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    A look into the last PPV of the 2K14 era.

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    Get a job! Not so easy if you've got cancer. Gaps in your resume, talking to HR, FMLA and wrongful termination. Oh what fun it is. Join us as we delve into this subject matter with Rebecca Nellis (VP, Programs and Strategy at Cancer and Careers) and Monica Bryant (Cancer Rights Attorney and Co-Founder/COO at Triage Cancer). Survivor Rahib Kinit in the spotlight.

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    Is It Wise To Change Careers At the Height Of Your Success?

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    You'll get the answer to the question, "Is it wise to change careers at the height of your success?" with the pioneer in the self-help movement, Debra Poneman. Debra founded Yes to Success Seminars in the 1980’s to share knowledge and tools to help people live lives of true success, abundance and happiness.

    Without the help of the Internet, in just a few short years her programs were being taught in cities across the US, seven countries internationally and at numerous Fortune 500 companies.  

    Although over 30 years ago, Debra’s premise that success is created by the power of the mind was considered radical, her students went on to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, NY Times bestselling authors, millionaires, billionaires, and even household names…while others gave up 6 figure incomes, when they connected with the deepest truths inside their hearts.

    Now a bestselling author, award-winning speaker, and co-founder of Your Year of Miracles mentoring program, Debra continues to revolutionize the way people create success as she develops new, cutting edge knowledge so that you can not only live a life you truly love but one that is, in fact, miraculous.

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    The Sales and Marketing Answer Men: Your Path to Careers in Sales and Marketing

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    Marketing and Sales are responsible for aligning and connecting the needs of customers with the capabilities of products and people. Success in the sales & marketing relies heavily on a strong functional skill base, a track record of delivering results and good interpersonal and organizational skill sets.

    Marketing careers span four basic functions:

    Product Strategy and Management
    New Product Discovery and Development
    Integrated Marketing Communications
    Customer Insight and Market Research

    Sales careers span three main functions:

    Account Management
    Inside Sales
    Customer Service Management

    On this episode of the Sales & Marketing Answer Men find out how our hosts Dan and Bill successfully landed in their chosen careers.

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    Artists' Lives and Careers

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    David J. Diamond welcomes world-renowned director Dijana Miloševic, Artistic Director of DAH Teatar in Serbia as his guest on October 22nd at 4 pm.

    Dijana Miloševic is Director, Co-Founder- DAH Teatar Research Center. Ms. Miloševic Co-founded DAH Teatar in 1991, (that expanded into DAH Theater Research Center in 1993) and since the beginning, directs its  performances. With this position, comes the responsibility of Artistic Director for many festivals and projects that the company engages. She continues to tour the world with DAH Theater’s performances while offering workshops and lectures during various residencies. She collaborates with THEATRE WITHOUT BORDERS and ACTING TOGETHER ON THE WORLD STAGE networks. She continues to direct theatre performances, write about theatre and society, lead workshops and give lectures world- wide.

    David J. Diamond introduces you to some of the most exciting artists working in the theatre, film and performing arts world today. Hear them discuss their careers, their lives as artists and what they think about the business. Ask them directly for advice about your own career or discuss current issues about the business.

    David J. Diamond is a director, teacher and career coach for artists. He has helped hundreds of people involved in the performing and visual arts to navigate their careers more effectively. He regularly teaches at Yale School of Drama and Columbia University, among others. He is a Founder of The Barrow Group Theatre Company and Coordinates the La MaMa Umbria International Summer Programs. He is on the Steering Committee of Theatre Without Borders and has been honored for his community service in New York.

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    Upcoming Chappie, pop culture today & multiple careers. #57

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    Tonight we are going to talk about the upcoming movie CHAPPIE, discuss pop-culture today & the subject of 'multiple careers.'

    Many people have many careers that they roll all at once, so tonight we cover that & how that can work for you, against you & all the ins/outs.

    Join us tonight as the show takes a new direction, being renamed as "HOLLYWEIRD CORNER", because we will also add the good, bad, ugly, & brutal to the mix, for your listening pleasure; no holds barred of course.


    --clips of Chappie/Terminator Genisys trailers

    --interview clips

    --Flogging Molly clips


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    Fabulous Careers with Sushant Misra, Trep Talks

    in Entrepreneur

    VP Enterprise Radio is a radio show developed to discuss topics related to business, entrepreneurship and success.

    The show offers tips, how-to's, guest speakers discussing their business and how they became entrepreneurs and other valuable information to lead individuals in business with strategies to continue to move up the entrepreneurial ladder.

    Fabulous Careers, Doing What You Love with Sushant Misra from Trep Talks. 11:00 a.m. CST, 9:00 a.m. PST, 10:00 p.m. MST and 12:00 p.m. EST. Sushant will be discussing his business, Trep Talks, how you can develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and Sushant will also be providing tips to help you achieve your online business goals.

    Your Host, LaToya Haynes | Administrative Consultant at Driven Results VP.

    Guest Speaker: Sushant Misra | Trep Talks 

    Got a question? Dial in at 347-857-3492 to ask your questions!


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    The Perfect Fit For Careers For Christians Welcome Author Latrice Collins

    in Radio

    The Good News Show Welcome's Author Latrice Collins Hear All About Her New Book "The Perfect Fit For Careers For Christians"

    Ms. Collins is Also A Inspirational Speaker and Career Coach She Has Twenty Five Years of Proven Success as An Executive. Her Track Record Includes Senior Executive in Top Fortune 500 Companies-Adjunct Professor and Television Talk Show Host...

    Tune In On Monday Evenings To The Good News Show! at 5:30 pm CST

    Show Sponsored by Host/Mathell Givens Author of "Angels in My Life"...Also Available On "AUDIO"....Through... iUniverse.com 

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    Learning Curve Careers: You've Graduated! Now What?

    in Lifestyle

    Ms. E interviews Leslie Class-Hernandez, Former Foster Youth and Founder & Director of Learning Curve Careers (LCC)

    A national certification preparation program, LCC offers the latest in innovative virtual education and presents online Allied healthcare training & Certification preparation for a professional career in healthcare to those who are “economically at risk” and seeking affordable professional development.

    LCC’s mission is to economically uplift communities by empowering people with highly marketable skills.

    Hear how this former foster youth, having experienced teen pregnancy, domestic abuse, economic and personal struggle, and parenting a child with a physical disability embraced the strengths of her biological family to success, then realized that success was more than earning A large annual salary and has committed her life to combating the growing economic disparity between richer and poorer classes by creating bridges between the unemployed and available career positions.

    Also learn of scholarship opportunities and deadlines offered through LCC’s collaborations with Humphrey House, (Dr. Cassondra “Cookie” Humphrey) and  For A Child’s H.E.A.R.T., Inc. (Ms. Evelyn “The Heart Lady” Polk)

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