paramount Pictures, has been heralded as the showstopper which may just define his career. In "Selma," Chappell plays a southern registrar opposite Oprah Winfrey as Annie Lee Cooper, a Black women seeking to vote in 1965 when racial discrimination made voting very difficult. The scene, only a minute in length, sets the tone for the entire film, and is Oprah's only speaking role in the movie.According to film critic, Derrick Bang ( the-march-resonates-anew )   "the scene with Oprah is a "landmark cinematic moment: a scene destined to be memorialized, and oft resurrected, for decades to come." Chappell's performance has been highlighted on talk shows across the country, including "Ellen," "The Tonight Starring Jimmy Fallon," "Barbara Walters," and "The Today Show." Not bad for an actor who has been working since 1996 to secure more than five lines in a film!Chappell originally auditioned for the role of one of the klansmen in the film, but was asked by casting director Cynthia Stillwell to come back and read for the role of the registrar for the film's director, Ava DuVernay. After doing so, Chappell was asked back but couldn't make the third audition and thought maybe he had lost further consideration. When his agent at J Pervis Talent called him a week later, requesting a table read, he remained hopeful. DuVernay offered him the part after the read, 


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    Getting to know Authors Le'Vonne Barber and Clay Thomas Williams

    in Entertainment

    The Ladies are getting to know Authors Clay Thomas Williams and Le'Vonne Barber and they're inviting you along for the ride. Discover how these ladies got their start in the literary world, what they currently have to offer readers and why they're here to stay. Listen in as Clay and Le'Vonne give their thoughts on the industry, and what they predict will happen in the future. Get ready, because once again the Ladies are bringing you, the cold hard TRUTH and another explosive show!

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    Assignment America - Review of the Clay Hunt SAV Act

    in Current Events

    Dr, Linda Lagmann joins us to discuss the ramifications of the Clay Hunt SAV Act. How will this Act affect our Veterans in the future? Will this Act help, or harm our veterans? Assignment tells the stories of America, from history, military, politics, social and economic, to entertainment - the things you never thought about to the trivia you never knew.

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    "The POTTER & The CLAY!"

    in Spirituality

     “...Behold, like the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel." (Jer. 18:6b)

    As I continue to study the Anatomy of the Hand of God, the Holy Spirit has given me the following revelation of the relationship between the Potter (the Lord God) and the clay (mankind):

    The vessel (clay) was always under the authority of God;
    There are three (3) "wills" involved in this relational equation: the will of God; the will of mankind and the will of Satan;
    God made the clay;
    The clay was "marred" (contaminated) by the will of man to obey the will of Satan;
    God placed the clay back on the wheel (thereby utterly destroying the clay and all of its contaminated attributes);
    God then remolded the clay in His own image (thus giving the clay "structural integrity");

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    Meet Clay Bennett Syndicated Political Cartoonist & An Avid LGBT Ally

    in LGBT

    Political / editorial cartoons convey messages into daily life. These messages fertilize social movements, large and small. Meet Pulitzer prize award recipient Clay Bennet.  With over 45 awards to date, his cartoons often challenge souls to ponder topics large and small. His posts inspire lively commentary from conservaties to liberals alike. 

    Join us to listen to Clay's evolution on his journey to tackle LGBT civil rights issues.  After the show, be sure to visit (bookmark, favorite, like, etc.) the following sites:

    Clay Bennett's Facebook page
    Twitter page.
    Times Free Press

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    Being Unapologetic ft. "Selma" Actor Clay Chappell & Cali Artist Deja Bryson

    in Radio

    In this episode of GaptoothDiva Radio, I’esha GaptoothDiva and the team are returning with some more of the baddest creative motivation. Tune in, as we discuss the passion for art and creativity with Selma actor Clay Chappell and emerging soul artist Deja Chappell. We will touch on how our work, our words, and the way we impact others speaks volumes about our future.

    In this episode, we will touch on topics such as:

    Separating your personal life from your art/work

    Being unapologetically passionate

    Using your gift to empower and motivate others

    Featuring new music by Deja Bryson, Soul & rock artist from Richmond, California

    Listen in as we come back with more of the off the cuff entertainment but with real and honest conversation surrounding topics related to you. Using Fashion, Music, Culture, Entertainment, and Lifestyle, I’esha GaptoothDiva holds no punches in an effort to inspire you to be as phenomenal as you were born to be.

    Tweet us @GaptoothDiva during the show to interact with questions and/or comments.

    Featuring new music by today’s independent artist. Contact us to submit music or inquire about artist at Teamgaptoothdiva@gmail.com

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    SELMA Actor Clay Chappell Celebrates His B-Day with Cypher Lounge Radio

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    It's Wednesday night and we in the spot, don't believe us just watch or at least listen to Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha, the Divine Divah as they bring you another episode of the critically acclaimed, Cypher Lounge Radio. 

    Trust when we say the sophisticated ignorance will be at an all time high!  Joining the dynamic duo is actor, Clay Chappell as he steps into the Cypher to celebrate his birthday as he talks about his impactful role in he award-winning film, SELMA.  

    In "Selma," Chappell plays a southern registrar opposite Oprah Winfrey as Annie Lee Cooper, a Black women seeking to vote in 1965 when racial discrimination made voting very difficult. The scene, only a minute in length, sets the tone for the entire film. 

    Setting the musical tone for Cypher Lounge Radio is DJ Mark 1 as he joins the party to do what he does bests as he brings that real every Wednesday live in the Six Minute Mix. 

    As always, it's going down like four flat tires on a low-rider. Tune-in Wednesday night at 7pm PST! Don't miss it sucka!



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    Terri Clay-The Start Up Biz Coach

    in Women

    My goals is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs to live life on their own terms and to live a life of FREEDOM
    So if that is you . . .

    You are at the right place at the right time My ultimate goal is to help as many business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs as I can to succeed by teaching them how to leverage the internet. If you are frustrated and tired of losing more money than you are generating, then let me share this with you..

    Learn How to Live a Life of FREEDOM on your own Terms in 90 days or less

    If you want to see some results …REAL RESULTS..I CAN SHOW YOU WHAT WORKS…BUT YOU HAVE TO WORK IT.

    You can have the EXACT life you want. As long as you Keep pushin till the miracle happens #youareAwinner - Terri L Clay
    Be A Winner
    Terri L Clay

    - See more at: http://successwithterri.com/about/#sthash.UcHLOfIW.dpuf

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    Will Big Play Clay Leave Us For Buffalo??

    in Football

       Thats a rumor that's out there!  With all the business decisions being made now and we see manytenured pro's being released, we are reminded that the almighty dollar still rules %99 of the time!  As we have talked about in the past, Hartline, Gibson, Clay, and even Wallace are all possible candidates for the chopping block.  If you are Dennis Hickey...  What do YOU DO???

        Also... The COMBINE is now behind us.  For many fans (including me) we took our first look at some of the big names in the draft.  Does Hickey stick to his "BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE" ways or fill needs for a needy roster??

       We will have a guest host this week with Leatherhead taking the reigns this week!  Dave & Josh will be there too so come join us Thursday from 6:30 - 8 (ish) for these topics and as always...  MUCH MUCH MORE!!  Dial in (516) 453- 9433 to speak your mind and join in on all the fun !!

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    Reaching Higher with Carlton Burgess

    in Music

    Gospel Music, Teaching, Praying, Word

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