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    Show #64: Giving Employees a Genuine Voice

    in Business

    Special guests: Hugh Fenn, Executive Director – Housing and Customer Service and Carli Harper-Penman, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, at Moat.
    Moat is a leading housing association providing affordable homes for people in the South East. Moat delivers high quality general needs homes for affordable rent, retirement housing, and independent living, and has a strong affordable home ownership offer. Developing around 500 new homes every year, Moat is a not-for-profit organisation and all financial surpluses are reinvested to provide additional affordable homes and services.

    Join Hugh and Carli as they talk about the exciting ways they give employees a genuine voice eg involving every single member of the Moat team in contributing to their 2014 strategic  plan.

    Host: Jo Moffatt

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    Yellow Carded Podcast with Stephen and Keith

    in Soccer

    In this episode, Stephen and Keith rant about Fox Soccer. Did Arsenal make it to the FA Cup Finals? Also Carli Lloyd of the US Women's National team stops by at the end of the show.

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    The Man Eating Ogre by CALI MARCEL

    in Culture

    Edor, Foffer, & The Man Eating Ogre                                                                                               by Cali Marcel

    Cali Marcel is an artist and writer who enjoy all mediums of the Arts. Through successful in the professional world and holding a degree in Business Management, she decided to follow her love of literature. She is a proud war veteran of the U.S. Army and desires to entertain and inspire the imagination of readers and fellow writers alike. In her spare time, she is an avid gamer and sports fanatic.

    March 22,2013 on the Charlie Bolts Show and Winsong Entertainment

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    Yellow Carded Podcast with Keith

    in Soccer

    Keith is hosting today. Today we have Carli Lloyd of the US Women's National Team and Western New York Flash of NWSL as our special guest!  We'll talk MLS with Matt Hoffman and Papiss Cisse at Newcastle with Ryan Sealock

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    Christopher Castellani, Eleanor Morse, Cathy Marie Buchanan

    in Books

    What a lineup! Join us for truly fabulous and fascinating conversations with:
    Christopher Castellani on Grub Street's upcoming The Muse & The Marketplace literary conference AND the release of his third novel, All This Talk of Love Eleanor Morse on White Dog Fell From the Sky Cathy Marie Buchanan on The Painted Girls And MUCH more! Listeners will have the chance to win White Dog Fell From the Sky, All This Talk of Love and The Painted Girls

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    DSMA Live with Carli Visser

    in Caregiving

    DSMA Live with Carli Visser and Co-hosts Scott K. Johnson, Cherise Shockley and George Simmons 
    Carli recently wrote Freckled Fingertips: short stories of a lifelong disease. At fourteen months old she was diagnosed with type I diabetes. Along with the diagnosis she was challenged to a duel with her own body. The fight has been relentless and the disease constant. Every aspect of her life is affected. Growing up diabetic Carli watched other girls her age play with dolls, while learning to regulate her blood sugar levels and give herself lifesaving injections. Every day of her life she is held accountable for each energy exertion and caloric intake, and this responsibility has caused an unattainable desire for perfection. Carli internalized much of the pressure and frustration diabetes caused, and until she learned to share her story and empathize with other diabetics, she felt alone in her disease. It has been Carli’s inability to allow diabetes to be an excuse which has given her the power required to overcome this disease.

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    Week 7 - Your heart is smarter than you think

    in Writing

    Did you know your heart can think for itself? Literally, that that neural cells are embedded in your heart muscle tissue? This week I'll be talking with celebrated artist, writer, and designer Carli Castellani about the intelligence of the heart. Your heart is the only part of our body that does not need your brain or nerves or anything else to make it function; all it needs in order to ‘come alive’ is the small bit of tissue that’s embedded in the wall of your right auricle. It has a life of its own. Some interesting thoughts for Valentine's Day.

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    Carli Lloyd US Women's Soccer

    in Sports

    #76: Carli Lloyd, US Women's Soccer http://www.carlilloyd.com

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    Sgt Skeptic Podcast, episode 5: Pathfinder Project

    in Atheism

    Guests include Carli Richards, a veteran and survivor of the Aurora Theater shooting and Conor Robinson of Pathfinders Project a Humanist, Secular world outreach to help build schools and supply water in 3rd world countries.

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    Keepin it Real: The Blueprint of Yoga & God is a Dirty Word

    in Radio

    Brian Castellani:
    Brian Castellani started his yoga journey while working at Yoga Journal Magazine. Due to a previous accident, he realized how beneficial yoga was for him, and eventually completed a yoga teacher training at the Yoga Loft in San Francisco. He has openly advocated for yoga teachers rights by successfully creating Independent Yoga community.  IndependentYoga.com, Yoganomics.net, IndieYoga.com, Yogis.me have all been created to address different aspects of being a Yoga Teacher.    
    Brad Warner Brad Warner was born in Ohio in 1964. In 1983 he met Zen teacher Tim McCarthy and began his study of Zen while he was still the bass player of the hardcore punk band Zero Defex, whose big hit was the eighteen-second masterpiece “Drop the A-Bomb on Me!” In the 1980s he released five albums of psychedelic rock under the band name Dimentia 13 (that’s the way he spelled it), though Dimentia 13 was often a one-man band with Brad playing all the instruments. In 1993 he moved to Japan, where he landed a job with Tsuburaya Productions, the company founded by Eiji Tsuburaya, the man who created Godzilla. The following year Brad met Gudo Nishijima Roshi, who ordained him as a Zen monk and made him his dharma heir in 2000. Brad lived in Japan for eleven years. He published his first book, Hardcore Zen, in 2003, followed by Sit Down and Shut Up! in 2007, Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate in 2009 and Sex, Sin, and Zenin 2011 and There is No God and He is Always With You in 2013. These days he travels around the world leading retreats, giving lectures, and looking for cool record stores. At last report he was living in Los Angeles.

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    so ya'll wanna expose whenn yo get rejected...how pathetic

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