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    Personal Budgeting for the Small Business Owner

    in Finance

    Personal budgeting can be difficult for small business owners especially if their income varies from month to month.  Those of us who are self employed can also encounter difficulties when they mix their personal and business expenses.  In this episode, I'll share how to do monthly budgeting with a variable income plus additional strategies to ensure both your business and personal finances stay on solid ground.  Email your questions before or after the show to Christine@ChristineLuken.com

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    Budgeting to Wealth

    in Management

    Season 1 Episode 11
    Budgeting to Wealth, we will discuss key issues regarding Budgeting and how to begin formulating a budget to achieve financial freedom and wealth. 
    Hosted by Jeffrey Rincon and Chander Singh

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    Nerd O'clock Cosplay Show ..topic Budgeting for Cons & Cosplay in Crazy Weather

    in Fun

    The Cosplayers of Prop Troopers (www.PropTroopers.com) UNITE to bring you.... 
    Nerd O'clock! 

    A Videocast where we talk about all topics including costume making, prop building, gaming, anime, movies, music, ALL WHILE IN COSPLAY COSTUMES! 
    Tonight's Special Guest:  N. Gravewriter Cosplay and Photography


    Tonight's Topics: Budgeting for Cons & Cosplay in Crazy Weather

    LIVE VideoCast every Sunday at 9pm EST at www.videocast.Proptroopers.com  

    Audio podcast posted after the show. 


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    Talk with Trinity

    in Spirituality

    Week Four Jan 24-Jan 30

    Budgeting helps learn to have respect for money and how to value money better.  Learning to budget requires several steps including 

    1. Setting Financial Goals

    2. Planning how to accomplish goals 

    3. Creating and maintaining the steps needed to accomplish goals. 

    We will discuss feelings about money.  Learning more about patterns of money behavior.  Helping to learn how to get past early values about money.  

    What issue do you see individuals/couples facing today?*

    How exactly does this issue affect individuals/couples? What is their life like because of this issue? (Please describe in detail)*

    What, if anything, are people doing to try and resolve this issue on their own?*

    What, if anything, are people doing to try and resolve this issue on their own?* 

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    The Day| of the | Woman - Women & Their Credit

    in Christianity

    We will be talking about the importance of managing our finances wisely. What is your relationship with money and how is it affecting your life and ministry? We will explore Money Relationships with our special guest, Raquel Hinkson. In addition to being a minister of the gospel, she is also an expert in Credit Restoration.

    Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful. I Cor. 4:2

    Steward - manager of household, treasurer

    So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? - Luke 16:11

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    How to Dispute a Charge-off on Your Credit Report

    in Motivation

    In today's episode Cliffunya & Kisha will discuss what a credit charge -off is and how to dispute any inaccuracy on your credit report.

    What is a Credit Charge-off?  After a certian amount of time of non-payment creditors will write off an account balance.

     Charge-off is difficult to remove but there are ways to dispute a charge-off which may result in it being removed from your credit report .

      Unpaid charge-off can also lead to legal action (as long as the debt is within the statue of limitations).

    If the statue of limitations has ran out a debtor can no longer be sued and the debt becomes uncollectable.

    Account balance.  Has the account been transferred or sold to a collection agency?  If yes, the account balnce should show zero.

    The original creditor who has sold or transferred cannot continue to report a balance owed.

    Dispute the balance and ask for deletion.

    Always ask for a deletion of the entire account because corrected negative informaiton doesn't improve your credit score.  Keep in mind the creidt bureaus are not required to delete incorrect informaiton only to correct it.

    Areas that can be disputed:

    Open Date of Account

    Highest  Balance

    Late Payments

    Account Status

    *Remember charge-off 48 months or older are no longer being used to calcuate your credit score.

    Use caution when disputing charge-off you run the risk of lowering your credit score if the dispute returns verified as correct .

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    Jack Wang - Longhorn Financial

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Jack Wang from Longhorn Financial. Longhorn Financial is helping regular working families save without spending less, build a solid foundation, and grow their money safely.Please visit their Facebook page to learn more https://www.facebook.com/longhornfin

    To learn more about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group please visit their website at http://friendsofkevin.com

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    Building someone else’s Dream

    in Motivation

    In today's episode Cliffunya & Kisha will discuss different ways to help carry out your dreams to create financial life you desire.

    1.  Dream it- Many of our dreams swirling in our minds

    2. Believe it- You have great things inside of you

    3. See it- The vision

    4. Tell it- Let it  Go

    5.  Plan it- Have strategy

    6. Work it- Putting sometime into it

    7.  Enjoy it-  The ride

    "If you don't build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs." Tony A Gasins Jr.

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    Valentines Day On the Cheap

    in Finance

    Hey Family. Happy Early Valentines Day. I know it's Feb 14th but we are doing it early. Today I am talking about ways we can say I love you The Cheap Cheetah Way. Valentines day is a romantic and loving kinda day. One that makes you remember why you love the people you do. But it's not a expensive day like the retailers want to you think it is. Not if you do it my way. Let's talk to about Valentine on the Cheap. Join me and share your Valentines Day Money Stories



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    Wealthy Wednesday w/ Dr Minetta~ Power to Create WEALTH Series

    in Business

    "Wealthy Wednesday Empowerment" Radio with Dr. Minetta Hare.  Join me every Wednesday at 11am as I teach about WEALTH BUILDING, KINGDOM RICHES, FINANCIAL AND MONEY Management!

    2016 Theme:  "The Power to Create WEALTH! 

    Today's Topic:  MONEY TALKS Series: Do You Have the Courage to be WEALTHY?  
    Do You Want to Live that Abundant Life God Has for You?  Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business? 

    I will discuss  and reveal spiritual and financial principles on how to gain spiritual and financial wealth. How to apply Scripture Secrets to Achieve Wealth Success! 

    Radio Host/Founder/CEO:  Dr.Minetta Hare, Business Advisor & Financial Coach, Trainer & Speaker

    Power to CREATE Financial Wealth
    Wealthy Thoughts ~ Transformed Mind! 
    What is WEALTH? 
    The Importance of Multiple Streams of Income
    Power of Favor and Focus
    The Jabez Prayer. 
    Wealth Building Scriptures
    Blessing of Abraham.
    Get Financial Wisdom
    Wealth-creation, Wealth Building / Money Challenge
    Witty Inventions, Creativity and New Ideas 
    Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership 
    Budgeting and Debt Elimination

    SPEAKING AVAILABILITY: Host/Founder:  Dr. Minetta Hare, CEO/Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Wealth Coach, Author & Trainer.  
    Email:  minettahare122@gmail.com 

    EVENT:  Power to Create WEALTH Seminars and Coaching Sessions. 

    Enroll Now! INVEST IN YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS Coaching Program Today for Less $25.

    SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES:  Contact for details and information on the sponsorship packag

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    Back to Basics for 2016-8 things you need to know about money now

    in Finance

    Join host Barbie O'Connor for today's MoneySmarts4U show that is a refresher course of the 8 basics you need to remember when managing your money. Today's show covers budgeting, spending, opportunity costs, automation that can help you save, prioritization, diversification, and debt repayment. Start the New Year off right with a reminder of the financial habits that will make 2016 better for you! 

    For more MoneySmarts4u, buy the book on Amazon.  Subscribe to the show.  Like us on Facebook.  Listen in on Itunes.  Email any questions to barbie@moneysmarts4u.com.  Check out the website, www.moneysmarts4u.com.