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    The Bully Booth 12/15/15

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    The BOOTH is back TONIGHT!!!!

    LIVE at 9pm EST on:

    The Radio Show....

    Tonight Bully is back in the BOOTH...

    Seems there's a lot going on and a lot to discuss... Well, we are going into a new year so let's end 2015 with a bang....

    SPEAK YOUR MIND and let's find out who wants to fix it and who wants to complain.

    It's the BOOTH ..... Don't be scared.

    Tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST/7pm PST.....

    This is an opinion based show, all opinions are welcome and every side of the discussion can and will be heard!

    CALL IN NUMBER (347)855-8752

    Feel free to call in if you have a question or a comment but please remember to press 1 so that Lauren can let me know.

    If you don't have access to a computer or Internet you can also listen by calling the number.


    It's THE BLOCK.

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    The Bully Booth

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    This is an opinion based show, all opinions are welcome and every side of the discussion can and will be heard!

    Feel free to call in: call in is (347)855-8752


    It's THE BLOCK.

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    The Bully Effect

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    Today "Live" on "The Bully Effect"

    Sharon Hendricks!  Who has wrote an anti bully childrens book! 

    "I'm 42 years old and I have always loved writing. I graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature correspondence course for writing for children and teenagers and I love reading YA fiction and horror.


    I have many ideas for my Walk a Mile in Shoes Club series, along with other works in process. I am married and I live in Pennsylvania with 3 cats." 






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    The Bully Effect

    in Lifestyle

    Today's guest:  Thomas Kos, owner of The Bee Scene!  More than just a anti bully clothing line!

    Call in...

    Listen in.

    Hosted by:  Penny Jean





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    The Bully Effect

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    Bill Ballenger, founder of Break the Grey in 2005, has dedicated his life to be a catalyst for
    change in the lives of youth who live a “grey” existence in a culture of uncertainty, a culture that
    fosters a “whatever” lifestyle that can destroy. Troubled and bullied as a child, Ballenger grew
    into a violent teenager, and became a young married father addicted to drugs and alcohol. Local
    burglaries prompted a SWAT team to raid his home where he and his wife were arrested.
    Ultimately their nine-month-old daughter was taken from them and they were each sentenced to
    six years in prison with the Indiana Department of Corrections. It was there that Bill’s life
    changed. Two years into his sentence, Ballenger and his wife were inexplicably released from
    prison and their daughter returned to them. With a passion for helping others, Ballenger shares
    his story challenging students to avoid the choices he made and take their lives and futures
    seriously. Break the Grey is the fulfillment of Ballenger’s vow to give something positive back
    to society.



    Host: Penny Jean 

    Be a voice heard around the world! 

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    The Bully Effect

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    Being Less


    In today's fast paced communications era the smallest of actions can change a life within minutes.  How do we deal with the changing face of love? How do we open the hearts of the fearful? Maybe by sharing our stories and starting a dialogue that permits people to think about what one word, one sentence, one text message or one status update can do to change the life of another human being.  Could piecing together the digital moments of a couple's life over the course of a morning with only snippets of music, binaural stimulation, and silence allow you to walk, for 12 minutes, in someone else's shoes?  What would you do?  How would you respond?  Who would you become?

    Vonyse established herself as a multimedia specialist producing comedy segments for the “New Faces” of Jamie Foxx's Laffapalooza Comedy festival, as well as being an integral contributor to brand development & marketing for the festival. She has also created online content and webpages for such brands as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Poison, Radiohead, Diana Ross, Amy Grant and more.

    In recent years Vonyse has become more involved with filmmaking. She composed the title track for the short film “Triple Minority” which Won Best Narrative International Lesbian Short Movie Award at the Annual LGBT Film Festival in Tel Aviv. She collaborated on a number of shorts, handling editing, music supervision and graphic animation. Vonyse is currently editing the feature film “Quiet As Kept”.

    “Being Less” marks the debut of Vonyse's own body of film work. And is a semi-autobiographical look at finding love and becoming fully self expressed.


    Host:  Penny Jean

    Be A Voice

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    Bully Block Radio - Every Monday Night!

    in Music

    We're back! Bully Block Radio! With Kev Green, Dayton Bodine (of Killinois Kennels) and Danny Dobobrov of iBully!

    Bully Block Radio has been on the air for over 1 year now. We talk about everything Bully Breed related but primarily the American Bullies! Wide range of topics and callers! Feel free to call in and shout out your kennel or friends! Simply call 619-639-4636 and press 1 to let us know you wanna be on the air. We are live at 9PM Central, 10 Eastern and 7 Pacific

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    The Bully Effect

    in Lifestyle

    Today "Live" on "The Bully Effect".

    Many has seen quite a bit of his posts on the Facebook Page and Twitter.  The one and only Stephen Lewis will be my guest today.  He's been helping me out with The Bully Effect for a year now.  He's been on the show once before.  But he will be joining us again to talk about his thoughts and views in the anti bully community and also in  the LGBT community.. So pleae listen or even call in with your questions! 

    Hosted By: Penny Jean



    Don't be a victim, be a voice, heard around the world!

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    The Bully Effect

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    "Live" today on "The Bully Effect"..

    Frank Palangi... Singer/Song writer.  And he's got a voice as well.  Everyone has thier story... Please listen in to his!  Hit, "Break These Chains"...

    Hosted By:  Penny Jean

    Be A Voice, Heard around the world!





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    The Bully Effect

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    Robbie Rist!  Many who grew up in the seventies may recall him as "Cousin Oliver" from "The Brady Bunch".

    Appearances in movies such as "Iron Eagle" and "Teenaged Mutan Ninja Turtles 3".  America as debated for four decades on what killed "The Brady Bunch". Many say a child actor on show for six weeks 'jumped' the shark! Hopefully we shall settle this agrument once in for all! Do child actors get bullied?  What does Robbie think of his critics all these years later?  ~ Stephen Lewis

    "Live"... Today.. On "The Bully Effect"..

    Hosted by: Penny Jean

    Special thanks going to Stephen Lewis for being such an awesome help to me!



    Don't Be a Victim, Be a Voice!