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    2016 ROTP Comeback - When Spirits Attack

    in Spirituality

    Ever awaken with bruises or hand marks on your body and do not know where they're from? Many individuals ignore these signs of spiritual atacks untl it's too late to do something about it. Will you be a victim or a fighter?

    I have personally experienced spiritual warfare as well as witnessed numerous accounts on this topic.

    Please join me tonight as I discuss the various reasons for these assaults on mankind and what we can do about it.

    "Remember that you are not alone, Let me light your way!" ~ Syndi Lumina

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    We Carry the Light with Host Dr. Susan Allison: Healing Hands, Healing Heart with Dr. Gloria Kaye. You don’t have to believe in magic. Energy Healing is an ancient phenomenon that can be traced to Biblical times. The recent interest in Energy Healing and Alternative Medicine is growing. More and more medical schools are including energy medicine in their programs. Working with an inherited gift, today's guest, Dr. Kaye has been conducting healing sessions for over 50 years.Wounds heal up overnight. Arthritis bone abnormalities and bone spurs dissipate. Physical structure imbalances correct with the lightest fingertip touch. Chronic back pain evaporates. Bruises change color and normal coloring returns within an hour. Long-time, intractable, seemingly permanent conditions come to an end. Professional athletes see instant recovery from injuries. Even animals’ illnesses and disease disappear.If this sounds like soap opera miracles, you are mistaken. These are actual healings from the hands of Dr. Gloria Kaye, a highly regarded psychotherapist, yoga therapy pioneer, hands-on healer and UCLA Medical School lecturer on Healing Touch. She relates these and many more case histories in her eye-opening new book Healer’s Hands, Healer’s Heart. 

    Psychic Love Doctor Show with Deborah Leigh and Intuitive Co-host Daryl: What Does the New Year Hold

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    The Branden Johnson Show: Gumbo Mix

    in Motivation

    The perfect timing to discuss the newness of life and our legacy. With all the world has to offer, we have to strive for greatness to at least be good. You can expect bumps and bruises in the process are you prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented that are for you. This week we are talking about walking into your destiny. Yes, the world is smaller due to technology. Yes, the pressure of life weighs us down. Yes, our influence could be better. With all these yeses why are we saying "no" to the challenges.

    Our hope is to expose you to the keys to refreshing and rejuvinating life strategies. Equipping and empowering you toward your legacy.

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    Interview with James Kriger and Mike Guittar of Buffalo Bruises

    in Sports

    Uncensored, unfiltered, and often times unhinged, the local media outlet known as Buffalo Bruises has been making waves in the 716 for their selection of topics, and language, that speaks to the passion of any Buffalo Bills fan.  Tonight, put the kids to bed, or get out the ear muffs, because James Kriger and Mike Guittar of Buffalo Bruises will be joining the Hashtag Crew for an interview on Past Present and Future to talk about the beginning of Bruises, where the articles stem from, and the current state of the Buffalo Bills.  Join in the discussion tonight at 10pm.  If you want more information about Buffalo Bruises, you can see them and their articles on www.buffalobruises.com or follow them on twitter @BuffaloBruises


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    Abuse is more about the story than the bruises and scars left behind.

    in Relationships

    Abuse is more about the story than the bruises and scars left behind:  Leading Transformation through stories. Our Guest Loren Norris shares his past story of abuse from a male perspective.


    Acknowledging the Gifts the Creator gives us to Grow our lives & Communities. GUEST: Martha Nailah Williams


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    NFL Players And Domestic Abuse

    in Religion

    The NFL appears to have a huge problem with players committing acts of domestic abuse.  In recent weeks three NFL players found themselves at the center of controversy for abusing women in their lives.  The most notable is Ray Rice, who was seen on video knocking his wife unconscious on an elevator.  On the heels of this story is an account of Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals accused of head butting his wife and breaking her nose after she refused his sexual advances. Then there is Greg Hardy, “The Kraken”, of the Carolina Panthers.  In July, Greg Hardy was found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend and threatening to kill her. 

    These were the most notable abusive acts by NFL players against women recently.  There is another NFL player that has made the news for an abusive act.  However, in this case it wasn’t against a woman. 

    Adrian Peterson, of the Minnesota Vikings, is accused of going too far in disciplining his four year old son.  It is said that Peterson used a “switch” in disciplining his son and left bruises on the child.

