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    King Of Casinos' Author Andy Martello

    in Writing

    Join BarnCat Radio and Andy Martello at the Table for a Winning Round of Listenable Now and Linkable Later and Likable Forever Internet Talk Radio as We discuss Reading, Writing and, Gambling? Who knows! Turn the Page to "King Of Casinos" and Roll Dem Bones. Call-in at 323-443-7201 or Chat-In.


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    Simon Daniels - Autograph

    in Music

    The son of a renowned Israeli classical Pianist winner of the international Arthur Rubinstein Prize and a Swiss Chemist pioneer mother who's family migrated to Brazil to escape the holocaust, Simon enjoyed success in Brazil with records for Warner bros. and Columbia before moving to LA in 1985. Jailhouse was reunited for selected shows in 2012 including The Monsters of Rock Cruise where Simon was referred as a Singer/Guitarist to Randy Rand and Steve Lynch who were planing a come back with a new line up for AUTOGRAPH.  Successfully touring again since the beginning of 2014 Autograph has had great performances at theaters, casinos, various venues and major Festivals as M3, Monsters of Rock Cruise, The Moondance Jam, Firefest, The Halfway Jam among others reaching the 4 corners of the USA along with Canada and the UK as well as releasing 3 new anthem singles one of them "I lost my mind in America" making the TOP 10 ITUNES Charts, a crowd favorite " You are us, We are you" receiving great reviews and airplay and "Every Generation" recently released and featured in Classic Rock Magazine.  The new CD "Louder" was released on Jan. 7th of 2016 with 4 original songs written by the new line up and a live version of the top 40 classic hit single "Turn up the radio". The new CD is available at www.AutographBand.com. as dates and Tours are being booked solid for 2016.

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    You are always lucky in Paradise.

    in Entertainment

    Hi angels, Your host Michael will share up and coming trends with music, artist and celebrities.  

    The show starts at 11 pm

    The call in number is 760 890 7143..

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    Blinded by the Light: Attempting to be righteous in ungodly surroundings

    in Religion

    "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.  Matthew 6:24

    The rest to be announced.

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    Trucker's Life on the Road - How to SAVE MONEY $$$ on the Road

    in Work

    Truckers are on the road for sometimes months at a time. They go out and some come home and for some reason they are BROKE! But why? It is because a lot of drivers make financial mistakes like eating out all the time instead of making their own food, or going to casinos all the time, and the list goes on and on. So we want to let drivers know some things to get to save yourselves some money out on the road! So Call us LIVE 516-387-1911

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    You are always lucky in Paradise

    in Entertainment

    Hi Angels, Tonight Michal your host will share with us world wide news about up and coming trends, shows, celebrities,fashion and much more. This is a pure entertainment talk show.  Find out what is hot this new year!

    The show starts at 11 pm

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.


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    Comedian Rob Falcone

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will intreview Comedian Rob Falcone. 

    A real "character" Rob Falcone is one of New York City's favorite comedians.

    On television, he has been seen in "Orange is the new Black", "Blue Bloods", "Third Watch", "Law and Order", "Conviction", "Gossip Girl", "Cashmere Mafia", on HBO's "The Sopranos", and most recently, "Mysteries of Laura" in 2014. See Credits page for full list.

    Along with his appearances on USA Channel's "Up all Night", NBC's "America's Talking", and Comedy Central, Rob's million dollar face can be seen in numerous national commercials. 

    His movie credits include "Follow the Bouncing Ball" which is part of the award winning anthology "Hoboken Tales", and "Spiderman 2". 

    On Stage, Rob has appeared Off-Broadway in "Tony and Tina's Wedding".

    Rob also performs regularly at Las Vegas and Atlantic City's best casinos including The Borgota Casino, Harrah's, and Caesar's Palace.


    Fans can contact Rob but please note that he may not be able to answer every single message. Please use the Fans section for comments and interaction.

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    10 Money Mistakes of the Middle Class

    in Motivation

     In today’s episode Cliffunya & Kisha will look at 10 money mistakes of the middle class.

    The sisters will discuss the hidden money mistakes geared toward the middle class.

    Not living on a Budget
    Student Loans
    Living on Credit Cards
    Mortgage loan- PMI, reverse mortgages, 30yr
    Pay Day loans
    Rent –A-Centers
    Not planning for Retirement
    Life Insurance-under insured
    Car payments
    Gambling- lottery, casinos, bingo

    Quote- “The borrower is slave of the lender.” Proverbs 22:7

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    Sean Higgs and the Vegas Group NFL Week 13

    in Sports

    The original Jersey Wiseguy, Sean Higgs is breaking down all of NFL week 14 action and handing out FREE PICKS in both College and Pro football. Higgs will be joined by some of the leaders in the Sports Betting World as they give out their expert analysis and advance about the upcoming games. 

    There is only one place that you need to tune into for all your Sports Betting needs, and that is the Sean Higgs Sports Betting Preview. 

    We have you covered in MLB, NHL, NBA and College Hoops and especially NFL and College Football. Be a Vegas wise-guy and make the smart money move by tuning in every WINSday night at 9pm EST ! 

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    Constructing Casinos: Paul Steelman

    in Business

    With the construction of Zürich's first and only casino, the same characteristics that make Las Vegas a premier gambling location have been introduced to Switzerland. With the combination of a contemporary Vegas design and simple Swiss elegance, Swiss Casinos Zürich truly takes your breath away. The property was designed by the visionary designer of entertainment, hospitality and gaming architecture worldwide, Paul Steelman, the CEO at Steelman Partners. He will join us on today's show to give us an auditory walkthrough of the captivating Swiss Casinos Zürich, as well as discuss the international success of Steelman Partners. 

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    Mentalist Phenomenon Jim Karol

    in Spirituality

    Appearing on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth is Mr. Jim Karol - an expert on accessing the powers of the mind. Karol, a world renowned mentalist, has spoke and performed at thousands of events from college campuses, casinos, to corporations. Jim has appeared on the Tonight Show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Howard Stern Show, and NBC’s Today Show. He also competed as one of the world’s top 10 mentalists on a national LIVE broadcast on NBC called “Phenomenon”, and made a cameo appearance in the movie Jackass Number Two.

    Jim has set Guinness World Records for both physical and mental feats, including throwing a standard playing card 201 feet. Some of his other astonishing feats include knowing more than 80,000 zip codes, every word in the Scrabble dictionary, Sports Almanacs, Science and Medical Journals, and thousands of digits of Pi. Karol can tell you the day of the week for EVERY date, all the way back to 1AD and can memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than a minute!

    Jim works with the USO at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital helping vets and wounded warriors with PTSD. He also teaches cognitive fitness techniques to help improve memory, focus, attention, enhance emotional intelligence, optimize health, and maximize all aspects of performance. Jim’s “Cogmental Training” has been used to help professional and college athletes, business leaders, students and veterans.