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    POLITICAL  ANIMALS: Adlai Stevenson--Poem about Dogs

    Caligula   (Little Boots)  Insane roman emperor--Most Famous quote" They have to suffer first..."

    Ramon Magsaysay---Filipine President who fought the HUKS--Communist--Magsasay was killed in a mysterious plane crash

    Frederic March--aka Mcintire Bickle--Democratic Party stalwarts

    Dan  Rather   CBS Correspondent 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention--Audio extract

    Daniel Schorr   CBS Correspondent\

    Rockie Marciano--Box

    AUGUST 31ST  births-deaths & events relevant to us(a)  HUD US Dept. of Housing & URban Development founded 1965--Robert Weaver, First Secretary of HUD --Black American

    Media Dumbing down the english Language---

    ***Migrants from Africa & the Middle east are described as" Migrants"

    ***Migrants from Mexico-South America --Canada---"
    Undocumented immigrants !  Don't they have birth certificates?  Drivers's licenses?   High School Diplomas?

    AMICUSVERITAS---VERITAS USA  San Francisco!-California & The Nations needs a Renaissance-Renewal & Reform!!!

    Change has been faces but not political practices


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    How to Pray for Evil Rulers

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    How to Pray for Evil Rulers [LIVE call -in show for Thursday 04/23/15]

    Scripture tells us to pray for our national and regional leaders. In fact, it's rather detailed about how and why to do this. But I sometimes hear this from Christians: "How can I pray for this man who's in office now? I can't stand him, and he's doing a terrible job!"  Yet 2000 years ago, the Apostle Paul writes "Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life ..." (I Tim. 2:1-2)

    Now in case your wondering how and why you should pray for our current leaders, and how you can possibly offer God thanks for them, keep in mind who ruled the Roman Empire at the time that Paul wrote this: it was Nero and his appointed henchmen. (You've heard of Nero, haven't you, dear Christian?) Nero was preceded by Claudius and by Emperor Caligula. Look up Caligula on the Internet for some perspective on the evil of our national leaders today. This was the time in which Paul wrote.

    So what's your verdict, Christian?  Are the Scriptures irrelevant here? Or had St. Paul gone "soft in the head" when he wrote this? How and why should we pray and be thankful for our national leaders today? Tune in and take note! Your host is Rev. Rick Anderson, on "Jewish Roots", each Thursday at 9:30 pm DST. To call with a question or comment: 347-324-5759 on www.blogtalkradio.com/fougcrew.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--BUSH!-The last American President who served in the US Navy

    US Navy ships named after American Presidents

    John Senior & John Quincy Adams-George Washington-Abraham Lincoln--Teddy Roosevelt-Woodrow Wilson-Franklin D. Roosevelt-Harry S Truman--Dwigh D. Eisenhower-John F. Kennedy-Lyndon Johnson-Gerald Ford-George H. W. Bush-Ronald Reagan-James Earl Carter-

    FILIPINO AMERICAN MONTH---The first Asian ethnics to land in America--and Why!

    Tenative audio archive interview--Brit who served in both the Royal and Canadian Navies

    Ness Aquino  Remembered

    October 13th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)


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    The Caligula Effect -- Is It Nature or Nurture?

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    As if we don't have enough to gossip about...  The tabloids are a-twitter over the latest revelations in the Weinergate scandal.  Arnold Schwartzenegger  is breathing a sigh of relief that his name has finally been superceded in the headlines. John Edward is on the hot seat again for his alleged misuse of campaign funds to hide his illicit love affairs.  New York State seems to have more than it's share of sexually risky politicos recently.  Now Donald Trump is calling for Rep. Weiner to resign.... Donald?  As if!  LOL  What all this imbroglio has done is illuminate the problem with what has been called the "Caligula Effect."  Journalists and mental health practitioners and pundits alike have been wondering aloud about why do men in powerful positions in politics risk their careers on often sleazy sexual liasons?  Social networking has only served as a better means to catch them in the act.  Who do they think they're fooling besides themselves?  That is the question!  Join Ken and Beth as they discuss the ins and outs of the Caligula Effect and whether men in positions of power, authority and/or wealth are more likely to cheat on their wives than other men.  Is some of this kind of behavior hard-wired into men?  Why can some men control their urges and others can't.  Let's talk about it.  Call in and share your opinion with us.  

