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    What You Should Know About The Trivium And Microchips (Among Other Things)

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    On the October 1, 2014 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I host the show as a lone wolf to do a special dedicated to the work of Jan Irvin and Katherine Albrecht, in particular to the work that Jan has done about the Trivium and the work Katherine has done regarding microchips. I actually tried to get them as guests on my show back in the day, but Jan declined on the grounds that he would be a bad fit since he had "debunked" my previous guests Andrew Basiago and Alfred Webre, and Katherine declined since her spiritual beliefs differ from mine. However, I feel that their work is significant enough to deserve attention, so I have decided to make this show as a tribute to them to make sure their work doesn't go unheard by those who should hear it.

    Jan's site: http://www.gnosticmedia.com

    Katherine's site: http://www.katherinealbrecht.com

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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    Please join me tonight when I interview and explore the music of Doug Carn pianist, organist and composer from St. Augustine, Florida. While in college he studied oboe and composition at Jacksonville University. Then finished his education at Georgia State College.  Doug taught piano and jazz improvisation at Jacksonville University for several years.  He worked with Nat Adderley, Earth, Wind & Fire, Shirley Horn, Lou Donaldson, Stanley Turrentine, and Irene Reid.  Jazz lives on the Jazz Notes program.

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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    This evening I will speak with and explore the music of  E.C. Coleman a drummer and composer.   As a musical director for Loretta Holloway, he gained a variety of experience performing around the world.  After that experience, he auditioned and began playing with jazz bassist Al McKibbon.  As a result of a call from drummer Billy Higgins, E. C. played with jazz saxophonist Azar Lawrence.  Join us this evening to learn more about E.C. Coleman.  Jazz lives on the Jazz Notes program.

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    Anna-Lena Laurin was born in Halmstad, Malmö, Sweden. She is a composer and jazz pianist and vocalist. She was commissioned by Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Anders Bergcrantz, Richie Beirach, Swedish Radio, Malmö Opera Orchestra, Göran Söllscher, Håkan Hardenberger, Andrew Manze, Kreutzer Quartet, Thomas Søndergaard, and Victor Lewis. Her music is performed internationally. Laurin is composer in residence at Camerata Nordica and has three new concertos with them. She wrote a double concerto, planned to premiere in Tokyo in 2015, and chamber music to be premiered around the world. As a composer, she is autodidact but started in early childhood to play classical piano, then, jazz piano at Skurups Folkhögskolas Jazz program, and vocal classes with various teachers over the years. Her music was performed for Margrethe II of Denmark and the Swedish Queen Silvia. Swedish Radio appointed Laurin Composer of the Year/Jazzkatten 2013,  ”For her ability to create a successful crossover between jazz and classical music’s language and the courage to write music from her heart without looking at prevailing musical trends.” Her classical work Concerto for Flute, Strings, and Harp was nominated as one of the most important works in Sweden in 2011.





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    Divatosity: Simple Gifts, Classical Music Appreciation, Ello, and More

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    Join Alaina as she discusses simple gifts, classical music appreciation, Ello, and more...

    Read the blog here

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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    Join us this evening, when I speak with Judith Korey, the music program director in the department of mass media, visual and performing arts at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and Curator of the Felix E. Grant Jazz Archives.  We will discuss the Jazz Alive Series and the Jazz Archives.  In addition, we will listen to the music of Allyn Johnson, director of the UDC Jazz Studies program.  Likewise, we will listen to the music of Bruce Williams a former student and jazz educator and mentor to young jazz musicians in New York.  Allyn Johnson and Bruce Williams are well known jazz musicians who perform in New York and around the world. Jazz Lives!

  • A Kind Voice on Music Upstate Rubdown

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    Our special guest on A Kind Voice on Music is the wonderful Upstate Rubdown.These folks are a diverse group of musicians dedicated to creating fun acoustic pop music, with creative rhythms and harmonies. The band combines backgrounds in Jazz, Gospel, Folk, Bluegrass, Latin, Show Tunes, and Classical music, with a shared love of Soul, Motown, and classic R and B, to create a uniquely enjoyable sound. Imagine the Lennon Sisters meet Mumford and Sons with Bob Willis and The Texas Playboys to have sixteen espressos then listen to Django Rienhart albums. Let the dancing begin!

