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    Abuse is more about the story than the bruises and scars left behind.

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    Abuse is more about the story than the bruises and scars left behind:  Leading Transformation through stories. Our Guest Loren Norris shares his past story of abuse from a male perspective.


    Acknowledging the Gifts the Creator gives us to Grow our lives & Communities. GUEST: Martha Nailah Williams


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    Join us again for another uncensored show!!!

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    Host: Alisha Cole

    Guest Speaker: Dr. Pat Coney

    Dr. Pat Coney is an anointed minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has gifted her with the ability to translate spiritual bible truths, into present day situations to simplify the revelation of His kingdom, in a way that the saints can practically apply its principles in their daily lives. Under the anointing, her “down-to-earth” and fundamental approach to preaching and teaching the Word of God has brought understanding and deliverance to many.

    She has a passion for motivating others to seek the Will of God for living a fulfilled and productive life. Pat seems to gravitate to ministering to emotionally abused and hurting woman. She enjoys the pleasure of helping them to find healing and restoration from the bruises and disappointments they’ve encountered throughout their life experiences. She encourages and motivates women and young ladies alike, to live a full and productive life through God’s Word, Grace and Love. From that passion she founded, “Complete Woman Ministries”. A ministry dedicated to the edification, empowerment and celebration of primarily, the Christian woman.

    Pat was ordained in 1996 by her father in the ministry, the late, Apostle Dr. Kenneth L. Green, Sr. and received an honorary Doctorate in Theology from the Shekinah Glory College of the Bible. She is currently completing the task of earning her Bachelors of Arts and Science degree in Communications from Dallas Baptist University of Texas. She received her 13 years of hands-on ministry training from the Messiah Full Gospel Bible Fellowship Church of Los Angeles, California, where she served as; Superintendent of Christian Education, an Associate Pastor and Director of the Women’s Ministry; and from Paradise Baptist Church where she grew up and ministered in various capacities of music and church leadership for more than 20 years.


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    The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Dybbuk Box

    in Paranormal

    Shaun and Nathan face the Dybbuk curse when the interview author and owner of the Dybbuk Box Jason Haxton. Jason tells us how he got the box, what has happened since he became the owner and why he keeps it.

    Follow up – at the end of the interview Nathan and Shaun wrap up so Nathan can leave the interview. Nathan’s eye had swollen shot, he had welts forming all over his face and had a fist size bruise on his back. Was it the Dibbuk box? We can’t say for sure but there were no signs of any outbreaks or bruises before the interview.


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    First Lady Marlyn Tyson on The Morning Glory International Voices of Hope

    in Self Help

    This week join Minister Kim, Family & Friends as they welcome First Lady Maryln Tyson once again to the show. She'll bring us a gleam of Hope from Winterville, NC. First Lady Tyson will discuss with us the mission to see women healed from their broken hearts, delivered from their captivity, released from their own blindness and liberated from their bruises.

    Do you know some women and men who are broken hearted today? Are they the people that you try the hardest to avoid due to their demeanor, attitudes and outlook on life? This is the show you must invite them too!!

    Call in this Saturday @ 9amEST to join our conversation... 347-857-1295!!! Like us on Facebook.com/themorninggloryIVOHope



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    What's New in Real Estate with Nell Watts, Realtor

    in Real Estate

    I'll be discussing a great program for home buyers that's available in St. Louis and other cities in the United States. The program is called NACA. With NACA, buyers with bumps and bruises on their credit can qualify for low interest rates, and I will discuss how you can even purchase a home with a zero interest rate!

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Mary A. Perez. She'll be stopping by the Author Chat Show to 'chat' with me about her book, Running in Heels: A Memoir of Grit & Grace, as part of her WNL book tour.

    About the author:

    More than a memoir—this book is a promise of hope for anyone who was abandoned as a child, to anyone who woke up hungry and went to bed hungrier every day, for every wife who has loved a husband who left bruises on her heart and on her body.
    Somewhere between stealing cold cuts from stray cats and watching a stranger leave her mother’s bed after breaking in through their bedroom window, Mary figured out that her family was dirt poor. Worse than her empty stomach, she was hungry for acceptance and love. She thought she found it when her baby sister was born and she became her “mommy”, taking care of her needs as best she could at the age of seven. Then she had to say goodbye over a small white casket.

    About the book:

    Running in Heels is a memoir of the grit and grace that carried a young girl through the shadows of her mother’s choices and on through an abusive marriage. Mary A. Pérez narrates an incredible story of survival in the face of hopelessness, and learning to forgive against all odds. A story of coming of age, and coming into grace.


