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    HaPPy HaLLo-W.A.R.N. From / At / On Location with Bayview Cemetery!

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    Our Big Group Tourvestigation at Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham, Washington, the State. This one's gonna be BiG! Big Group of Guest Investigators, Big Cemetery, Bigtime Night Out. Some Several Lucky W.A.R.N.ers get to come out with the Badboyz of this our Washington Abnormal Research Network, and all of You can Join us Listening IN.

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    Cemetery Gates Podcast #2 - Elves (1989) and Home Sweet Home (1981)

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    This week on the Cemetery Gates Podcast, AndroidVirus and Xander Kane return to discuss more horror classics! We start off with the 1989 Christmas Holiday Horror Elves starring Dan Haggarty. We also discuss the 1981 slasher 'Home Sweet Home' starring body by Jake star Jake Steinfeld! 

    Tune in because it is always a fun discussion with a whole bunch more!

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    Riverside National Cemetery with Jim Ruester

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    (131) Riverside National Cemetery with Jim Ruester

    Today I am the Riverside National cemetery with Jim Ruester. We are flying US Flags for (1) US Army Captain Colin Fulbright, (2) the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, and of course (3) my flag .This adventure was a specific request of Colin Fulbright when he mailed me his flag to me and I hope to do him Justice .


    Riverside National Cemetery is the third-largest cemetery managed by the National Cemetery Administration, and since 2000 has been the most active in the system based on the number of interments. It was established in 1976 through the transfer of 740 acres from March Air Force Base, which during World War II was called the U.S. Army's Camp William G. Haan. The cemetery was dedicated and opened for burials Nov. 11, 1978. An additional 181 acres was transferred by the Air Force in 2003.

    Monuments and Memorials
    Riverside National cemetery is home of the Medal of Honor Memorial and one of four sites recognized as a National Medal of Honor Memorial Site. The Medal of Honor Memorial, whose walls feature the names of all medal recipients, is located at the third traffic circle in the cemetery. It was dedicated in 1999.

    The Fallen Soldier/Veterans' Memorial, erected in 2000, is dedicated to all service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The dramatic bronze structure topped by a lifeless soldier is located near the lake at the entrance to the cemetery.

    The Prisoner of War/Missing in Action National Memorial was designated as a national memorial by the U.S. Congress in 2004 through Public Law 108-454. The memorial was dedicated on September 16, 2005. Vietnam veteran Lewis Lee Millett, Jr., sculpted the bronze statue which depicts an American serviceman on his knees with hands bound by his captors. The statue is surrounded by black marble pillars that evoke imprisonment.


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    A BarnCat at the Northern State Mental Hospital Cemetery and Barns!

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    BarnCat and TravDog of W.A.R.N. {"@WarnParanormal on Twitte"} journey to Skagit County, Sedro-Wooley, and the Northern State Mental Hospital Cemetery and nearby Barns where in oldentimes Mental Asylum Inmates did Agriculturing.

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    The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a documentary - interview

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    The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a documentary, interviews.
    Listen to intro then forward to 3 min 58 seconds do to call in problem or spirits, the rest is fine.
    Producer Jimmy O'Connor of The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a documentary and Dale Kaczmarek who narrated the documentary and is a world renown paranormal investigator out of the Chicago land area, researcher and author of paranormal investigation books are both guests on this broadcast of The Unexplained World with Annette and Edward Shanahan.

    Promo for the Documentary and article can be viewed at: Article and Promo Video.

    Edward is also in the documentary as he started exploring Bachelor's Grove Cemetery back in 1974 and Dale also was a researcher of the paranormal starting in the 1970's.

    For those that download the podcast or listen to the re-broadcast, Edward during the 15 minutes that is not broadcast at the end, will tell what the huge location is for the May 24th "Free Chicago Paranormal To Do Day".

    Join Annette and Edward Shanahan for this broadcast.

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    Walter Benjamin Brittany American Cemetery

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    Www.blogtalkradio.com/s3production/2013/09/28/Walter-Benjamin-rescued for the complete show      09/28/2013. 
    American Battle Monuments Commission | Brittany American Cemetery
    A couple of weeks ago my flag was flown over the Brittany American Cemetery by Walter E. Benjamin and Captain Colin Fulbright. I felt so honored by this occasion so I wanted to interview Mr. Benjamin to learn more the cemetery and the mission of the Memorial, and to personally thank him for this privilege
    The Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial in France covers 28 acres of rolling farm country near the eastern edge of Brittany and contains the remains of 4,410 of our war dead, most of whom lost their lives in the Normandy and Brittany Campaigns of 1944. Along the retaining wall of the memorial terrace are inscribed the names of 498 of the missing. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified.
    Www.blogtalkradio.com/s3production/2013/09/28/Walter-Benjamin-rescued for the complete show
    show disconnected. Due to phone connections issues reschedule to. 9-28-13 @0700 California time 

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    My father was buried at Burr Oaks and the issue is that the crime was almost on the level of that someone would experience in a slave country.

