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    Gaming World Collide: Cataclysm!

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    It's here! It's here! Okay, so it will be here on Tuesday December 7. Kat and Esh talk about the Cataclysm release. We're ready. Are you?

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    We the Anunnaki ~ Bob Fletcher, Bob Evans, Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin

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    We the Anunnaki ~ Friday, 10/17/14 ~ Bob Fletcher, Bob Evans, Jr, Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin on www.blogtalkradio.com. On this episode we focus on Nibiru, Planet X and it's affects on the Earth.  

    DVD #10, "Incoming Nibiru" is now available.  The two DVDs cover connections between the missing billions of dollars, secrets of space programs and future space oriented disasters incoming.  As well as the sciences, astronomical experts, historic proofs, amazing space information being kept from us all.  All the backgrounds and updates includes the potential date for its return to pass by Earth and what to expert. See inside the underground hide outs built by US Government and others with our money. All the gold is gone from Fort Knox! Billions, even Trillions have disappeared from defense and federal reserve funds, to secretly fund and build these hide outs!  See how they build them, where they stole the money to build them ,what to expect when the STUFF hits the fan. Who will survive the INCOMING RETURN?

    The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru. The idea that a planet-sized object will collide with or pass by Earth in the near future is supported by some scientific evidence.

    go to bobfletcherinvestigations.com to order. 

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    Andrew Collins: Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods

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    Andrew Collins has been investigating the idea of an advanced civilization existing before recorded history since 1979, focusing on southeast Turkey since the early 1990s. He is the co-discoverer of a massive cave complex beneath the Giza plateau, now known as “Collins’ Caves.” The author of From the Ashes of Angels, Gods of Eden, The Cygnus Mystery, and Gateway to Atlantis, he lives in Essex, England.

    Built at the end of the last ice age, the mysterious stone temple complex of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey is one of the greatest challenges to 21st century archaeology. As much as 7,000 years older than the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge, its strange buildings and rings of T-shaped monoliths--built with stones weighing from 10 to 15 tons--show a level of sophistication and artistic achievement unmatched until the rise of the great civilizations of the ancient world, Sumer, Egypt, and Babylon. 

    Chronicling his travels to Göbekli Tepe and surrounding sites, Andrew Collins details the layout, architecture, and exquisite relief carvings of ice age animals and human forms found at this 12,000-year-old megalithic complex, now recognized as the oldest stone architecture in the world. He explores how it was built as a reaction to a global cataclysm--the Great Flood in the Bible--and explains how it served as a gateway and map to the sky-world, the place of first creation, reached via a bright star in the constellation of Cygnus. He reveals those behind its construction as the Watchers of the Book of Enoch and the Anunnaki gods of Sumerian tradition. 


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    Is There Enough Room in Heaven for a Global Cataclysm?

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    Your Own World Radio with Marshall Masters
    GUEST: Michael Tymn, The Afterlife Revealed

    Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey observed that "Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living." Assuming this is true now, what happens in the wake of a global cataclysm, where billions die sudden and violent deaths?

    Consider this. The Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, Georgia is what many believe to be the New World Order Ten Commandments for the 21st century. First of which is: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."  Ergo, with a current global population of over 6.75 billion, what happens to all those unlucky enough to be to the left decimal point?  

    Meanwhile, those in the know are doing whatever they can to make sure they are to the right of the decimal point.  So where does that leave the vast majority of humankind?  Or more to the point, what happens to all those who suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of this looming decimal point?

    Tacking this thorny question is author Michael Tymn. In the recently published anthology Ghosts, Spirits, & Hauntings: Am I Being Haunted?, his chapter asks a critical question: "Are Spirits All Around Us." With this in mind, we'll expand his question to: Is there enough room in Heaven for a global cataclysm?

