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    Dying Cemetery

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    February is Black History Month, and a site filled with black history, the final resting place for a who's who of prominent black South Floridians, is in Miami. Also resting there are blacks born into slavery, but good luck finding many of their graves. And even worse, part of the cemetery may be sold to pay back taxes owed on the property. What is going on there?.""Dying Cemetery."

    B.J. Chisvar: "You have Gwen Cherry over here."

    If you care about the black people who helped shape South Florida...

    B.J. Chisvar: "The Rolles, the Bullards, the who's who in the black community."

    Then you might care about where they are buried.

    B.J. Chisvar: "Oh yeah, D.A. Dorsey. First African-American millionaire in the South."

    You might want to see their gravesites, but it's not easy.

    Gloria Fisher: "That's a shame for God. Something really needs to be done right here about that grave."Paster Vizion Jones brings us this heart breaking story . How could we let this happen.. This is the story. Dying Cemetery Is this how we treat our army Vet? Former Chairman of the Miami Dade Democratic Party Army intelligence veteran

    BJ Chiszar will be our guest. The owner may come on but she is in hospice. NEWS Report Go Fund Me Campaign

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    Broken Ridge Temple & National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

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    Oahu, Hawaii, is an island of incredible beauty, historic significance, and turquoise water. Travel writer Eva Eldridge chats with Big Blend Radio hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith about her recent visit to Honolulu, Hawaii where she visited the the Korean Buddha Temple, Mu Ryang Sa (also known as Broken Ridge Temple), and National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Watch for her article in the upcoming June issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

    This interview originally aired on May 17, 2015 as part of Big Blend Radio's Vacation Station Travel Radio Expo, that broadcastes live from Yerington Inn, in western Nevada.

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    Cemetery Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Happenings

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we discuss evidence collected and experiences we've had on our cemetery ghost hunts, as well as other paranormal happenings. Guests also share their own experiences while learning about paranormal investigation. In addition we discuss our campaign to open a metaphysical/paranormal school.

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    Elmerine Bell-Save St. Mary Cemetery in Italy, TX

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    What is now known as St. Mary Cemetery, is located on Hughes Cemetery Road near the towns of Avalon, Forreston and Italy (Ellis County), Texas, dates back to at least 1851. The burial ground is shown on a county map dated 1861 and was a part of the Tarrant Plantation, owned by General Edward H. Tarrant, the person for whom Tarrant County, Texas, is named. The 1870 United States Federal Census shows the area encompassing the St. Mary Community as Ellis County, Texas, Waxahachie - Chambers Creek Post Office. As late as 1940, census records the St. Mary Community as having a school with a teacher in residence nearby. As further verification, a photograph exists from the early 1930s with images of a group of students with their teacher whose family owned a nearby farm.

    On March 24, 2012, family members who went to the cemetery as a part of quarterly maintenance reported that someone had encroached upon the burial grounds, desecrating the oldest portion of the cemetery on the west and north sides by removing mature trees and foliage. It appeared, from visible tracks in the soil, that some type of excavator had been used to create a road from Hughes Cemetery Road through the cemetery to the west, taking out gravestones - some that had been there for more than a century -along with the vegetation. Grave memorabilia were found within and north of the newly constructed road. Graves lay underneath the road and the topography of the entire west side of the cemetery had be compromised. At least three piles of trees, foliage and grave markers were viewed in a western field.


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    HaPPy HaLLo-W.A.R.N. From / At / On Location with Bayview Cemetery!

    in Paranormal

    Our Big Group Tourvestigation at Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham, Washington, the State. This one's gonna be BiG! Big Group of Guest Investigators, Big Cemetery, Bigtime Night Out. Some Several Lucky W.A.R.N.ers get to come out with the Badboyz of this our Washington Abnormal Research Network, and all of You can Join us Listening IN.

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    Cemetery Gates #10 - Zombeavers (2014) & Nightbeast (1982)

    in Movies

    AndroidVirus and Xander Kane review the worst in horror so you don't have to! This week we are discussing two movies featuring people being terrorzed by monsters in one way or another!

