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    Take Charge Of Your Life Show

    in Entertainment

    Take Charge Of Your Life Show With Your Host, Celebrity Life Coach, Terrell C. Jenkins!


    Join Celebrity Life Coach, Terrell C. Jenkins as he shares his Expert Advice on Life, Relationships, And Family Dynamics! Coach Jenkins has years of Personal and Professional Experience and he is the Author of (2) Best Selling Books entitled: From Pain To Purpose and Take Charge Of Your Life! He knows of what he speaks because he has lived it!

    Be sure to join him as "TJ Ponders" about Life and shares his thoughts every Sunday at 12 Noon CST on Blogtalkradio.com!

    It's Time To Take Charge Of Your Life!!!

    A Singletary Network Production!

  • Take Charge Of Your Life Show

    in Entertainment

    Take Charge Of Your Life Show With Your Host, Celebrity Life Coach, Terrell C. Jenkins!

    Be sure to join him as "TJ Ponders" about Life and shares his thoughts every Sunday at 12 Noon CST on Blogtalkradio.com!

    Guest: Shareeff De La Cruz

    As an Intern, A&R, Manager, and Music Publisher, in the music industry for 12 years, Shareeff has worked with artists such as Jagged Edge, Jazze Pha, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Tiffany Evans, Ciara, and Cee Lo Green. His experiences in the music industry have prepared and primed him to cultivate and reach audiences with messages that touch their hearts and resonate across cultures.

    Shareeff is a native of Miami, Florida with an African-American and Dominican heritage.  Shareeff’s educational path was troubled. He attended 11 schools before dropping out at the age of 17. Shareeff’s wake up call and invitation to know God for himself came when he experienced many friends who have died violent deaths in a short period of time or incarcerations. Thankful for his own life at that point, he realized that God had bigger plans for him, to prosper his life and keep him out of harm’s way.

    Shareeff was encouraged to earn a GED and was accepted to Morehouse College where he was a Dean’s List scholar his very first semester. In 2006, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Management.  He also became a licensed minister and studied at Beulah Heights Bible College.  Shareeff is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.  

    Shareeff is aware that his personal relationship with God led him out of a life of destruction and into divine opportunities to live the life he was destined to live. He is a motivational speaker, personal coach, and inspirational author.  Shareeff’s first book "The Challenge" was published in 2011 and is available via Amazon.

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    Giving a Charge

    in Christianity

    Join us as Pastor Brandon Teague preaches truth from the Word of God.

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    Who's In Charge of You

    in Self Help

    Who's really running your life? Pat Council will share information to make you think about your destiny. Are you in charge of you, your job, someone that you've given your power away to, or the government? If you are not living the life you want, whether it is a voice from the past or present, you have allowed someone else to take control of your destiny. Tune in and find out how to take control over your life and how to move forward to success. Start living the balanced, joyous life you imagine for yourself. Learn to reach inside and bring out your best. Repeat show.   

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  • 7 Key Principles of Leadership

    in Business

    What makes a sign of a great leader. A sign of a great leader is seen in not only the results but more importantly in the team. The team is engaged and collaborative in nature driven by a common purpose and maintain focus. That is what makes them productive.

    Guest: David Long

    David Long is Founder/CEO of MyEmployees, a 25 year-old firm in the Top 1% Worldwide in the Employee Engagement and Recognition industry. His firm specializes in helping managers build stronger, more engaging relationships with their team members, while linking the rewards and recognition program to the desired goals of the company. David believes (and lives to his very core) what Zig Ziglar said was required to become truly successful in life. He said, “You can have ANYTHING you want in life IF you will FIRST help others get what THEY want!” As a result, David has touched untold lives through the years, including employees, clients, friends and family.

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    10/26 Charlotte View: Take Charge of your Energy! The Power of Words~Janie Smith

    in Spirituality

     12 pm (Eastern Time) 11 am (Central) 10 am (Mountain) 9 am (Pacific) ™17:00 UK / 18:00 Germany / 18:00 S Africa 

    Charlotte View presents Take Charge of Your Energy with Janie Smith. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and ordained Spiritual Advisor and is the founder of Rosehill Energy Center at The Inn at Rosehill & Rosehill Stables in Monroe, NC

    Episode: The Power of Words. Have you ever consider that the words that we attach to our experience become our experience, regardless of whether it’s objectively accurate or not.
    During this show:

    ♦ Take charge of your energy, learn how

    ♦ The power or words: transform your vocabulary, transform your life

    ♦ How words can affect your energy and the collective energy too

    ♦ Distant Energy Readings ~ identify what is blocking you from living your life fully
    ♦ Information about how you communicate, your truthfulness, your emotions, the use of your mind, your blockages, and how you deal with power.
    ♦ How to use Reiki to create the life you want; what special skills you need to incorporate it to your life and much more ... 

    Rei-ki to Janie Smith is a spiritual path, a way to live life that is honest and healthy. It started out as a way to feel better, when other things weren't working and felt lost. Her 27 year marriage had fallen apart, her dad had suddenly died, and the business I loved was falling apart because I was lost and could not focus on doing business efficiently while my personal life fell apart. 

    Contact Janie:
    Rosehill Energy Center www.RoseHillinnNC.com / 6623 Prospect Road, Monroe, NC 28112 | 704-764-3989 / email: carousel1986@aol.com

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    The 5 Steps for Ensuring Professional Success

    in Business

    5 steps for ensuring professional success: adopt a gig mindset; identify your value; cultivate your skills; nurture your social network; and harness your entrepreneurial energy

    Todays Guest: Nacie Carson

    Nacie Carson is a brand content strategist and manager, published business author, keynote speaker, and training and development consultant at Working Life Media, LLC. She currently focuses her research and work on professional branding, leadership development training, strategy, entrepreneurship, the gig economy, and the Millennial work experience. 

