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    Spit Cha Barz Radio...featuring guest AKAY the Pharoah

    in Hip Hop Music

    Interview AKAY the Pharaoh
    What's going on with Spit Cha Barz daily

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    Designer Beth Swanson of PHOMAZ

    in Entertainment

    PHOMAZ handbag
    (pronounced foam as) is a handbag company created by fashion designer Beth Radzin Swanson, a native of Chicago, Illinois. Her eye-catching/acoustic foam tote bags are greatly valued because it stands out in a crowded room that’s filled with many different competitive brands of handbags. For more information about Phomaz Handbags, or to purchase your one-of-a-kind/acoustic foam tote bag, please visit www.Phomaz.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phomazfashion Twitter: https://twitter.com/phomazfashion Instagram: PHOMAZ 

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    Rev. Jamain Lewis ~ Designer

    in Radio

    Rev. Jamain Lewis CEO of TBOC Christian Clothing Line.


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    Blood pythons and short tails with Terrell Zeigler from Designer Exotics

    in Pets

    In this episode Terrell Zeigler is back but this time he is hitting on the other half of Designer Exotics, Bloods and short tailed pythons. 

    We will be talking about his approach to keeping and breeding these awesome snakes in captivity.

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    Designer Friday

    in Entertainment

    Designer : Johanna Ferguson

    knows two things very well: tech and fashion. She has been designing jewelry for eight years, and for several years retailed jewelry for other designers including DANNIJO, Elizabeth & James, Giles & Brother & CC SKYE. Johanna has worked at Google for twelve years, working with many large tech clients, which made for a natural marriage of the two genres. When the Apple® Watch launched in early 2015 Johanna quickly purchased one, but was dismayed by the band, which didn't coordinate well with daytime apparel and was unacceptable for evening wear. Her new Apple® watchband did not layer well with her bracelets either. This fashion frustration quickly lead to a fashion inspiration, and within months Johanna had designs and CADs completed and XISTWEAR was born!






    Designer: Beth Radizin Swanson

    PHOMAZ (pronounced foam as) is a handbag company created by fashion designer Beth Radzin Swanson, a native of Chicago, Illinois. Her eye-catching/acoustic foam tote bags are greatly valued because it stands out in a crowded room that’s filled with many different competitive brands of handbags. 


    For more information about Phomaz Handbags, or to purchase your one-of-a-kind/acoustic foam tote bag, please visit www.Phomaz.com. 








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    What's my role? - Guest: Monica Sangricco - Fashion Designer and CEO

    in Motivation

    What’s my role?

    In today’s episode learn how to successfully manage each role you play. Have you every stopped and thought about the multiple roles you play during your day? Did you realize less than two percent of people can actually multi-task? If this is true, why do we try to multi-task the diverse roles we play during the day? We can't. This is why you often find yourself annoyed or frustrated in situations. If you don’t successfully transition to the next role and fully focus on that next job description you will find yourself struggling to succeed.

    My guest today is Monica Sangricco. She is the well-known fashion designer for Palm Beach Girl, a women’s clothing line specializing in resort wear.  She is a successful businesswoman, designer, and mother who shares her story of how she overcame adversity and created her clothing line. For more information on Monica Sangricco and Palm Beach Girl, visit her facebook page at: www.Facebook.com/PalmBchGirl

    For more information on James Miller please visit: www.JamesMillerLifeology.com Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast and to my YouTube channel: JamesMillerLifeology where you will receive 3 minute daily life lessons. At JamesMillerLifeology.com you may also take the Lifeology Academy courses I created specifically for successful people like you. You will simplify and transform your life.

    I’ll see you next week.

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    Muslim & Moor with host Latifa Ali and Designer Claude Michelle

    in Women

    Latifa Ali is a broacaster and media person who interviews persons of interest in business and the arts. Claude Michelle is a fashion designer that is lighting up the run way.


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    Setting the Table; its history ; its design; its pride

    in Design

    Don't you just love those dinner table settings in magazines? How will that translate to your own table. We will explore place settings and how it works with family dinners. 

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    A conversation with Fashion Designer Daniel Mozzes

    in Politics

    Fashion Designer Daniel Mozzes talks about his carreer why he chose to live in Albany and his charitable work

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    Clothing Designer Rakiyt Zakari

    in Social Networking

    What's Up #Diamonds,

    Welcome to another episode of the #LinaJones #DiamondNetwork Show! I appreciate you all listening just as mus as I appreciate those who follow me on social media showing their #support with RTS, repost, sharing and liking the show links. I thank you humbly for you support and ask that you continue to support the show especially with the New Year coming up I'm looking to do some good things so stay tuned.

    I love designers especially clothing designers I haven’t had a designer on the show since Sarah Loft which was a few months ago. But Monday I have another designer this designer Rakiyt Zakari designs T-shirts and so much more her line is called “The Original David” I’m very excited to have interview her. If you did not see her picture on the October calendar of the LJDNShow.com’s homepage you should go check it out. Listen as we talk about her clothing line and what inspired her to become a designer and to create such unique designs using today’s Afrocentric look. As always our phone lines will be open if you would like to answer questions find out about orders call-in at 347 – 237 – 4697.

    As you are well aware October is almost over I know it went fast but then again so has the whole year, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the October calendar on my website or read my recap or classic interview, please do so now you only have about a week left. Music! Music! Music! I would like to have yours please submit your music in MP3 format to the show, its simple just go to this to the show’s homepage and click submit. If you would like to be guest of the show please send email to guest@LJDNShow.com.


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    Updated - Valerie Tyalin Hutchinson-Morgan, Artist, Designer, Teacher of Studio

    in Visual Arts

    Note Times: 11:00 am in the UK; 7:00 am EST; 6:00 am CST; 5:00 am MST; and 4:00 am PST

    Valerie Tyalin Hutchinson-Morgan also teaches Art History and is trained and worked in the museum field in curatorial, conservation and research. Born in Jamaica in the West Indies, Valerie grew up in Manchester, England. After studying Art & Design at Liverpool Polytechnic, she completed graduate studies in Education at Sussex University. Upon relocating to the United States, she completed the Master of Applied Arts/Museum Studies program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, (SUNY) New York. 

    From her work in the museum field included research, conservation and curatorial she was able to  gain valuable experience at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan and the former Black Fashion Museum in Harlem, New York. 

    Valerie’s greatest inspiration comes from nature, people, history, and culture. She is inspired by artists who create using age old, traditional, and handed-down techniques. Artisans in different cultures around the world who create objects with whatever materials they have available is another source of inspiration. Her teaching links art, history, culture, and traditions. 

    Tyalin Art is place for sharing updates on my artwork, poetry and information on art history, inspirational artists, and designers. Visit Tyalin Art at: 


    All images are copyright © Valerie Tyalin Hutchinson-Morgan and are used by her permission. Images may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or downloaded in any way, shape or form. All rights reserved.