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    Meditation Moment #7 -Chanah Liora - Card Entering/Answering

    in Spirituality

    Chanah Liorah Wizenberg of WiseWomanTarot.com joins us to share a personal tarot meditation technnique. Enter a single card and find some deep answers in the quiet of exploration.
    Chanah explains how to set up your meditative space and enter the card to seek an answer.
    Includes some discussion on psychic sensitivity and upbringing.

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    Arron “The Legal Guy” - “Just Talking Business”, Wednesday, 11am PST

    in Business

    Hear Great Information To Help You PROTECT And GROW Your Business!

    This week, our special guests are Ms. Liora Farkovitz and Mr. Doug Bathauer. Liora is a senior digital strategy consultant, content developer, writer, narrator, publisher and marketing strategist dividing her time between Brooklyn, New York and Atlanta, Georgia. She uses her experience as a business and product development professional to provide business planning, identify and deploy business objectives, and strategically places companies to attract business in the marketplace. This often requires the collaborative development of content (writing, audio recording, videos, and/or slide generation for curriculum) in conjunction with a technology-based presentation or delivery platform.

    Website: http://liorafarkovitz.com.

    Doug was appointed to the Board and as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company where he drives the development and implementation of company strategies. Prior to CEO, he was Vice President of Corporate Development for Integral and was responsible for Integral's corporate development efforts which included corporate communications, business development, and capital funding. He also worked with some of the leading firms in the financial services industry providing financial and investment advice to early stage and small growth companies. Doug has advised a broad portfolio of corporate clients including consumer product, technology and renewable energy companies, assisting them in raising capital, corporate restructuring, and establishing national distribution channels. He is a graduate of Purdue University.

    Website: http://www.electriplast.com.

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    Psychic Chat with Your Psychic Girlfriend Robin Richardson with Chanah Liora

    in Spirituality

    Chanah Liora of www.wisewomantarot.com joins Robin for a 30 minute show to kick off the day. Inspiring, empowering, fun, psychic and spiritual tip of the day, connection and mini readings to boot! Join Robin and friends each morning. 5 days a week! Monthly give away 30 minute reading raffle to listeners.

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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Liora Farkovitz: Author of "Modern Day Writing Secrets," a booklet; http://www.liorafarkovitz.com

    Jeff Blum: Author of "The Inside Out Solution: 8 Inside Out Realizations for Awakening Your Inner Magic," http://www.magicofjeffblum.com

    Greg Marcus, Ph.D.: Author of "Busting Your Corporate Idol: Self Help for the Chronically Overworked," http://www.idolbuster.com

    Rick Kaplan: Owner of Premier River Cruises, an online travel agency, talking with Michael today about river cruises around the world and focusing on the upcoming summer travel season; http://www.PremierRiverCruises.com

    Arielle Caputo: Author of "Love You, Love Me, Love We," helping those dealing with all levels of depression; http://www.deapinlove.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    Frustrated Author: Liora Farkovitz

    in Books

    Liora Farkovitz is a Partner of Legacy Strategic Development, LLC which is a small business and product development “incubator”.  Current projects include Technological Evidence, Louis Farkovitz Guitars, and the narration, production and distribution of audio books through the Audiobook Creation Exchange, which distributes their products through Audibles.com.  Liora has a goal of creating a 100 book catalog by 2015.

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    It's Story Time with JD Holiday 10-5-13

    in Books

    Join author and illustrator, JD Holiday on Saturday, 10-5-13 at 10AM est,  9AM cst, 8AM mst & 7AM pst, OR Listen on Demand for 2 stories: The Little Pink Balloon by Lee Haydn Straight and read by Author JAN BRITLAND & Eating 5 Colors With Foodie the Dwarf by Liora Houbara  The Little Pink Balloon by Lee Haydn Straight  When Little Pink comes loose and floats away from her family and the fairground where she lives, she ends up stuck in a cloud. Three new friends come to her rescue and work together to take her home. Buy: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B1WRETG/ Lee Haydn Straight's site: leehaydnstraight.wix.com/leehaydnstraight  & Eating 5 Colors With Foodie the Dwarf by Liora Houbara  Adam didn’t like to eat fruits and vegetable. Until one morning is weak and can't get out of bed. Adam then gets a special visitor  by Foodie the good food Dwarf.  Foodie teaches Adam to eat variety of vegetables & fruits in a fun and easy way.  Would you also like to help your child to eat vegetables and fruits with pleasure and delight? www.amazon.com/children-books-healthy-collection-ebook/dp/B00DGRAHW0  ~Liora Houbara's site: http://en.kitchencoaching-liorahoubara.com/about-liora/ Jan Britland is the author of the The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog. www.rodgerdodgerdog.com/

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    Wise Woman Tarot

    in Podcasting

    Welcome to Wise Woman Tarot!
    Are you curious about Tarot? Do you like to write? Have you ever wondered how you can use the Tarot to write? Would you like to be a part of a community devoted to writing with tarot? Then this show is for you. I am about to launch my new webstie: www.creativewritingwithtarot.com
    In this show you will learn all about it and how you can qualify for some really cool FREE gifts! 
    Chanah Liora

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    Eco Village + Transition Town Special Show

    in Health

    Join Laura Fox with guests Andi Langford and Liora Adler, founders of Gaia University and long-time proponents of the emerging eco village movement. Shaktari Belew, a Gaia University instructor and trainer for the Transition Town movement will also share her wisdom on these truly expansive and important relevant topics.