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    On Ham and Humour

    in Entertainment

    Host K. A. Laity will chat ever so briefly about the relationship between ham and humour and read Graham Wynd's surreal noir story 'Ham on Heels' which was inspired by S. L. Johnson's illustration. Henri Bergson may be mentioned; or perhaps we will rely on Totie Fields. In memorium for the Big W.

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    Disagreeing with both Bill Nye and Ken Ham in their Debate on Origins

    in Religion

    Disagreeing with both Bill Nye and Ken Ham in their Debate on Origins.

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    CRLive 8/26: Reporters' Slayer a Gay, Black Racist; Trump; Nasa Denies Asteroid

    in Politics Conservative

    7 pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    Charlies Daniels Pens Open Letter to Congress: "You're puppets, caricatures, jokes"
    Glenn Beck Continues Cozying Up to 'Political Establishment' in Efforts to Harpoon Trump
    Eerie Photo of Racist Black Virginia Shooter Captured by Slain Cameraman (Youtube)
    Police: Gunman kills self after on-air slayings
    Trump Ejects Latino Reporter--Cruz Accuses Meghan Kelly of Asking Liberal Question
    Creepy Photo of Hooded Pale Figure in Black Robe Near Charlotte NC Sparks Fear
    Shemitah: Three-Day Market Upheaval Prompts Ominous Warning to Stock Up on Canned Foods, Water
    Explosion Rips US Weapons Depot Apart in Japan: Why All of the Sudden Explosions Across Asia?
    Nasa Again Insists That No Asteroids or Comets Are Destined to Hit Earth in September


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    Cecil's Law

    in Environment

    Recently, an American dentist paid $50,000 to shoot and kill a lion in Africa. This lion was well-known and beloved by tourists and locals in Zimbabwe. Although the world was outraged, what this man did was perfectly legal. Although groups like LionAid and White Lion Trust, amongst others have been educating the world about the dwindling global lion population, they are still not a protected species.

    In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Stephen Travis, President of Protecting African Lions.org will talk about efforts to globally ban canned hunting. Stay tuned.



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    Narrative Medicine: Own Your Health...Holistic Pet Care ... Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Read My Lips host akaRadioRed brings you lively, unscripted, spontaneous, non-canned interviews with interesting new authors on a range of lifestyle-related topics. Listen LIVE on Mondays 7-8 pm/Eastern or anytime on-demand.


    Can Narrative Medicine help you and your physician improve your health care? Find out from Olga Lucia Torres,  a former successful criminal defense attorney despite chronic arthritis, lupus, and asthma. After Olga was hospitalized for food poisoning [Jamaican jerk chicken], a medical mistake put her into a coma. Then, permanent brain damage left her unable to walk, talk, or care for herself. The unstoppable Olga completed rehab and earned her M.S. degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University. She now serves as a patient advocate and teaches Narrative Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital. Tune in to hear Olga's tips on how you and your loved ones can avoid a medical mistake. www.olgaluciatorres.com


    Attention, pet owners! Meet Dr. Judy Morgan, author of From Needles to Natural: Learning Holistic Pet Healing, who transitioned from traditional to holistic veterinary medicine. Judy will define the differences between marketing ploys and actual good pet health, dispel myths about traditional pet care, and teach you the benefits of feeding and treating your pet holistically. Her second book, “What’s for Dinner, Dexter? Cooking for Your Dog Using Chinese Medicine Theory, features recipes for home cooking for dogs. Call-in and ask Judy your pet care questions. www.drjudymorgan.com

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    August 21, 2015

    in Entertainment

    Ever wonder why we call hamburgers hamburgers when really it is just beef and cheese? Did we ever find out if Ariana Grande really felt sorry for her actions and words? And what about stars? How do we purchase them?

    Find out with The Beest as we dig deeper into these topics.

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    VOG Radio Episode #2 With special guests Chris from SLG Gaming and Ryan from MEE

    in Video Games

    Come Join us as we talk Madden CFM With special guests Chris from SLG Gaming and Ryan from MEE have any questions call in @ (646) 787-1962  or Follow me on Twitter @Boom_VogRadio or Scott Ham @Sc0ttham we will get your Questions Answered and be sure to check us out @ www.VogRadio.net to stay up with all the lastest news when it comes to CFM.

