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    Live With Chewy 11.9

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    On this show I'll talk about the Philippines Lacrosse partnership with One World Lacrosse and what it really means.
    #UPDATE!!!  Gonna talk about the Warrior Lacrosse #Ninja_Please campaign!
    I'll discuss the Gill Memorial Lacrosse Tourney in San Antonio on Saturday11/10... and what it means to be invited to play in a "Memorial Tourney".
    I will get all mushy over my new obsession... Traditional Stringing on my lacrosse stick.
    And last... I'll talk about the balance between Box and Field lacrosse.  Yes, I said balance and not which one is better than the other.
    Friday can't come soon enough!

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    Live With Chewy #Boom Edition

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    Barber Shop Talk... You HAVE to listen to this!
    Texas State Lacrosse is LEGIT... or are they?
    GTL Tour Summer 2013 Tour!
    Back to the Basics... #Blackfeet_Lacrosse Wood Shafts
    FIL, Olympics, and Philippines Lacrosse Update!
    Makin' the JUMP to the Lacrosse Broadcast Network!!!
    Weekly Twitter RT Recap!!!

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    Live With Chewy... The Announcement!

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    Listen in to find out more!

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    Live With Chewy Lunchtime LAX

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    GTL Tour update
    Dirty Birds makin the JUMP to SWLA!  (PBR and Lone Star games)
    Dallas, TX the new lacrosse recruiting hot bed.
    Interview with Nick Coyne of Chillax Customs!  Texas Stringing Clinics with Greg Rose (Zen, Lacrosse, and the Art of Stringing) and more!!!!

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    Live With Chewy 1.0

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    Gonna talk shop about:
    GTL (Grow Texas Lacrosse- Highlands LAX and TX Box LAX
    Facebook- Politics and Status Updates
    Water Cooler Talk- Big... Giant headphones at the gym
    *Song of the Day!

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    The Live With Chewy Special: "JoviNation"

    in Sports

    On this Live With Chewy Special, we talk to professional lacrosse player Jovan Miller.
    Balance for multisport athletes.
    State of the Hounds and thoughts on the MLL season so far.
    His predictions going into the NCAA Mens Lacrosse Final Four weekend.
    Iroquois Nationals exclusion from FIL Blue Division
    and so much more!!!

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    Do U think about what U eat?
    Do U think about where your food comes from?
    Meat can BE tough and chewy. ROSEMARY will tell us WHY
    ROSEMARY BUTTERWORTH has much to share about our food
    YES We ARE what we EAT......tis FASCINATING information
    ROSEMARY will also lead a MEDITATION
    Join us on 347 202 0232
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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Is Being Gluten Free Worth The Effort and Cost

    in Fitness

    What is Gluten, and Why is it In My Food?

    Gluten is a combination of proteins found in most grains, such as wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten traps water and air in a foam as bread rises, which gives it a chewy, soft, moist texture.

    Wheat is the most common source of gluten for most people. However, gluten is also used as a filler in many processed/prepackaged foods, like ketchup and salad dressing. Unless you’ve been actively trying to avoid gluten, you’ve probably been eating it almost every day. Some people think that’s a bad idea.

    Why People Think Gluten Is Bad for You

    Most of the arguments against gluten can be traced back to the idea that it increases intestinal permeability or gives you a “leaky gut.”(1-5) In a nutshell:

    Gluten enters your small intestine.
    The gluten molecules irritate and attack your epithelial cells (the ones on the inside of your small intestines).
    This irritation causes your tight junctions — the space between your intestinal cells — to widen. In some cases, gluten also directly attacks your cells.
    Gluten, bacteria, and undigested food particles sneak through these gaps between your cells and into your bloodstream.
    Once gluten and friends enter your bloodstream, your body mounts an inflammatory response.
    This inflammation spreads throughout your body, wreaking havoc on your health.

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    Pet Psychic Radio - I LOVE STORMY

    in Pets

    @ 03:41 - 8wk MaltiPoo (Maltese/Poodle) Brooklyn, she happy?
    @ 10:42 - Aleksandra & green-cheeked conure Ivy, anything to say?
    @ 16:59 - Kathi & dog Flora, why fighting with sister Elsie?
    @ 24:26 - Laura, animal calming signals, body language
    @ 31:42 - Kelly & Daisy, what does she think of new home?
    @ 36:30 - Kathi & dog Flora, quick update.
    @ 37:19 - 13yr dog Maxie, kidney failure, why eating rocks?
    @ 47:18 - Linda & 4yr Snowshoe cat Tooga, where's stuffie toy?
    @ 54:16 - Kristi & Brittany Spaniel Yuki, had chiropractic session.
    @ 56:23 - Stormy's WoW, "I want everyone to love themselves ..."

    * Calming signals, www.ThePetPsychic.com/services/animal-communication/
    * Parsley tea for dogs, www.google.ca/search?q=Parsley+tea+for+dogs
    * Stella & Chewy's, www.StellaAndChewys.com

    Photos: www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio/posts/872661169442643

    Laura Stinchfields official website is http://www.ThePetPsychic.com

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    Live With Chewy "The Road to State" Episode

    in Sports

    What a year for Texas High School Lacrosse!
    On this "Road to State" Episode I will break down the teams headed to the Texas High School Lacrosse League State Championship Tourney.
    I'll also go into the growth of the sport within the State and feature the Highlands High School Lacrosse program out of San Antonio, and why their coach was the District person of the Year.
    U of H Coach, Justin Rich was selected as the LSA (MCLA) Coach of the Year.
    And lastly, talk about the move from GCLA to SWLA for the Dirty Birds. 
    The "Road to State".... starts NOW!!!!

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    Pet Psychic Radio - How To Be A Better Animal Communicator

    in Pets

    Please excuse the technical issues in the beginning the show does start :)

    @ 05:16 - Linda & dog Grisman, how did his crossing go?
    @ 12:19 - Laura & Ai, why Laura doesn't work with lost pets.
    @ 15:30 - guest Elaine Seamans & 2yr German Shepherd Lucky.
    @ 32:37 - Bridget & 20yr black cat Maxxwell, how's he feeling?
    @ 42:21 - Tiara & Miniature Pinscher Kalina, will she re-incarnate?
    @ 47:40 - Laura & Ai, how to be a better animal communicator.
    @ 49:52 - Laura & Ai, any animal ask to talk to biological parents?
    @ 51:44 - Jamie & 1yr dog Tonka, knew us in a past life?
    @ 56:16 - Bean's WoW: "It's really important to get fresh air."
    Photos: www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio/posts/831040403604720
    Mentioned: Laura's website www.ThePetPsychic.com
    * Hilary Renaissance, lost pets psychic, www.CalmPet.com * Lori Spagna, lost pets psychic, www.LoriSpagna.com * At-Choo gifts, www.at-choo.com * Primal Pet Foods, www.PrimalPetFoods.com
    * Stella & Chewy's, www.StellaAndChewys.com