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  • Caring for Aging or Ill Parents

    in Health

    Life produces many challenges in our lives like, bills, work, marriage, children, business or health issues. Balancing all of these things are difficult enough. But many of us haven't added caring for our aging or ill parents to the equation. Join MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show as she discusses why it is important to have "The Talk" with your parents regarding their care should you become responsible for them. What do the want should they fall ill? You don't want to miss this episode of The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show.

    Topics to be discussed:

    1. Having the talk. Knowing what they want should you have to make decisions on their behalf.

    2. Understanding the cost of keeping them home. Many want to grow older at home surrounded by memories and the things     they've worked so hard for.

    3. Health insurance coverage: Coverage for nursing homes, hospital visits etc.

    4. Quiting your job: Is this a good option or not.

    5. Your own future: Retirement plans. Talking to your kids about your own transitions.

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    Bemer Partner Coffee Call

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    Get The latest information on Meetings, Events, Acadameys 

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    Bemer Partner

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    The latest updates on Events,Meetings,and Academy Training

  • Bemer Partner

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    Getting the latest updates on events, meeting and trainings

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    S and M Radio presents: Doing Business With a Romantic Partner: It's Complicated

    in Entertainment

    Wednesday September 16th at 11pm Max and Sasha want to explore the dyamics of relationships and working together. In most business situations there are moments when tempers flares and opinions are not heard. Now imagaine that the person you are fighting with or disagreeing with is your partner. what do you do? You both are invested in the business and in each other so how do you make it work.Join us as we discuss how to disagree without taking it personal or hitting below the belt. We will also talk about how to separate the business side from the personal and  how not to bring  the work home and leave it at the front door!  The second part of our discussion will be how to fight fairly. Many couples fight but its how we fight that makes the differnce. So we will discuss helpful ways to fight in a productive manner. If you are in a working relationship CALL IN at (929) 477 -1332 and tell Sasha and Max how you do you make working together work for you and your partner!! We also want to hear your opinions and comments on the show!!! 

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    1st Day of The Last Quarter - Exciting Times For Bemer Partners

    in Health

    This interactive show is designed to share and educate all Bemer Partners to help grow their Bemer business.

  • Bemer Partner

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    The latest updates on events,meeting, and trainings 

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

    in Writing

    Our program will focus on the background of the Oregon Shooter.  His involvement with ISIS and other groups geared to do great damage in our nation. He was in touch with three ISIS members and sent them a notwe.  These members purchased guns in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, in large numbers. He was an isolated young man filled with animus against organized religion. Discharged from the military after only a month, and enrolled in this school where he shot and killed nine others.

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    Bemer Partner Call

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    Get The Latest Updayes on Events, Meetings and Training

  • Attract Your Divine Partner Online Course - Introduction & Your Questions

    in Spirituality

    Attract Your Divine Partner Online Course

    The purpose of this course is to create flow in your romantic life. Whether you are manifesting a new partnership or in an existing one, this seven part course clears away outdated beliefs and patterns that impinge upon our happiness.

    How it Works: There are seven parts to the course, each consisting of a brief video introduction and a mp3 (approx. 25 minutes long). All of the audios are designed to be listened to more than once. When you purchase the course on my website, you are immediately sent and e-mail containing the links to the seven mp3s. The videos can be viewed on my website or YouTube. In total, the course contains three and a half hours of content.

    Choose Your Experience: There are four different options for purchasing the course.

    1 - The online course itself - $68
    2 - The course plus a 30 minute reading with Mark - $144
    3 - The course plus a 60 minute reading with Mark - $198
    4 - The course plus 3 hours of Private Coaching with Mark - $498

    To purchase, please visit the new SHOP on my website.

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    Developing a better relationship with yourself & your partner

    in Lifestyle

    Consciousness, awakening, true nature, how do all these words relate to our self development and interpersonal relationship? and how can they help us to more fulfilling relationship? Tune in to find out. 

    WWIN 1400 AM Station, online: www.gfemspeaks.com, phone:347-989-1700. 6pm ET. Follow on twitter, facebook