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    Jason Rosell CEO and Founder of Caliente Fitness

    in Fitness

    Jason Rosell CEO and Founder of Caliente Fitness is the world’s only TV/Fitness Personality and Music artist to combine his original dance music and fitness programs all in one.  Jason will discuss Caliente Fitness and Sweat Inc. and how he got involved in the Fitness Industry and why growing up overweight led him to become more healthy.  Jason and I will also discuss ways that you can get healthy and he will give us some information on fitness and nutrition and so much more.  His workout’s and music videos have been featured in top-tier media such as, Steve Harvey, E! Entertainment, VH1, MTV, Men’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Glamour Magazine and many more. Jason was the host and celebrity fitness/nutrition expert for Being Fat Sucks, a show sponsored by GOOGLE with over 9.1 million viewers. Jason has graced the cover of over 50 international magazines and has worked with some of Hollywood’s top entertainers.  Most recently, Jason was featured on Spike TV’s newest fitness series, Sweat Inc, starring Jillian Michaels premiering October 20th.  For more information about Jason Rosell please visit his website http://www.calientefitness.net 


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    Medical Tourism: Health City Cayman Islands

    in Health

    On the Wednesday broadcast of PopHealth Week at 12 Noon PT/3PM ET, February 10th 2016 we shift our focus the the maturing medical tourism industry. Our special guest is Gene Thompson, Project Director, Health City Cayman Islands. 

    'Gene Thompson is a third generation Caymanian of a family of entrepreneurs and is a Director of Thompson Development Ltd, one of the premier development companies in the Cayman Islands. His family is considered pioneers in property development and many other business ventures.

    Thompson Development has varied business enterprises including Commercial Development, Resort Development, Tourism, Real Estate, and Retail. Although these business interests are varied, the Thompson family's stellar reputation in business began in development. Gene has been involved and/or led various types of development projects, including commercial centres, residential projects, resort developments and is now the Project Director for Health City Cayman Islands.'

    The governing principle for Gene and his family has always been integrity and service to the customer. Gene operates several companies all with different characteristics and deliverables but he has maintained this principal as the common thread. He attributes the success of all his businesses to this fundamental approach.'

    Join co-hosts Fred Goldstein and Gregg Masters for a deeper dive into their model and promise to enable the triple aim.

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    Jalon's Point of View - Clothes and Today's Fashion

    in Spirituality

    There are teens with issues that managed to stay focused and not resort to undesirable behaviors. Thier concerns and how they cope are explored from a teen perspective. Jalon will be a voice and include others to share experiences and offer encouragement and inspiration to others.

    Jalon Wilson is a sixteen year old Honors/ Junior attending Lakeland High School. He plays the trumpet and is a member of the Award Winning Marching Quiet Storm Band. He is soft spoken and is modest about any other achievements. He looks forward to attending college for a Major in Business Administration.

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    Golf Talk Live - Jamie Leno Zimron, Rebecka Heinmert, Renee Powell, Byron Casper

    in Golf

    Welcome to Golf Talk Live! 

    Joining me this week: Jamie Leno Zimron - Class A LPGA Teaching Professional, Dr. Renee Powell - LPGA Tour Pro 1967-1980, Rebecka Heinmert - Class A LPGA Teaching Professional & Byron Casper - Director of Golf at the Casper Golf Academy, son of the Legendary Billy Casper.

    They join me to talk about their upcoming: Every Business Women Golf Retreat - March 4th -  March 6th, 2016 at the Warner Springs Ranch Resort and Golf Club.

    Join us "LIVE" Thursday from 6:00 - 8:00 PM Central on Golf Talk Live!

    Golf Talk Live is available at itunes.com and Stitcher.com


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    The Conversation: Introducing James Arthur Ray

    in Self Help

    Thank you for tuning into our 6th year of broadcasting. This is "the Conversation" with hosts Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey! Each week we look to inspire, motivate and educate you our loyal listeners. Our Guests this week include:

    James Arthur Ray- From "the Secret" and author of the book "Building A New Life" we welcome Mr. James Arthur Ray

    Sherma Andrews- phenomenal singer Sherma Andrews drops by to talk about her upcoming Valentine's Day event titled "Ladies in Love"

    Michael King- Mr. King has been seen on TV's Last Resort & GRIMM.. Tonight he's here to talk about Vegas Cut & Sew which is going down Feb. 18-21. This fashion event will be an extravaganza!!!

    Tune in!!!

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    Disney Travel Taps Into Subcontracting To Profit - 003

    in Entrepreneur

    A former Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Planner, Shannon Bonadurer.

    Shannon worked with The Disney Company in its Fairy Tale Weddings Department for 12 years and Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera for 3 years. Shannon has over 20 years experience in the travel industry and innumerable visits to the Walt Disney World® Resort.

    Shannon has also been published numerous times in national news articles, in such notable publications as The Knot Bridal Magazine®, and Modern Bride Magazine® as an expert on the Walt Disney World® Resort and Disney Weddings and Honeymoons.  She curently owns and operates Destinations To Travel, LLC© and contributes regular articles to the WDW Magazine®.

    Shannon offers personalized travel consultation and planning. Her invaluable advice and priceless insider tips, combined with her unprecedented knowledge and personalized approach result in the delivery of a truly one-of-a-kind, dream vacation experience. Shannon offers personal expertise in travel to all destination options including cruises, Caribbean destinations, Hawaii, and other locations around the world.

