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    Let's Talk Too! Nicole A. Thomas

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    I'm your host "Author Sharnel"

    Nicole A. Thomas is a mother of six children.. This is a part of my testimony. In 2006 my grandmother die and that night changed my life forever. That night I saw my husband for who he truly was. I was on my sick bed and could not go to my grandmother funeral. The night she die my dad called and told me and something in me broke. My husband looked at me and asked why you are crying I said my mother is going I mean my grandmother is gone. He said get over it people die all the time. You see my husband was very emotionally abusive. He had gotten woster with the last five years. But that night I saw it. I saw him for what he was. Distite doctors’ orders I started doing thing for myself. I was at the end of my rope. I was tired of hearing how much he hated me how much he wish he did not married me how I was holding him back… every day he would fine something to fuss about something to agrue about.. He told me how fat I was how if I left him no man would want me.. I was usellyless. Even though I cook I cleaned I paid all the bill. I did everything but put on his navy uniform and go to work for him. He didn’t take care of the kids the dog anything. He would come home fuss and go out the door come back hour later. Will 2007 got really bad he would spend money like it was water and always blame me when thighs were wrong. I want to my pastor at the time and tried to talk to him but he wanted both me and my husband there. Until my daughter just stated talking. The pastor listen at that point he was in fear that my husband was going to start hitting me. He wanted to meet with both of us. I told him my hudand would not want to meet.. will it did get bad on night he stated an argument as he always did over a piece of paper. He yelled really loud telling me to get out of his house to go back to New York that he hated me so much.

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    Celebrating Over 150 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel & Derrick Dawayne

    @MyRealTalkRadio interviews @VH1 Love And Hip-Hop Star: ASHLEY NICOLE @DominikkiFlower

    When Ashley Nicole first debuted on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season four, fans didn't have a clue what to expect from the aspiring singer, but it was pretty obvious she was headed towards a firestorm with her manager Kirk Frost and his wife Rasheeda.

    Although she's the new girl on the show, Ashley has already proven that she can go toe-to-toe with the best of them.

    We already know that Ashley isn't scared to get a little rowdy and defend herself if need be, and during her recent VH1 interview, she made it pretty clear that she's the newest force to be reckoned with on the show.

    "Trippin' Off Me" is available now on iTunes!


    Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus/MixCloud: @MyRealTalkRadio

    Jamel- Twitter: @L3TM3LIV3 Instagram: @L3TM3LIVE

    Derrick Dawayne- Twitter/Instagram: @MrLngHairDntCrr

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    Nicole Welch: Host of Real Time, Real Men Only

    in Podcasting

    Nicole Welch is the Creator and Host of the Podcast show Real Time:Real Men Only.

    The podcast is designed for people to learn how to crack the "codes" for long-term business success through networking and relationships. 

    She interviews entrepreneurs who are living real lives and are successful in their businesses.

    Her background is really diverse.

    Nicole has a Masters degree in Psychology.  Her research has been published in the American Association of Criminal Justice Journal with her work with youth in Adult Prison.  She has taught and presented at numerous conferences, workshops and seminars both within the U.S and abroad, and has mentored as a certified Communication Coach for 4 years.

    She has started and operating several businesses and founded her own non-profit organization “Servant’s Heart, Inc”.

    Nicole and her husband lived in Honduras for 3 years and spear-headed several social justice projects including building homes, food programs, and starting and directing a Teen Challenge Center for ex-gang members.

    In addition to consulting and speaking, Nicole was a Mental Health Therapist in the Psychiatric fields for years and currently teaches Sociology at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida.

    Website: www.rapwithnic.com

    Real Time, Real Men Only Podcast: www.rapwithnic.com/podcast-3

    Twitter: @rapwithnic


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    Season 3 premiere LHHATL MIMI FAUST & Ashley Nicole

    in Pop Culture


    Mimi Faust from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is guest star on the Season 3 Radio Premiere of Have a seat radio. Mimi speaks on the sex tape, her managing company, and how she feels about joseline being around her daughter. 

     Newbie Ashley Nicole the firecracker who has beef with rasheeda for false accusations of Kirk and Ashley having an affair. Find out the true story live. 



