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  • The "Can Do" List

    in Education

    We will discuss how a positive "can do" checklist focuses the group and contributes to a successful outcome.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Turkey and Raisin Casserole, and the "adventure" recipe will be Chicken Curry. 

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    in Romance

    So we have met and now we decided to be together, what are the required changes and how much of ourselves will we divulge to the next person. this should be a hot one,people join me... Call in check out your Boi Kdiddy the elixor of Love and crew!

  • Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again? Let's Chat!

    in Finance

    Donald Trump's campaign focus is on making America great again.  He says, he is the man for the job.

    What does it mean to make America Great again?  Can Donald Trump do it?  Why is the Republican Party not embracing this clear front runner?

    Some Republican voters will weigh in.

    The Panel includes:

    Sean Hyman, Money and Finance contributor to many national TV and other news channels
    Joe Villanueva, retired legal immigrant from the Phillipines who built a successful business.
    Dennis Beerman, wild card, opinionated husband of the radio host for Debt-Free Wealth Radio, and of course
    Trudy Beerman, host of Debt-Free Wealth Radio, but most importantly;

    We will look at:

    What is our understanding of Trump's "Make American Great Again".  How do we understand that?

    Based on the current crash in China's Financial Market causing our financial market to take a huge fall 24 hours later, how could a Trump Presidency impact the US Financial Markets and financial prowess?

    Captialism, entrerepreneurs and money.  How might Trump as a President influence the future growth of business and profit here in the USA?

    Immigration, jobs and the idea that America IS the land of opportunity.  How might a Trump Presidency influence that considering his stance on immigration?

    The Republican Party excommunicated Ron Paul in his exciting run for the Whitehouse, and despite his big following, the Party excluded him as a candidate and Ron Paul did not decide to run independently. Why is the Republican Party not (at this time) embracing the idea of Trump as the 2016 Presidential candidate at this time?

    This is an OPINION piece. The opinions shared by panelists are not necessarily the position of the host.

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    The things we can change

    in Christianity

    welcom to a nother show of Young Disciples with curtis horse as we share christ and the things we can change join us for 1 hr of fun in the lord 

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    The Little Teams that Can

    in Sports

    Maybe if your team is out of the race, you can root for one of these teams! The Cubs have an incredible young core, the Mets have an unmatched starting rotation, and the Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschimdt is having a Triple Crown caliber season!

  • Booch's Whoop Ass Can Opener EPISODE 3

    in Sports

    Today on Booch's Whoop Ass Can Opener, Booch returns with some wrestling talk. He recaps what went down in wrestling this week and dives into wrestling news. 


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    Can the Law be holistic...this attorney proves it can!

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to another episode of The Quirky World of Mama Char..,whoody whooo! Today's guest is an attorney and holistic coach...yep y'all read that right! Lisa Fraley of LisaFraley.com makes both work together for the common good. As an Attorney + Legal Coach with Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC, she provides personalized legal protection and services for coaches and holistic entrepreneurs to protect themselves and their businesses as they grow. She has created a 7 Step Legal Protection System so coaches and entrepreneurs know how to take the right steps at the right time in the right order so they can feel confident and empowered to share their gifts with the world, including creating client agreements, disclaimers, terms & conditions for websites and programs, LLCs/scorps, trademarks, and more. She also works with individuals to create customized agreements, such as for joint ventures, affiliates, and hiring a team. You will be able to catch Lisa at the Be GREAT! Conference Oct 23-25, 2015 in Seattle, WA. For more info on the conference go to BeGreatCon.com.

    And as always, you can find me at MamaChar.com or on all social media @MamaCharBlessed. 

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    Child sex exploitation can be prevented

    in Moms and Family

    Awareness is our best defense

    Child sex exploitation can be prevented thru education

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    Can Two Walk Together with Mate Selection Alexis Michelle and Kieron Cole

    in Radio

    On This Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Show we Discuss Can Two Walk Together with MATE SELECTION!

    Alexis Michelle is the CEO of Loving Me Again, Inc. Her company focuses on issues women face in the 21st Century. She is anointed with a prolific delivery and gives you more than an emotional message. She gets to the heart of humanity and deals with what God wants the most – YOU. She has a gift to help hurting women redefine who they are; and armed with a message to change people’s lives. Over the past fifteen years, Alexis has been intimately involved in helping women and teen girls overcome the multitude of issues that confront their daily lives. She has broadened her background in human socialization, which helps her to bring a cohesive understanding about who we are in the areas of relationship, mate selection, marriage, and self-development. Alexis understands socialization plays a major role in the choices we make about life. She has been described as a social scientist; and her ultimate goal is to see people grow and live healthy lives. Alexis Michelle believes spiritual and human growth and development are essential to becoming a well-rounded person. 

    Kieron Cole is a consultant in corporate America. Since 1998, Kieron Cole has used his life as testimony to help teach and transform lives through his relationship with God. His life experiences are essential tools to help navigate people through the various phases of life such as: career, relationship, marriage, parenting, and self-development. He understands what the challenges of life can bring and what it takes to persevere when we feel lost. Kieron Cole has been called an amazing teacher and mentor; and said to have a prophetic voice for this generation of young people. His message penetrates the young, as well as, the older generation. 

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    The Lyrical Cypher Radio Show hosted by Chyna airs Tonight @ 9pm

    in Motivation

    The Lyrical Cypher Radio Show hosted by Chyna airs Tonight @ 9pm. Call in Tonight & Spit Your Poetry Live!! Calling All Poets, Spoken Word Artists & Metaphorically In-Tuned Visionaries!! Share Your Gifts Tonight!! You Can Listen By Calling 6467168785 or www.tmicradio.com