    Nacie’s writing on professional development has been featured in myriad journalistic and media outlets, including Entrepreneur.com, FastCompany.com, Upstart (formerly Portfolio), Monster.com, and PBS Next Avenue. 

    Her book on adapting your career to the changing job market, entitled The Finch Effect: The Five Strategies to Adapt and Thrive in Your Working Life, was published with Jossey-Bass in May 2012.

    In 2013, Nacie founded Working Life Media, LLC, a publishing and consulting firm that provides branding, content, and social media strategy, management, and support to individuals, solo-preneurs, and businesses. Working Life Media, LLC also owes and manages The Life Uncommon, a popular career eMagazine.the five steps for ensuring professional success: adopt a gig mindset; identify your value; cultivate your skills; nurture your social network; and harness your entrepreneurial energy


  • Live Interview with Cozette Thomas, a Take-Charge Businesswoman

    in Christianity

    Cozette Thomas is a take-charge businesswoman, who expertly balances career, community outreach and two children.  She has been in business for 5 years providing supplemental educational services. Partnering with public and charter school in the District of Columbia to provide Before, After school and Summer camp programming. She is a pioneering community activist for families with children with special needs. Hosting special needs support meeting for families. Cozette is also a champion overcomer of domestic violence and a neuro muscle disease namely Myasthenia Gravis. She is a committed community advocate serving as a liaison to education and workforce development. Cozette is committed to serving her children, community and school. Cozette is dueled degreed holding a BBA in Business Management and MPA in Public Administration. Thorough personal physically debilitating illness, domestic violence, two children diagnosed with special needs (Autism and Specific Learning Disability). Cozette finds it not feat to Finish, what is purposed in her heart to do. She is the Determined Finisher and Contributing Author of “Life Happens…But You Can Finish”.

     During Cozette’s personal time she loves to cook, write, read, listen to music and spend time with her children. 

    Join me Hezekiah L. Montgomery host of The Man In The Mirror, and co-host Nichelle Johnson as we interview this dynamite take-charge businesswoman Ms. Cozette Thomas.  We'll find out what drives this young lady to do what she does and how she keeps it all together while doing it. 



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    Closing The Generation GAP

    in Business

    Is productivity challenges and solutions different across the generations?  This is the first time in history that 5 generations are in the workforce at the same time. This has presented some leadership challenges for many organizations. There is a gap in understanding each generation as a whole and what factors influence their productivity and engage them in the company.  On todays show we will shed some light on the generational gaps.

    You will learn

    How to honor each generation and their communication preferences.
    How inter-generational communication can be more productive in your workforce.
    5 ways to unlock the keys to productivity of the millennial workforce.

    Guest Bios:

    Victoria Goodrich, MLC, worked in the corporate world for over twenty years. She held senior positions with SEI, ITI, Grafix, and Burgess Communications working with sales teams, administrative and marketing staff, and reporting directly to the CEOs and presidents.  In 2004, she left the corporate world to follow her passion in assisting companies and specific high level clients in business and life coaching. As a Master Life Coach, Tori specializes in the areas of Clarity and Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Career Reinvention and Organizational Techniques as well as Stress Management and Balance.

    Carol Hatton-Holmes, CFCP, spent the first 20 years of her working life in Corporate America. She held various positions with IBM, SunGard, GTE and Sprint in national account management, human resources and technical service.  Carol actively speaks and writes on generational topics that assist organizations in creating more effective work relationships, improving bottom line results and reducing employee turnover. She volunteers with the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, SCORE and Wings for Success. 


  • Innovation: What is next in Technology

    in Business

    Innovation as defined is a new idea or product.  Innovation is an important part of the lifecycle of our businesses. This new idea / product is how our businesses start full of excitement, enthusiasm and vigor. We build our business around this product and get heavily involved in the day to day. Often not having enough time to see the future of our business and continue fostering new ideas, the very new ideas that will keep us in business. If we are not proactive and continuing to bring new ideas and innovation we will find ourselves at the end of the lifecycle of our business. The best time to innovate is not when we are in atrophy with our business but when your business is thriving. You want to be the one to cannibalize your business not someone else.


    Today we are going to talk about innovation and what is next in Technology


    Todays Guest: John Wesley Clark Jr

    John Wesley Clark Jr. has been working on paradigm changing technology products and services since before he graduated from high school.

    He currently owns 3 virtual companies. Millennium Design Concepts, LLC as President & CEO here is the most recent in 2013. He have over 20 years of experience working in the Information Technology industry and business.

    His current mission is a developing life size full color 3-D off screen holographic products for sporting goods products, business products healthcare products video games, and science technology offerings of this type to the world.


    John Wesley Clark Jr. is a True innovator.

  • Paul Jacobs, President of Citizens In Charge, Discusses Ending Asset Forfeiture

    in Politics

    Paul Jacob, President of Citizens In Charge, a leading national figure in Initiative & Referendum.

    Paul has worked on over 100 initiative and ballot access campaigns in nearly every state. An acclaimed multi-media commentator, Paul hosts an online, radio, and print opinion program, Common Sense, which reaches a growing list of over 15,000 e-mail subscribers and is aired daily by more than 150 stations in 48 states.

    Paul would like to discuss criminal justice reform ending asset forfeiture, camers on police, ending policing for profit policies and the need for the public to be engaged through the initiative process.

    Join us with your questions, or worldview, 646-652-4620.