    Host Mitch Ruth will ask members of the group about busking, upstate New York winters, their current projects. With luck, he will also seek an answer to the eternal question, "Where did my drink go?"

    You can find out more here:




  • Nu Ankh Radio Cultural Forum

    in Spirituality

    Join Goddess Trey, Brother Haru, and Brother Kedar as we discuss our-tory, spirituality, and the esoteric knowledge of the ancestors. We hope you can join us in this gathering of minds. May we rekindle the greatness of our ancestors in everything we do.

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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    Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has many talented jazz artists who continue the furtherance of jazz music.  This evening I will speak with George V. Johnson Jr. who is a jazz vocalist, lyricist, and creator of the Washington D.C. Jazz Network.  As a singer who sings in the vocalese singing tradition, George has penned lyrics for a Moment’s Notice on a Pharoah Sanders’ recording.  He was commissioned by Don Sickler of Second Floor Music to pen lyrics to the music of jazz legend and saxophonist, Hank Mobley.  You can see him perform at Bohemian Caverns every Tuesday in November in Washington, D.C.  Join us this evening and learn about vocalese and more.  The program Jazz Notes keeping jazz alive!

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    Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s Endorsing Comments Regarding:

    The Language of Revelation: Classical Arabic Language Instruction and Exercises with Qur’aan CommentaryFor Beginners & Non-Beginners     By Siddeeq Jihad

     I want to bring to our attention an achievement, a publication that has been produced mainly for our community but is for anybody who wants some help from the material that has been put into this publication.  The book is called The Language of Revelation. (Lughatut-tan-zeel) It is by a brother that I have known to be dedicated and devoted to the study of Qur’aanic Arabic and the teaching of that subject to our students and to grown-ups as well. And that is brother Siddeeq Jihad. I think that most of us know him.

    Brother Siddeeq Jihad would you please stand and face the audience...       I would highly recommend this book for you all, who are studying (grown-ups) but also for our youngsters who are studying in separate organized Qur’aanic Studies classes and who are also studying in our school system. Clara Muhammad School System like the one in Atl., Wash. D.C., Chi. & many other places.  I highly recommend this book, The Language of Revelation.  Qur’aanic Arabic with lessons and studies to improve your ability to read the Qur’aan and get more understanding and to qualify yourself, In-shaa Allah to be a teacher one day. Because out of you, from you who are interested in Qur’aanic Arabic, we’re going to get our next generation of teachers, Imams and leaders. So Allah be with you all and bless you to benefit from these wonderful projects and publications that our community is producing. This is one, we have others that I’ve seen and I’m grateful to Allah for students and scholars like our brother, Siddeeq Jihad. Congratulations, my brother!  7-6-08 www.siddeeqjihad.com siddeeq@msn.com

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    .Sheikh Ali Suleiman Ali’s Endorsing Comments Regarding:

    The Language of Revelation: Classical Arabic Language Instruction and Exercises with Qur’aan Commentary For Beginners & Non-Beginner’s By Siddeeq Jihad.

    I have read this detailed, scholarly work of our brother, Siddeeq Jihad.The book is basically written and structured to help anyone who is interested in learning Classical Arabic. The book is highly instructive and well organized.

    No doubt, the author Siddeeq Jihad  has a great love for Lughatut-tanzeel, the language of revelation. He has dedicated many years studying and teaching Qur’aanic Arabic.

    Allah has enabled him to share the knowledge He has blessed him with.  Siddeeq has had a long jihad  (exertion of diligent effort/time) in learning Qur’aanic Arabic.

    The book is extremely useful! It is an excellent guide for beginners and non-beginners and whoever is interested in learning Lughatut-Tanzeel: The Language of Revelation. This work equips and empowers its readers with a strong foundation to understand Qur’aanic Arabic. It can indeed lead students, male and female toward Arabic proficiency.    I strongly recommend the book for brothers and sisters who are interested in learning Qur’aanic Arabic as well as Modern Standard Arabic.

    Sheikh Ali S. Ali, Director of the Canton Masjid in Michigan

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