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    Laya Nicole Morris

    in Health

    To get access to all FULL length episodes, go here to download them for FREE: https://gum.co/interviews

    Laya Nicole was born an awakened crystal catalyst, her BEing existing as multidimensional zero point field.

    Her vibrational nature instantly shifts a persons energetic status so in turn those that connect with her find their lives change often in dramatic ways.

    Learning early she was meant to assist those that came to her now accepting her words comes straight from Source, not from a non physicall entity or personalty as she is the channel.

    Embodying this knowing fully, she is is able to move people even groups into transformation on a deep soul level and conscious level as well, in the form of peace & prosperity.

    You can contact her here:  http://l.facebook.com/l/2AQEqOLkbAQHcmOkgJH4PeqrjoDVZEALDbJ3MUGeTfSPONw/LayaNicole.com

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    S06:04 Nicole Cutts on Vision Quest Retreats and Princess Isabelle

    in Lifestyle

    Dr. Nicole Cutts is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Success Coach, Speaker, Artist and Organizational Consultant.  She inspires and empowers people to achieve a more balanced and successful lifestyle.  She has consulted with and trained executives, managers, and teams at Fortune 500 Companies, Federal Government Agencies, and Non-Profit Organizations.

    Nicole's passion is the empowerment of women to connect with, nurture and manifest their authentic extraordinary selves.  To Learn more about her Vision Quest Retreats, as well as her new book, The Adventures of Isabelle Book 1: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho, click here:  http://visionquestretreats.com

  • "Profound Author" with Author Nicole Atkinson

    in Motivation

    Presenting "Profound Author" with Nicole Atkinson
    LIVE BROADCAST: Breakthrough Host SH'Donna Marie and astounding Author of I Know Who I Am & Message to My Daughters, Nicole Atkinson

    Monday 8pm EST Hear the heart of a writer and what happens when God passes you the pen and tells you to SUCCEED! Hear how to interpret what God is saying and His compassion to show His love and His will and so much more. If God has placed in your heart to write or you would love to hear her tremendous testimony then please join us. Guest Call In (657) 383-1708

  • 'You Got Your Butt Off the Couch'...Now What?

    in Entertainment

    Listen Live as Alisa Nicole discusses what to do once you've found the motivation to get your butt off the couch!  Are you trying to figure out what to do now?  Listen as Alisa Nicole gives her tips on ways to find what to do after you've made the step in the right direction.

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    Author - Nicole Brown "The Refusal to Return to Slime "

    in Lifestyle

    Sweet Tea With A Chaser Presents - Nicole S. Brown - Monday, August 24, 2015 at 9:15 p.m. An incredible author and poet. Call in and join the conversation - 646-478-3527 - Her newest book "The Refusal To Return To Slime" will be discussed along with her other publications.

    Nicole, a native of Monroe, LA, is the youngest of seven children, and was formally educated in Monroe, LA. Nicole is a Louisiana and Mississippi-certified, K-12 teacher who holds certifications in the ...following subject areas: Chemistry, Physics, General Science, and Music. She is also a member of Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority Inc. She holds a B.S., in Chemistry Education from the University of Louisiana-Monroe. Nicole worked as an elementary general music teacher for two years in Baton Rouge, LA, in her second year of working in Baton Rouge; she wrote and published seven books of poetry.

    10:00 p.m. Conversation - "Are We Making Love to Ourselves So Much That We Cannot Make Love To A Partner" - join the conversation 646-478-3527

    Sweet Pea, Gemini and Bryan Mac.

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    Find Who You Are with No Excuses

    in Entertainment

    Listen to Alisa Nicole Live as she discusses making time to find who you are without any excuses.  Do you get caught up in everyday life?  What are your plans to live better? Stop making excuses.  

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    Get Rid of It...Yes or No?

    in Entertainment

    Listen to Alisa Nicole as she discusses 'Get Rid of It'...Yes or No?  What are you holding on to since the 70's that you need to get rid of or is there something that you just have to keep?!  Listen to Alisa Nicole as she talks about the things of yesterday and today that we tend hold on to...that we just might need to say deuces to or hands off i'm keeping!