    ESPN writer Kate Fagan weighed in during an interview and called on the NFL to invest millions of dollars to address the issue of domestic violence and abuse.  She even conveyed that we need to reprogram how we raise men.

    What are your thoughts on domestic violence?  Do you think it’s gotten worse over the years?  What can be done to resolve this social ill?  Does the Holy Bible offer a solution?

    Please feel free to phone into the Virtual Living room with your comments or questions.  We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    Week 9 Predictions, Greg Hardy - Domestic Violence and the NFL

    in Football

    We will be taking callers all hour long, so listen in live and call (347) 850-8627!  In the news we will give our takes on all the news of the NFL.  We will go through the NFL News and talk about the following:

    Greg Hardy had charges of Domestic Violence expunged from his record today - then photos of his victim hit the media

    No Comment From Hardy

    The NFL said they had the photos

    Belichick Good at Coin Tosses

    Jeremy Langford starts for the Bears on Monday Night Football

    After the break, we will talk Week 9 predictions!

    We will also play SHOCK THE JOCK so you can ask us ANY QUESTION, we will pick three questions to answer and Nash or Matt will LIE on one of the answers, if the audience is most correct, we will shock the liar with enough volts they will feel like they touched an electric fence.  Text 77948 and type the word text and then space, then your message.

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    Straddling The Fence: Siding With Your Purpose

    in Motivation

    11/1/15 SUNDAY @ 6:30 - 7 PM, ET // CALL IN (646) 929-0300. How often have we've straddled the fence and fell off from the take a selfie? Well, this is a sure sign you were at the wrong place at the right time and got a picture to prove it.

    If you find yourself on the fence about life changing situations, then it’s time to get your ASS ready for a hard fall.Tune in to this week’s show for tips of how to find you purpose on the better side of the fence.  

    Special guestQUEEN MISTY of THE INITIATIVE RADIO NETWORK will help us help you #ELEVATE to avoid the bumps and bruises of being on the fence. 

    VISIT https://vibrateandelevate.blogspot.com for our weekly blog .

    If you're still on the fence after listening to the show or just need to get ELEVATED with the right VIBE, call us for our signature consultations. Let us bring our experience of elevating the mind body and soul to your situation >>>>Call or Text 786.972.8695 to schedule a consultation with Miss Latoya Byrd, Z. Marie or our V&E Coaches


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    Domestic Violence: it is not always a bruise

    in Entertainment

    The bruises tell all the story that someone got hit... BUT WHY.

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest: Shannon Baskin

    in Politics

    One Of The Most Bizarre Cases Of Injustice You Will Ever Hear:   Shannon Baskin An Abused Mother - Has Filed A Law Suit Against The Judge Who Presided Over Her Custody Case

    Judge Roper Gave Custody Of Her Daughter To An Ex-Boyfriend Who Has No Biological Or Legal Ties To The Daughter Whatsoever

    The Ex-Boyfriend Has Had A History Of Domestic Violence - He even slammed the very daughter who he has custody of against a door - Paralyzing her her face for several months - But Judge Roper Claims That Shannon Baskin Made It All Up.

    The Pictures Are Real - The Bruises Are Real - The Pain Is Real - What Isnt Real -  Is The Justice Far Too Many Parents And Children Are Not Receiving From The Hands Of Our Corrupt Family Court

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    Church Unusual With Pastor Cynthia Robinson

    in Spirituality

        This week on Church Unusual we will be talking about Domestic Violence. The title for the show is "When did submissive become Abuse. Too many woman are going home to a house that is full of abuse and confussion. In one breathe they say they love you but in the next they are slapping you.  I had a friend who was a MInister's wife. She was so happy when they first got married but as time went by and she started having his children the verbal and emotional abuse turn physical . She would go to church with bruises on her face and no one wouls say a word. She is the first lady yes but she needed help and the church failed her. She did get out thank you God but the scars of the emotional abuse from the church was with her for years. Let's come and talk about.

    I am honoed to have  as a  co-host Taryn Booker the  Founder @ M.A.D.V Ministries Against Domestic Violence. She is a wonderful woman of God ,an Advocate and a  victorious survivor. You will receive encouragement and enlightment from this daughter of God.

    In Ephesians 5:22  it says Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. But also in Ephesians 5:25  it says Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; . If this is true should a husband lay down his life for his wife. Come on saints let's talk .


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