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    Members of the RLSH community discuss ways to impact the world through positive actions and random acts of kindness.

    This week our visiting professors are CALIGULA CEASAR and LORD MOLE.  WE are following up with the winner of the SUPER LOSER WEIGHT LOSS CAHLLENGE and the beneficiary of the money raised through that challenge...Lord Mole's son - a budding RLSH who is battling cancer.

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    LadiesTellAll Empowerment/Independence! Fuel 4 The Mind/Soul

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    Join Ms.Jennah & Ms.Cassie 4 A Great Show filled with Entertainment, Laughter &. Coming to the Studio "Mr. Caligula Williams" of N.A.R.S. (New Age Rock Stars). Discussing the New CD  & Video Release WAMP'N. Cali & the N.A.R.S Family will also be in VA for a Food Drive Thiis Thursday for the Holidays. Come Join Us as we bring you Positivity & Empowerment!! Monday night 8:30pm www.blogtalkradio.com/ladiestellall.com or call 8057277101

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    Amanda Ruggeri of Revealed Rome

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    Planning a trip to Rome?  You might feel a little overwhelmed.  I get it.  And I hope Revealed Rome helps.  But I know that, at this point, the number of posts I have might be as overwhelming as, well, Rome itself!

    So let Revealed Rome serve as your guide to the posts that are most helpful in planning your Rome trip.  I'll be updating this as I continue to write new posts, so check back as you travel plan.

    And remember, if you just want to talk to me to get the most up-to-the-minute personalized advice possible-on not just Rome, but all of Italy-I offer private, one-hour travel consulting sessions(much cheaper than a travel agent).

    I'm a freelance journalist and travel writer living in Rome, Italy.  I have written for the New York Times, Guardian, Atlantic, AFAR, National Geographic Traveller, Mother Jones, World Policy Journal, Lexus, and Mariner, among other publications.  You can read some of my recent work under articles on RevealedRome.com.  I was also a contributor for Fodor's Rome 2012.  My photographs, some of which you can see at my site Exposed Italy, have been published in a variety of publications, including the Guardian and the BBC's Olive Magazine.  My film work includes hosting a documentary on Caligula for the History Channel and hosting a travel film on Rome for MSN U.K.

    Before moving to Rome, I studied history at Yale and completed a M.Phil in international relations at Cambridge.  I went on to become a political reporter in Washington D.C. for U.S. News & World Report.  You can find out more about me at amandaruggeri.com.

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    Political Animals--LBJ- Lyndon Baines Johnson-Legacy---Funding and founding of so-called "Community Organizations  through HUD/ US Dept of Housing & Urban Development setup in 1965
    Presidential Election Campaign 1968  What LBJ told Hubert Humphrey the Democratic Nominee--Who and Why Humphrey should select this man for his vice presidential running mater--What Humphrey replied and why he wouldn't  take LBJ's advice
    Notable Quotations of LBJ"Man has to be able to distinguish between Chicken--"S..t" and Chicken salad
    On why he didn't fire J. Edgar Hoover--" I rather have him pissing on the outside from inside the tent than pissing on the ouside into the tent"
    CALIGULA--Crazed Roman Emperor--believed to the originator of"Hate Crime" punishment--In addition to the laws on the books, "we have to make them suffer."
    Mayor George Christopher--and BAseball
    August 30th Historical births deaths and events relevant to US(a)

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    Caligula's Court

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    Caligula's Court

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    EVERYONE .....This week I will have a special guest .... is it Master Legend ..... Tothian ..... Vance Major himself ???? wont be no spoiler .... I can only say this is gonna bring in calls from all those OVERSEAERS ... yes I just made that word up ... all i can say is this guy is ready to step up and take on the callers

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    Music Monday: Macy Gray - Live In Las Vegas

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    Who: Macy Gray
    What: Live In Las Vegas When: August 30, 2005 Where: NuTech Digital   Buy it.   Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak When I See You Again Relating To A Psychopath Don't Come Around Caligula Why Didn't You Call Me Things That Made Me Change Hey, Young World Pt. 2 I've Committed Murder Do Something Demons Sexual Revolution Oblivion I Try Sweet Baby She Ain't Right For You I Can't Wait To Meetchu The Letter