    Up first is the 2014 Comedy-Horror 'Zombeavers'. Listen as we discuss a weekend of fun ruined by the madness of killer beavers! IMDB Wikipedia

    We follow that up with legendary filmmaker Don Dohler and his revamp to the 1979 'Alien Factor' with 1982's 'Nightbeast'. Listen as a town is terrorized by a crash landed Alien that will stop at nothing to get what he wants! IMDB Wikipedia

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    Cemetery Gates Podcast #5 - Robo Vampire (1988) and Higanjima (2009)

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    Xander and Androidvirus return this week with the #5 instalment of the worst cinema has to offer. This week the boys tackle Kung Fu and Vampires! With Films like RoboVampire and Higanjima (Escape from Vampire Island) what can go wrong? All this plus other small topics which we all know you will enjoy and love! Check out what we are looking at below!


    :Higanjima (Escape from Vampire Island)-

    orignally an animated film

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    Riverside National Cemetery with Jim Ruester

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    (131) Riverside National Cemetery with Jim Ruester

    Today I am the Riverside National cemetery with Jim Ruester. We are flying US Flags for (1) US Army Captain Colin Fulbright, (2) the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, and of course (3) my flag .This adventure was a specific request of Colin Fulbright when he mailed me his flag to me and I hope to do him Justice .


    Riverside National Cemetery is the third-largest cemetery managed by the National Cemetery Administration, and since 2000 has been the most active in the system based on the number of interments. It was established in 1976 through the transfer of 740 acres from March Air Force Base, which during World War II was called the U.S. Army's Camp William G. Haan. The cemetery was dedicated and opened for burials Nov. 11, 1978. An additional 181 acres was transferred by the Air Force in 2003.

    Monuments and Memorials
    Riverside National cemetery is home of the Medal of Honor Memorial and one of four sites recognized as a National Medal of Honor Memorial Site. The Medal of Honor Memorial, whose walls feature the names of all medal recipients, is located at the third traffic circle in the cemetery. It was dedicated in 1999.

    The Fallen Soldier/Veterans' Memorial, erected in 2000, is dedicated to all service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The dramatic bronze structure topped by a lifeless soldier is located near the lake at the entrance to the cemetery.

    The Prisoner of War/Missing in Action National Memorial was designated as a national memorial by the U.S. Congress in 2004 through Public Law 108-454. The memorial was dedicated on September 16, 2005. Vietnam veteran Lewis Lee Millett, Jr., sculpted the bronze statue which depicts an American serviceman on his knees with hands bound by his captors. The statue is surrounded by black marble pillars that evoke imprisonment.


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    PRIME TIME PARANORMAL: Simulcast with "Mind Cemetery" host Chip Plescher

    in Paranormal

    Updates and reflection regarding the Mexico City / Roswell Scandal. We will be simulcasting with a man I could see eye to eye with on this subject and NOT be cut off! "Mind Cemetery" host Chip Plesher broadcasting LIVE on his show as he does ours!

    Mike Boler and show creator George R. Lopez host "Prime Time Paranormal" every Monday from 9-11 pm e.s.t.. Bringing you the top names in the community from John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley to Nick Groff and Grant Wilson just to name a few. Jason Gowin of Extreme Paranormal as our on the scene correspondant joins Mike and George on Mondays from time to time.

    Radioshowdeadair@gmail.com for guest inquiries and comments

    1-646-929-2384 to call into the show.

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    Cemetery Gates Podcast #2 - Elves (1989) and Home Sweet Home (1981)

    in Movies

    This week on the Cemetery Gates Podcast, AndroidVirus and Xander Kane return to discuss more horror classics! We start off with the 1989 Christmas Holiday Horror Elves starring Dan Haggarty. We also discuss the 1981 slasher 'Home Sweet Home' starring body by Jake star Jake Steinfeld! 

    Tune in because it is always a fun discussion with a whole bunch more!

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