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    Talking with A Cancer Survivor

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    Cancer is the number one killer of black women in the U.S. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this show is for everyone who has battled cancer, knows someone who has cancer or for those who have lost someone to the disease. All this and your phone calls!

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    The Survivor Fit Club is a group designed to help survivors of illness, disease and trauma, to not only get their bodies and minds back into shape.Joining us is the founder of Survivor Fit Club, personal trainer and breast cancer survivor, Holly Boyce, to discuss impact and importance of health and fitness, and how to battle back from illness mentally and physically. Survivor Spotlight on young adult endometrial cancer survivor Megan Murray.

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    Reese Allbritton and Friend Sheila Sedlak Cancer Survivor Joins Us!

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    Reese Allbritton is a credited television personality, singer/songwriter and campaign model. He has starred in UPN's hit reality show Amish in the City, Boystown: West Hollywood and -having close ties with the Arquette dynasty- co-starred in the documentary, Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother (A&E). Other television credits for Reese include cameos on both Surreal Life (VH1) and Celebrity Rehab (VH1).

    Each exhibiting a different facet of his musical talents, Reese has already released three singles (Dreamer, Prince of Dance, How and Why). As he continues to find inspiration, his plans for the future definitely contain more music. All three currently released singles are available through various online musical outlets.

    Sheila Sedlak is an entrepreneur who left the corporate world to pursue her dream.  Mrs. Sedlak has 20 years human resource experience as well as 10 years in interior decorating.  Sheila took her two passions, people and fashion and created a shopping experience for women.

    Sheila brought her interior decorator’s eye for color and style along with her passion for clothes and shopping to create one of Dallas’ most unique shopping experiences, Sophisticated Seconds Boutique.  

    Sheila designed Sophisticated Seconds as a place where all women could feel comfortable while having fun shopping. Sheila wanted a safe shopping haven for women.

    Sheila Sedlak is a breast cancer survivor who believes every woman is unique and should express her own style.  Sheila maintains an upbeat, positive “never met a stranger” attitude that radiates throughout her boutique.  By hosting charity events Sheila utilizes her boutique to give back to the community.  She also helps women in need thru sponsorship and donations.

    Sheila can be reached at: sheila@sophisticatedseconds.com




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    When Dave Neway was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer in 2013, he and his partner Luis Freitas's lives were turned upside down. Dave and Luis join us to discuss leveraging all available treatment options, and how life after cancer is definitely different. Survivor Spotlight on young adult survivor breast cancer survivor and running coach Katie Anderson.

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    Cancer Answer

    in Health

    Join cancer survivor and host Arnie Levine along with his co-host Stephen Ezakovich for a show of inspiration and encouragement about cancer related topics that can give guidance on how one and their family can be a survivor.

    Sponsored by: http://www.countyproperties.net/

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    Chris Molinari Working through emotions as a cancer survivor

    in Business

    Chris Molinari-Cancer a Warriors Journey - Things That Help the Journey....

    Check out the weekly segment on Building Fortunes Radio: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com.

    Chris has been a successful author, distributor, consultant and loves to help people learn and do well in their life.

    She's trained with the best... and writes for many as a ghost-writer.. so you can see her all over.

    She's a home based business guru with a pinch of NLP thrown in for effectiveness 

    Every Tuesday at 5:00PM Eastern on Building Fortunes Radio.

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    #367 : JESSE VS. CANCER

    in Health

    When stand-up comedian Jesse Case was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in June, he opted to share his experiences with the world via podcast. Jesse joins us to discuss his now viral podcast "Jesse vs. Cancer". Survivor Spotlight on Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor Jacqueline Piccolo.

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    Breast Cancer Survivor Shennae Brown - Woman of Faith

    in Business

    Join Dr. Sharon Johnson with Shennae Brown, Breast Cancer Survivor.  Listen to her journey in a live interview on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at 5 pm.   To join the conversation or ask questions, call 646-652-2034.  Press 1 to ask a question.  Shennae will talk about the Love of family, Faith in God, the Power of Prayer.    

    See the powerful story and pictures from her friend Antonette http://www.artphotosoulblog.com/the-other-side-of-breast-cancer/  and http://www.artphotosoulblog.com/the-other-side-of-breast-cancer-ii/.

    Do you have a story to share?  Connect with Dr. Sharon Johnson at http://www.comtivate.com 

    Stay Fabulous

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    A Cancer on Humanity, Cancer itself, F*** Cancer, Our Cancer Show!

    in Caregiving

    Earlier this Week, by the Timing of this Show, was World Cancer Day! Discussing Cancer and How it has Personally affected Our household. {yeah, more's gone on here, we just don't dwell on it much} Why is there Not a Cure yet?

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    While adoption is an option for many patients who want to build a family after cancer treatment, the process of can be long, difficult and very expensive. Joining us to share their experience and insight into this process are Matt and Heidi Cahill, both of whom are young adult survivors and caregivers to each other. Survivor Spotlight on young adult lymphoma survivor Samantha Stanley.

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    Canceling Cancer

    in Self Help

    The cancer epidemic has been created by increasing the stress and toxicity of our lifestyle, and decreasing the quality of the food supply. Cancer and every other degenerative disease result from the underlying conditions of the nearly universal illness, “distress of the organism”, which are tension, toxicity and malnutrition.

    The consume now / pay later debt trap rat race, the public poisons spread throughout our living environment, and the corporate food devoid of nutrients, put the body in this distressed state. Then the body sputters and limps along without the immune strength and resiliency to overcome the rapid deterioration of cancer.

    Those who turn to the medical establishment for help are ripped off financially and physically until the end. The fear, stress and poisoning from entering the cancer industry’s realm makes it much more difficult to eliminate the cancer.

    To cancel cancer, it is crucial to become aware of effective methods of calming stress, the sources of real nutrition, detoxification and how to avoid the vast array of public poisons as much as possible. At the same time, pursuing one’s life purpose with an affirmative loving attitude is very beneficial.

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