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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1038

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Shaunda Gilleland from Collinsville, Oklahoma, a child abuse survivor and single mother who shares she knows she's not yet worked enough on herself. Shaunda's mom was a drug addict and alcoholic who worked nights as a nurse and would leave her two kids in the evenings with her boyfriend. Shaunda was beaten and molested many times by the man, and he threatened to kill her if she ever told. But her bruises were noticed in daycare and she became a foster care child. Eventually she was successfully adopted, but the trauma from her youth dramatically effected her later. She drank and got involved with a series of "the wrong men," one of who raped her, causing a pregnancy and miscarriage. By 21 she was married to a man who drank all the time. She decided she was going to fix him and after numerous bad incidents the two began attending AA and Al-Anon 12 Step programs, together and apart. He began drinking again and she felt like she wasn't good enough. "I ended up cheating on him," Shaunda shares, "I was lost and weak and the guy showed me attention." The couple was divorced. "To be honest I always thought that people who had vivid emotions about their abuse were weak. They where deciding to be the victim," she admits thinking. "I have gone through life telling my story as if it belonged to someone else. Until today." She goes on, "I'm learning that its ok to have fear, feel dirty, feel unwanted. One of my biggest issues in life today is that I have no emotions." Shaunda is reaching out for help, but knows she's had some successes, too. "I started a business 2 years ago. It makes happy and excited. It's something that can't be taken away from me." And she goes on, "My son is now 6, and in my world he loves me regardless."

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    The Reality of Domestic Violence.....

    in Romance

    Definitely a topic none of us really want to talk about.....but something that needs to be discussed. So much needs to be said that can't fit into a paragraph.I encourage everyone to tune in, even if you've never experienced abuse in a relationship......chances are you know someone, even if you aren't aware. You never know who you can help just by sharing your story or lending a listening ear. We have a special guest joinging us this Wednesday at 10p EST, who's going to share her experience. Sometimes people are encoraged to seek help just by listening to someone else's story and if this show does nothing else, I hope it gives someone strength. 

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    Live Chat:Medicine Woman talks about the power of SHINE BUSH AND LEAF OF LIFE

    in Health

    Heal-thy Information:SHINE BUSH AND LEAF OF LIFE
    Shine Bush (Peperomia Pelucida) This herb has been used widely in the Caribbean and other parts of the world, as a cure for ALL and is often referred to as- INFLAMMATION BUSH; because of its efficacy in the treatment of inflammation. The herb is one of the most potent Female herbs and has been implemented in the treatment of many Female (womb) troubles.Shine Bush is against problems affecting the eyes such as CATARACT and extracts from this herb has been used in many EYE drops.

    MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Opthalmicum, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, expectorant, hepatic and nutritive.Leaf of Life ( Kalanchoe Pinnata) Leaf of life has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used extensively in the treatment of respiratory tract infections especially ASTHMA. It has been widely used as a tonic and a body builder, eaten raw, tea or juiced. Leaf of life has been implemented in the alleviation of mucus congestion in children, young & older adults. The leaves are warmed and the sap is squeezed into the ears for earache and the heated leaves are also used to treat sprains, bruises, ulcers, and arthritis.MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Expectorant, tonic, analgesic, stomachic and nutritive.CHORDOPHONE—BROUGHT TO SPAIN BY AN AFRICAN NAME ZERIAB
    He created the first 4 strings of the chordophone—which is today’s Violin/Guitar.The Chordophone was used to un-clog or balance the Liquid Systems of the body; Mucous, Phlegm, Hormones, and Blood. The Chordophone is placed over the body and the sound of the strings would open –up the clogged or un-balance system.
    Zeriab ALSO created the 5th string like the (fifth element), known as “INVISIBLE LIQUID “origin of the Universe; which heals the whole entire body & systems. call in with question 661-467-2407 www.crsradio.com.(c) copyright all rights reserved 2015


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    Survivors World - Emotional Abuse, the bruises you can't see

    in Self Help

    It is our Survivors World night and we are talking about the bruises you can't see, the control strings our parents & partners use to keep us in 'line'. You are not a puppet on strings. You have value & You are capable of living without them. Call in at 347-215-7754 or connect in our chatroom with our volunteers. Show starts at 9pm eastern/ 8pm central/ 7pm mountain/ 6m pacific time. We welcome men, women & most certainly teens. Emotional abuse is a vile destruction of the person you were intended to be, but you do not have to give them this power!!

    On this show we are looking at the studies on this type of harm, but more importantly we want to hear about your experiences. Did your parents commonly use the word 'Stupid' to describe you as a person? Did/does your patner or spouse have you believing that you have absolutely no identity without them, that you are completely incapable of achieving/completing the slighest small task? Are you constantly struggling to see yourself in a mirror, some reflection of a person who does exist? You are invited to come share this with us as we open up our phones to hear your voice!!

    Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio is a community outreach broadcast production of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. Our shows are in no way intended as any form of legal, therapeutic, or psychological professional service. Visit our site for resources or information about our entire recovery & support. Together we are connecting hearts & holding hands of help around the world. Providing services to help victims, survivors & families dealing with some form of past or present abuse, violence or trafficking issue. We always have community resource education and prevention tools. www.butterflydreamsabuserecovery.com Fndr/Owner/CEO Patricia 'Trish' McKnight "My Justice"