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    Lifetime TAX FREE Income As A Serial Home Buyer!

    in Real Estate

    The home sale tax exclusion is the single best wealth opportunity that's available to the average American. It surprises me that so many real estate investors I talk with aren't aware of it! Join us LIVE on this episode to find out more how you could realistically earn TAX FREE income for the rest of your life. Try getting that from the crooks on Wall Street! Imagine what your retirement would look like if you started now and took advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

    TAX FREE Income As A Serial Home Buyer, along with information on our debut "Different Drummer Real Estate Investing" podcast, and an update from the "dude ranch" aka the SC Rehab. Investor Zone Radio, LIVE Sunday morning at 10 AM (EST).


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    Buyer Rebate Program- buying a property, listen in. 2nd half Dave Ferguson

    in Real Estate

    Buying a home or other type of property? Receive up to two percent of the sales price depending on how much

    you do. Nationwide affiliates.

    2nd half

    Dave Ferguson- Motivational speaker/Coach/Seminar Expert- Daves helps people achieve their dreams.

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    Using the Buyer Legend Process to Connect With Buyers

    in Marketing

    Finding the right question is more important than chasing the right answer

    For almost two decades, brothers Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg have been recognized by their peers as authorities in marketing optimization, analytics, and customer-experience design. While deeply grateful for their success, they remained unfulfilled by unanswered questions. The two most common troubling questions asked by executives and entrepreneurs were, “What is the secret to selling more?”, and “Why doesn’t my team get it?”.

    What is the Buyer Legends Process?

    Buyer Legends is a business process that uses storytelling techniques to map the critical paths a prospective buyer might follow on his journey  to becoming a buyer.

    This process aligns strategy to brand story to the buyer’s actual experience on their customer journey.

    These easy-to-tell stories reveal the opportunities and gaps in the customer’s experience versus the current marketing & sales process.

    These legends communicate the brand’s story intent and critical touch point responsibilities within every level of an organization, from the boardroom to the stockroom.

    Buyer Legends reconcile the creative process to data analysis; aligning metrics with previously hard-to-measure marketing, sales, and customer service processes. The first result is improved execution, communications, and testing. The second result is a big boost to the bottom line.

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    Evan goes 1 on 1 with a recent home buyer

    in Real Estate

    Evan goes 1 on 1 with a recent home buyer 

  • NHBB New Home Buyer Benefit And A Lazy Market

    in Business

    NHBB New Home Buyer Benefit And A Lazy Market by Paris911

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    From Prospect To Buyer.....Take The Lead

    in Automotive

    Auto Dealer Live is a weekly radio show that broadcasts nation wide for the automotive industry. We bring together the most up to date news, information, controversy and methods being used around the country to progress the industry.


    Co Hosts David Villa, CEO of IPD, and David Cribbs, Lead Trainer of Auto Dealer University, have a combined 45 years working in the Automotive Industry. The Automotive industry is one of their biggest passions in life. They strive to continue pushing it forward.


    Auto Dealer Live is not a run of the mill show. We bring content, people and information others aren’t. We were first to get Edmunds on the phone and sales people on the phone when the edmunds commercials came out and brought a lot of anger with it. We held a full blown BDC debate between Industry greats Sean V Bradley and Alan Ram. We bring big names guests in the industry such as: Grant Cardone, Jim Ziglier, Tom Hopkins, Alan Ram, Danny Benites, Amanda & Erin Ryan, Laura Madison, Corey Mosley, Kate Frost and many others.


    Want more information about who we are and what we do? Visit our site:



    Tune in each Thursday at 3:30 PM (EST) to hear us live.

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    Socialize Your PR with Lisa Buyer

    in Social Networking

    Lisa Buyer is a speaker, journalist, and educator on the trending topic of public relations and how it is influenced by social media and search engine optimization. The author of Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize and Publicize your Company's News, Lisa has a degree in journalism and more than 20 years experience as a public relations agency owner. Her experience blends the traditional fundamentals of public relations, corporate communications and branding with today's influence of digital media. 

    Social media and public relations {Social PR} are a powerful marketing match and potential good karma for a brand. Social PR and search engines redefine how we communicate, deliver news, receive news, find information, and make decisions -- whether it is our next vacation, investment, computer, doctor, lawyer, or hair salon. The public relations cycle no longer relies on traditional journalism to deliver company news... now that news is social, mobile, visual, and optimized to best reach target markets.

  • Real Estate Video Buyer Series By Remax

    in Business

    Real Estate Video Buyer Series By Remax by Paris911

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    Real Chat with DSA: Buyer Representation

    in Real Estate

    You are looking to buy an apartment in New York City, the world's most dynamic and complicated market.  You look at property ads online and you call the agent listed to view the property.  Does that person work for you or the seller?  What is agency?  Why do buyers need their own agents?



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    How to Connect Buyers and Sellers Worldwide : Buyer&Sellers Global Convention

    in Social Networking

    The Global Trade Chamber  located in Broward County, Florida at 10001 W. Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, is leading the international trade organization in South Florida. Lori WIlk welcomes Global Trade Chamber  CEO, Maria- Renee Davila, MBA and President, Al Otero, to Successipes. Maria and Al will discuss with Lori How they connect buyers and sellers worldwide. You'll hear about their upcoming Buyers and Sellers Convention taking place in Miriamar, Florida on Dec 9& 10, 2014.  During the Global Buyer and Seller Convention participants will have the opportunity for One-on-One matchmaking appointments, and  Conferences. At the Global Trade Chamber members can get business counseling, advice on business expansion, business referrals, and learn about how to participate in upcoming expos. There's an online membership directory, virtual offices, a meeting venue and conference room.

    Attendees to the Buyers and Sellers Global Convention will learn about International Trade Services, have opportunities for networking, business opportunities, and business transactions.  http://www.BuyersandSellersConvention.com. (954)839-8866 

    This event is brought to you by the Global Trade Chamber, a membership organization that helps business to explore new opportunities and succeed in a constantly changing local, national, and international markets. their goals are to help businesses make global connections, get the education they need to succeed, export/import services. business referrals, find new clients, build long term relationships, run ethical enterprises, and stay ahead of the competition.

    On October 3, 2014 we'll be interviewing Al and Maria about the Global Trade Chamber so be sure to join us. 

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    Gold: The Bible, the Buyer, and the Business

    in Finance

    Bling, bling. We are talking Gold and Silver.  That shiny, valuable thing that humans have seen as a symbol of wealth from the beginning of time - now makes it way in the hands of ordinary people with an extraordinary desire for lifestyle upgrades and personal prosperity. 

    Gold and silver cannot be manufactured in a lab, nor created from a printing press.  Gold and silver have been around from the beginning of time and has been a sacred offering, a storage of wealth, and an exchange of value - and that has not changed even today.  What has changed is the public appreciation for precious metals.  

    The general population, or the masses, have been trained to see gold and silver as simply jewelry and decoration, paying up to 300 times the value of the gold and silver in their trinkets, simply because they have been trained to do so.  Meanwhile, the wealth was being corralled into the hands of a tiny minority while the masses blindly hand over their wealth to the wealthy, without knowing that they are doing so.

    Be part of a movement of people who appreciate and value gold and silver for itself.  We are convinced about gold and silver as an asset and as a way to hold and accumulate wealth.  On top of that, we see the signs of the times.  We see that cash no longer holds its place as king in society, we see that what cash can buy is dwindling away buying less and less each day as the government prints more and more of it creating massive devaluation and reduced purchasing power.

    Today I am going to look at precious metals, the Bible, the Buyer and the business - because these are the three main areas of precious metal uses in society today.



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