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    Charmaine Tweet Talks Grappling Superfight; New Movie Role

    in Sports

    Even though she isn't on the upcoming InvictaFC card in Vegas, Charmaine Tweet is staying busy.

    June 27th she will have a grappling superfight with fellow Canadian Amanda Kavik at the Slyvio Behring class in Winnepeg; and will take part in the Grapplers' Quest event during International Fight week.

    Tweet will also test her acting chops in the upcoming movie "Four Months Until Fight Day".

    We will talk to Tweet about her busy summer and the flood of featherweights coming into Invicta.

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    InvictaFC Featherweight Charmaine Tweet

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    Featherweight star Charmaine Tweet is hoping to be busy come this fall.

    With a possible boxing match in August and her campiagning to get back in the InvictaFC cage, Tweet is gearing up by training with as many fighters as possible. The group known as "Eve-volution" has formed with several making the trip to Regina, Canada to gain support not only to Tweet but each other.

    We will talk to Tweet about training and her expectations the second half of the year.

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    MMA Jam Session - Charmaine Tweet

    in MMA

    No need for a long and fancy caption. Cole Vick and Howard Fidler interview the great Charmaine tweet. this is a super sectry link only for the very priveledged. if you see this link, you are special, and i love you. look for this to play wednesday night after king mo turns up the ones and twos. but until then, lets boogie!!

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    WMMA Jam Live - Ep. 103 - Charmaine Tweet

    in MMA

    Join Vanessa and Sabrina as they bring you another fun filled episode of WMMA Jam Live, produced by Fresh Start Entertainment! Here at WMMA Jam Live, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news from the MMA world.

    THIS Friday we will discuss recent WMMA news and matchups! We will als be joined by InvictaFC's "Charmaine Not So Sweet" Tweet before she makes her debut at PrestigeFC later this month in her hometown! We've got all this and more coming up this Friday on WMMA Jam Live!

  • MMA Jam Session - King Mo & Charmaine Tweet

    in MMA

    MMA Jam Session is normally on Thursday nights at 9 pm est. But tonight is a very special show, a star studded event, of sorts. Cole Vick and Dr. Howard Fidler are on the 1’s an 2’s spinning thunder twice this week, so the airwaves better take notice of a double shot of espresso that we call mma chat. Big Shout out to X-ion-x as well as Fresh Start Entertainment and the “Great One”, Jay General!

    Our first guest is known as the Cult of Personality. The Chef of Extravagance. The King of Bellator!! King Mo (14-4) is our first guest scheduled on this dynamic, powerful, special wednesday show! And the best part is, we are not limited on time to speak with him, because he is not limited on power, precision or personality. His next victim is Cheick Kongo. A noted heavyweight, so King will be temporarily increasing weight and will be bringing lots of speed and power to the heavyweight division and dethroning any thoughts of Kongo fighting for any chance at Bellator gold. King Mo has the potential to be a 2 division champion, and Kongo is where he will start taking out the Heavyweight division at Bellator.

    The second guest is Invicta Featherweight Title Challenger and Fancy queen, Charmaine “Sweet” Tweet. She is on a powerful 2 fight win streak. This guest may or may not make it, seeing as she is wrapping a lasso around Orions Belt as we speak. Yes, she is that powerul. Like an immovable object, its going to take a show as big as The sweet one to hold all of that awesomeness. Tweet is the Main Event fight on Invicta 11, and We would be honored, moved, thrilled if our second guest shows up and graces the stage that we call MMA Jam Session.

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    What is love? With Lady Tweet & Miss Bond!

    in Lifestyle

    What is love?

    Lets talk about the matters of the heart concerning love! 

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    Evolution with Charmaine

    in Self Help

    Evolution with Charmaine

    Get Ready to Tune into an Another Amazing segment of Evolution with Charmaine Sunday October 4th 8 pm est. My guest Phillip Berrian entered this world with a rare disfigured disability condition known as a congenial deformity. Although he has faced numerous challenges throughout his life, he continued to preserve. He has written 20 books and self-published one, “The Testimonial f One’s True Greatness.” Mr. Berrian strives to be an inspiration to others. From a young age, he knew his purpose and has allowed God to guide his path. In life we take so much for granted, Mr. Berrian has not allowed his disability to stifle him. In fact, he will not embrace any form of sympathy. Listen to his story…be encouraged and be inspired. Call in to listen in or join the conversation: 914.205.5909.

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    Evolution with Charmaine

    in Self Help

    Evolution with Charmaine

    Get Ready for another Amazing Show on Evolution with Charmaine Sunday September 27th 8pm est. Latise M. Howie is "Redefining Relationships Through Writing." The Chronicles Trilogy began "as a way to let singles know that it is simply okay to wait; has evolved into 3 books about the process of being able to navigate through life's obstacles, relationships, and triumphs in a way that is pleasing to God." Latise studied at North Carolina Central University. She is the mother of three amazing children. She has worked in Property Management for 17 years. She is on her way to being a best-selling author. She is a Philanthropist, Mentor, Motivational Speaker & Business Owner. Most recently, she has been assigned to be a Presenter at the Gospel Image Awards 2015. Please call in to listen on live or Join the discussion: 914.205.5909.

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    Evolution with Charmaine

    in Self Help

    Evolution with Charmaine

    LaTarsha Holden was known as a “walking statistic” – High School drop-out, 4 kids by the age of 22, welfare recipient & low self-esteem. Friends & Family probably just shook their heads when they saw her coming. How do you fight for Life with so many pressures on your shoulder? She was riddled in what the world would say as countless wrong decisions and bad choices along with trying to be a mother to her children. There were many that looked down on her and would not give her a helping hand. BUT, GOD HAD A PLAN FOR HER LIFE. Today she stands proud and strong. She has defied the odds. Tune into Evolution with Charmaine Sunday September 6th 8 pm est. to hear part 1 of her Amazing Story!!!

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    Evolution with Charmaine

    in Self Help

    Get Ready!!! Set your alarm clocks to tune into a mind changing discussion!! My guest Titus Pollard will appear on Evolution with Charmaine for a part 1 and 2 discussion about who is, his life and his phenomenal book, "Hell in the Choir Stand." You don't want to miss it. What he talks about in this book will blow you mind!!!! Get Ready...Sunday August 23rd @ 8 pm est. Join the discussion: 914.205.5909

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    Giving Power a Voice with Charmaine Lee

    in Spirituality

    Join Charmaine Lee for Giving Power a Voice - an ongoing discussion on taking your power back.

    Whether a bad relationship, abuse or a great childhood and you aren't getting what you want Charmaine will talk about these subject.

    Call in with your topic or questions

    Email topics to radio@ffi-now.com or call 702-251-8200.

    Get your daily Qoute of Power with Charmaine Lee Subscribe here

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