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  • 01:29

    Get Ready to Root For the Bad Guy - Xena Villains

    in Television

    This month, as F4F Radio frequently does in May and November, we dive back into the world of Xena: Warrior Princess because, well, this is a fandom where you never run out of things to discuss. Otherwise there wouldn’t still be three gazillion Xena/Gabrielle shippers out there. Tonight, however, we’ll shift focus a little bit away from our favorite heroines and spend time with the most prominent VILLAINS from the television series – Ares the god of war, Callisto the insane vengeance-seeker, Caesar the would-be world conqueror, and Hope the harbinger of pure evil. You love them, you hate them, you love to hate them, maybe it’s all three, but we’re talking about all the reasons why. Author/filmmaker Kim Pritekel will once again be leading the discussion, and we'll be rejoined by the Xena fans who participated in previous segments - Kelly Neal, Zea Apa, Chris Salameno, and Adm_Hawthorne.

  • 01:30

    Warrior Princess 102: Fans STILL Discussing 'Xena'

    in Television

    F4F Radio has been discussing "Xena: Warrior Princess", even now enormously popular among fans of lesbian pairings on TV because of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, every six months for the past three years. In May 2012 it was time for a fifth conversation, and appropriately enough we welcomed back author/filmmaker Kim Pritekel, who had been involved with the previous three Xena shows as either a guest or a cohost. Rather than focus on fan fiction or "uberfic" that time, however, that night we began discussing the television show itself. Kim and I were joined, not by Xena fanfic authors, but by two more longtime fans of the show - Zea Apa and Kelly Neal. And we were prepared to talk about EVERYTHING we loved most about the show, from the subtext to the story arcs to the comedy.  What we were not prepared for was how much time we'd need.  When it was time to wrap up, we'd only covered HALF of what we wanted to discuss.  So tonight, everyone returns to pick up where we left off.  And this time, we'll also be joined by Adm_Hawthorne, a guest from my last Rizzoli & Isles show, who was slated to appear in May but couldn't make it. BATTLE ON!

  • EarthSeed: An Introduction to Space Settlement

    in Science

    EarthSeed is all about putting humans into space ... on the Moon, Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as a few stops along the way.  The challenge with getting people into space is that at first glance it is prohibitively expensive.  Welllllll, that is true if there is no return on investment, such as when NASA sends people to the ISS, or to the Moon.  Without a profit motive, products to produce and sell, not to mention a reason for people to be there, there will never be colonists, or settlements anywhere but Earth.

    This episode is an introduction to the general vision as outlined in the original concept pamphlet titled The Homestead Project: 12 Steps to a Permanent Lunar Settlement.  As we develop forward, we will be presenting concepts and details from the larger volume EarthSeed: Settling Space in This Generation being launched today, April 2, 2015.  For further questions visit our website at EarthSeed.Space.  There you will find all sorts of details of not only the challenges, but solutions we propose that can get humans into space in "mass quantities".