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    Weather Seen and Unseen Its Effect on Us with Saundra and Linda

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    Seasonal affective disorder in winter?  Lethargy in summer?  Strange paranormal side effects with thunder and lightning?  What do solar flares do to the electrical systems of our bodies?  Tonight we discuss the myriad aspects regarding climate, both on Earth and outside of it, as well as what causes our mood changes during various types of electromagnetic, barometric and thermal changes.

    Welcome to "Unseen World", focusing on all aspects of the spiritual, psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, extraterrestrial & paranormal. Here you can share your experiences, ask questions, and we will assist you with your journey.  You can join Saundra, Linda & others of like mind on our Facebook Group “Unseen World”.

    Janice King is an intuitive healer and astrologer.  Read her blog at:  www.janais.wordpress.com.

    Saundra Greene is a Spiritual Intuitive well versed in numerology, as well as the meaning & uses of different stones & herbs, but does readings from the heart. You can see more of her beautiful photography at http://www.wix.com/wyosammy/saundra-portfolio or she can be reached for in depth person email or phone readings at Wyosammy@GMail.com.

    Linda Irwin is an intuitive paranormal/metaphysical specialist at "Continuum X Headquarters" on Facebook.

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    The Mirror Empire Show

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    The Dungeon Crawlers Radio Team will be welcoming to the show author Kameron Hurley to talk about her new book, "The Mirror Empire"

    From the award-winning author of God’s War comes a stunning new series…

    On the eve of a recurring catastrophic event known to extinguish nations and reshape continents, a troubled orphan evades death and slavery to uncover her own bloody past… while a world goes to war with itself.

    In the frozen kingdom of Saiduan, invaders from another realm are decimating whole cities, leaving behind nothing but ash and ruin. As the dark star of the cataclysm rises, an illegitimate ruler is tasked with holding together a country fractured by civil war, a precocious young fighter is asked to betray his family and a half-Dhai general must choose between the eradication of her father’s people or loyalty to her alien Empress.

    Through tense alliances and devastating betrayal, the Dhai and their allies attempt to hold against a seemingly unstoppable force as enemy nations prepare for a coming together of worlds as old as the universe itself.

    In the end, one world will rise – and many will perish.

    Feel free to contact Dungeon Crawlers Radio during the live interview by email, Facebook, or calling in live to 626-226-1475. This show will broadcast live on July 10th starting at 6:00pm MST.

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    American Daily Review: Victory In Murrieta....For Now

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    Polar vortices overrun the (not) man-warmed globe (or "Summer breeze makes me feel cold"); Orwellian Obama’s White House will see no arrests, but Lois Lerner might; The ObamaCare Cataclysm rolls mightily on; and in hour #2 of the Saturday Afternoon Extravaganza, why an IRSgate special prosecutor would be a really bad idea, and we smuggle in Jennifer.

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    Survival First Aid what you need to know to keep alive in the comming crisis!

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    Survival in any crisis you need knowlege and supplies!

    We will go over what you need to stock pile to protect yourself and your family. We will cover frist aid, water purification, and basic survival suplies.

    There isn't a question of "if" a crisis is coming but "when".

    Be prepaired don't miss this program!!


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    Royce Holleman and Starr DiGiacomo on PlanetX

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    The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru. The idea was first put forward in 1995 by Nancy Lieder,[2][3] founder of the website ZetaTalk.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Meanwhile, Back At The Cataclysm

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    Democrats keep relentlessly pushing the lie of ObamaCare's "turning the corner," and reality keeps pushing back - hard; Some Democrats are quietly admitting that conservatives were right about ObamaCare all along - they're just not admitting defeat; Is Kay Hagen one of them?; We're all Little Sisters Of The Poor now, which is convenient, since we'll also all be on Medicaid - which is to say, Single-Payer.

    And in the first segment, a big surprise.

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    Gaming Worlds Collide: Mages in Cataclysm

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    Kat will be at DragonCon this week (lucky girl) but, never fear, the show will go on. Joining Esh this week to talk all about mages in Cataclysm will be Gazimoff from manaobscura.com and The Obscure Cast.

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