    Those with disabilities will find a friend in Shannon.  Having a child with multiple disabilities provides unique knowledge and insight for persons traveling with special needs.  Shannon has been contracted to write a series of books about traveling with special needs.

    Whether you desire a romantic getaway, a fun-filled family trip, or just a break from the everyday, let Shannon and Destinations To Travel, LLC© be your guide to your Dream Vacation




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    Loretta McNary talks Solar Coldbox and Vertical Leap with Al Hollingsworth

    in Entertainment

    Loretta McNary Live Radio Show is the best time on online! LML is a live energetic call-in show that features celebrity interviews, spotlights industry experts and thought leaders to inspire our audience to live their dream life!

    Our guest today is Al Hollingsworth. Mr. Hollingsworth and his wife, Hattie own several successful businesses including a world-class product, the Aldelano Solar Coldbox.

    Al Hollingsworth is a wealthy business leader, international speaker, minister of the Gospel and owner of the Aldelano Packaging Corporation.  Aldelano Corporation has been a national leader in the food and consumer product packaging business for almost 50 years…. specializing in refrigerated supply chain solutions. 

    Aldelano Corporation has recently introduced a new Cold Storage innovation that is a life saving answer for food and pharmaceutical preservation…  the Aldelano Solar Cold Box ®.  The Aldelano Solar Cold Box® is an industrial, solar powered, mini cold-storage portable warehouse. The Aldelano Solar Cold Box” TM provides refrigeration/freezing; water/ice maker (utilizing molecules from the air to make water) and can act as an independent power supply unit. It is designed to operate completely off grid. 

     Al Hollingsworth has grown Aldelano Packaging Corporation into a successful contract packaging corporation with plants that service Fortune 500 clients including Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble,  American Airlines, Toyota, and Verizon to name a few. Aldelano has received numerous awards and accolades, including, Businessman of the Year and the Award of Excellence from the United States Department of Commerce to name a few.
    The Hollingsworths are founders of the Alhatti Private Christian Resort, a four-star vacation and retreat facility located in Idyllwild, California.

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    in Social Networking

    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for life Styles. 


    All our live listeners around our world you are tunning to Life Styles on Monday's. Maria interviewewing Kahha Kapata her life experiences as we hear her stories also her son life experiences and as a mother with her autistic son, her learning of autism. Kahha Kazakhstan is a Vice President of a Charity Fund that helps people with autism and other diabilities. This ear she has started a new project, she has opened a Ski Resort, next year she is planning to involve adaptive skiing there for people with disabilities. Instructors on her skiing resort has already trained two children with autism. Her daughter Alua Karatay is going to be translator for her mom. I am not a published writer yet, I am only on my second year at University, but I did my own talk show in , it lasted for one and a half hour. I am the oldest child from five children, I live in Los Angeles and my major is journalism

    I have also lived in Hamilton, Canada for two years at a boarding school with your Director Manager, your Host Maria Iliou for Life Styles

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    Tha Weekend Wrap-w/'Iceman' John Scully & Ronnie Shields

    in Sports

    @wcsteelerfan, aka James E King III presents 'Tha PUGILIST KOrner, our weekly show dedicated to the art of boxing, on both the amatuer and professional levels

    Every Sunday, I'm joined by 'Iceman' John Scully, as we discuss the weekend's action and important upcoming bouts.'Iceman' John Scully (born July 28, 1967) is an formerly a world-ranked professional light heavyweight, he is now a boxing trainer and an analyst for the ESPN Classic television network.

    In November 2010, "Iceman" John Scully was inducted into the fifth class of the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino in Connecticut.

    Scully brings his sense of old school honesty and tenacity to Tha Weedend Wrap.  He's also currently head trainer, for the UFC Gym, Winter Springs, Fla.

    We close Tha Weekend Wrap with our segment, 'Straight Talk' w/ Trainer Ronnie Shields. Ronnie Shields (born June 6, 1958 in Port Arthur, Texas) is a former professional boxer and has become a prominent trainer in the sport. He works out of the Plex Boxing Gym in Stafford, Texas.

    Join us as we discuss our renowned sport, inside and outside the squared circle, every week.



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    in Social Networking

    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for Life Journey on Thursday's. Maria Iliou is interviewing Zhanna Kapatan her life story, Zhanna autistic son life story also Zhanna has a ski resort . Zhanna open new programs in Training workers Teach Autistic children , Teach Autisitc adults to ski . Zhanna daughter Alua Karatay is be English Translator for her mom. Alua Karatay is oldest of five children, she live in Los Angeles and major in Journalism, also Alua live in Hamilton, Canada for two years in Boarding school. Zhanna Kapatan her mom  is vice President of Charity Fund that helps People with Autism and other Disabilities. ThisYear 2016 she started a new project, she open a ski Resort and next year she planning to invole adapted skiing there for people with Disabilities. Two Instructor has trained-teach two children with autism. Alua  is in her sceond year in University she did her own talk show in Kazakhstan 1 1/2 hours long. Was like for Alua growing up with her brother autism and was like for her mom working, teaching her brother has autism...more to that story 


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    Chillin' with Someone Who Has Something To Prove. Daily Gogetemism #484

    in Lifestyle

    Some people who had very little when they were younger are humble about the things that they have now but then there's the other kind of person that needs to prove to you and everyone else that they have it going on and have arrived.

    The problem is that you know what they've accomplished but don't really care. You just like them and wanna chill with them like y'all used to do. 

    They don't see it that way. They wanna let you know that they got it going on. They resort to bragging and boasting and acting a fool. Meanwhile, you just wanna chill and have a good time.