    There was no embarrassment arrest other than those who were in my opinion were not involved in the grizzly deed. Instead the business was allowed to go into bankruptcy and then later most likely open its doors under another name, the monsters involved go back into the issue of Funeral Gate but again we allow of these corrupt conspirators to do what they do and pay little and or nothing for their crimes.
    The Tribune article read in 2012 as follows and I did not get the reduced $50 for having grave robbers steal my fathers remains.
    It had been 25 years since he buried his 2-year-old daughter, Darlene, at Burr Oak Cemetery, in an area reserved for children. And it had been three years of attending meetings and searching for death certificates and public records in an effort to sue the cemetery owners after authorities determined graves had been dug up and plots resold.

    His daughter's grave was among those that could not be located, he said. And now, after years of complicated bankruptcy hearings, the case that Lewis and thousands of others filed against the cemetery had been resolved. Lewis was paid $50.

    As Lewis stared at his settlement check, disappointment and anger welled up in his chest, he said. He knew it would be modest, but after attorney's fees and administrative costs, even the $100 promised was cut in half.

    "I couldn't believe it," said Lewis, 49, whose father is also buried in the historic cemetery. "It's disgusting. That grave site is my only connection to my (deceased) loved ones. Now it's lost. And I get $50." My question is do BLACK PEOPLE READY UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE NOT PEOPLE AND WE ARE NO BETTER THAN WE WERE !) YRS AGO BECAUSE WE REFUSE TO HEAR ANYTHING AS WE KNOW IT ALL and have nothing!


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    Cemetery Hauntings/Guest Tom Condren

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    Many investigators all across the world investigate cemeteries, but why are cemeteries haunted? Why are cemeteries often used for satanic worship? So many questions, so many theories... Join us as we share our thoughts and theories on this topic as we discuss cemetery hauntings. Guest Tom Condren to join our show.

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    Cemetery Gates Podcast #1 - Frogs (1972) and Blood Rage (1987)

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    On this episode AndroidVirus and Xander Kane are joined by Homocide to discuss The 1972 George McCowan Amphibious Horror movie Frogs! 

    We also cover the Post-Halloween 1987 John Grissmer Directed slasher fest Blood Rage! As the IMDB description says "Man is blamed for murders actually committed by his evil twin." So be prepared for a fully developed character and plot!

     All this plus other horror related banter and humor! 





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    Historic Eden Cemetery- Mina Cockroft

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    Join us Sunday night on The Gist of Freedom with host PrestonWashington as we welcome,  Mina Cockroft the General Manager of The Historical Eden Cemetery.
    Eden is the oldest public African-American burial ground in the United States!
    Underground Railroad agent, Henrietta Bowers Duterte, Philadelphia's first female undertaker who hid freedom seekers in coffins and funeral processions to safely transport them without any detection from the bounty hunters.
    Located on the former Bartram Farm  in Collingdale,PA the 108-year-old “Eden Memorial Park” — the inscription over the Gothic-style gray stone gates indicates — is the oldest public African-American burial ground in the United States. Among its famous residents are abolitionist William Still, father of the Underground Railroad, and contralto Marian Anderson, .
    Marian Anderson - Renowned Opera Singer
    Chris J. Perry - Founder of the Philadelphia Tribune
    William and Letitia Still - Author of "The Underground Railroad"
    Dr. Caroline Still-Anderson - Philadelphia's first Black female 
    physician. Daughter of William and Letitia Stil
    Dr. Rebecca Cole - Another female physician John Taylor - First African American to win an Olympic Gold Medal
    Ms. Caroline Lecount- Principal of O. V. Catto School Francis Harper - Noted Author
    Mrs. Henrietta S. Bowers-Duterte - First female Undertaker in the country & Undergroun

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    The Angry Ghost Hunter: LIVE from Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Chicago

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    The Angry Ghost Hunter Radio Show is based on a blog written by Ross Allison. The show also features Slav Snitkovskiy and June Nixon from the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (A.G.H.O.S.T.). Every week they will be talking about topics in the Ghost Hunting field that make them angry, there will also be a chance for you to call in or be on Chat to ask questions and tell them what makes you upset in the paranormal world.  This week's topic:  LIVE from Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Chicago!! Topic - Disrespecting Property. Ross and Slav will be in Chicago this weekend so the Angry Ghost Hunter will be Broadcast LIVE with the Dead...maybe Resurrection Mary will come out of Resurrection Cemetery to say HI.


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