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    Her Fantasy Football Podcast 8.20.15 - Preseason Week 2

    in Football

    The regular NFL season is so close that we decided that it is time to jump into how we usually do our analysis in the format of going match-up by match-up to let you know who you should keep an eye on and who you might want to pass on. This week we are focused mainly on who you should draft as most drafts have not occured yet as well as making you aware of injuries and how that might affect you. The preseaon is already full of injuries, particularly of the hamstring variety...Hammies; the struggle is real. So make yourself a ham sandwich, kick back and listen as we will go through the main guys you need to know about for the season. 

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    Self-Confidence Special: Personality Workout & More ... on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Read My Lips host akaRadioRed brings you lively, unscripted, spontaneous, non-canned interviews with interesting new authors on a range of lifestyle-related topics. Listen LIVE on Mondays 7-8 pm/Eastern or anytime on-demand.


    Ever done a PERSONALITY WORKOUT? According to Laurie Burton, "We keep our body fit — why not our personality?" You could have PDD – Personality Deficit Disorder – and not know it. Are your charisma muscles flabby? Is your confidence weak? Laurie explains how to train, condition and keep your personality in shape. Her "gentle yet ferocious approach" earns trust and gets results. Her book: Presenting You: Use Skills from the Actor's Playbook to Master the Art of Communication. LaurieBurtonTraining.com


    Meet Heather Hans, LCSW, MSW, MBA, CPIC, the first mass online healer and therapist for today's pop culture. Overcoming a difficult upbringing that exposed her to loss, addiction, oppression, abuse, and physical ailments, Heather learned to create confidence, success, and healthy relationships from the ground up. For her worldwide audience of 500,000+, she specializes in human relationships – with ourselves, others, our work, money and more. Heather also shows Generation Y how to avoid becoming the most unfulfilled generation EVER! Her book: The Heart of Self-Love: How to Radiate with Confidence. www.heatherhans.com



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    "Lighten Up!" Campaign Manager Bill Meander-Ender reads a roll call of the Offensive Department Closet Members, makes some early appointments, and improvises from there.  The jump-off point will be "mitigating just how dark thing have become in the world of the United Slakes."  The aspiration for the meeting is to organize a campaign to deploy "Operation Canned Laughter."  ME encourages that we follow to its end an actual strategy of the Five Eyes (I, I, I, I, I) international mass surveillance coalition— Deny. Degrade. Disrupt. Deceive. ...and of course, Distract (D, D, D, D, D).  And that’s the gag order.


    The Closet Members:

    Lighten Up Campaign Manager, William Meander-Ender

    Department of Offensive Deeds Secreteary

    Secreteary of Culture, Brandon Donkers

    Seats at the Table Commission Representative, Lola Palooza

    House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC!) Division Troika

    Head of Slapitalism’s Invisible Army (Just the Frenulum)

    Branded Content ADvisor

    Al "Gadgetman" Madford

    Oriental Embarrasser

    Psychological Consultant from the Non-Sense Agency (No Such Agency) for Head Space and Leg Room Exploration

    Mid-East Despondant for the Perpetual War on Gooferism

    Whimsical Staff of Chief

    Splurgeon General

    Human Rights Chimney-/Carpet-Sweep

    Angel of History

    Gofer Terence (Prince David D Phillipstian)

    Cup Bearer Joe Lorenz (Cuz Nothin' Wakes You Up Like A Cup Borne with Joe Lorenz)

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    A Father's Pride: The Reality Of Canned Hunting

    in Environment

    There is a global effort to raise awareness about a sport that is reducing the global population of many species to the brink of extinction, especially the lions and tigers. Canned hunting or trophy hunting facilities offer their customers the opportunity to kill exotic and native animals trapped within enclosures. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, author and animal advocate, Matthew Payne, talks to June Stoyer about his new book called "A Father's Pride," as well as his amazing efforts to promote wildlife conservation education with an organization that he founded called, "So What!"

    Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website.