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    The Mind Of A Bronx Teacher

    in Education

    The guest will be me, The Bronx Teacher. Hey, I have interviewed many a guest, many a newsmaker, but this Tuesday, May 17, @ 9 PM EDT I will fly solo and rant and maybe rave and open up with what is on my mind.
    Why is it that I do what I do?
    Why do I feel that E4E (Educators4Excellence) is evil?
    Why is Ruben Brosbe a douchebag?
    Why do I pick on Whintey Tilson?
    There will be some attempted surprises as well.
    So tune in this Tuesday night at 9 PM EDT and listen and be fascinated.
    Call in # 917 932 8721

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    Up-incoming Bronx NY rap artist Black Grim interview

    in Podcasting

    Rapbrownn's hip-hop Showcase is proud to have rap music's next budding superstar Black Grim.Grim is a Mc from the Bronx who could make it in any era.His new hit single See No Evil is a street banger that will get all the hip-hop heads reminiscing to the better years of rap.With head nodding beats,and take no prisoner lyrics hip-hop is in great hands,Hip-Hop is back!!!!So tune in as we give u radio revolution.

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    The Mind Of A Bronx Teacher

    in Education

    On Friday, February 10 we welcome Debra Stern, founder and director of the Amani "Public" Charter School in Mt Vernon NY. http://www.amanicharter.org
    For the first time ever we take the show on the road which will be broadcast live from the Deja Brew Cafe in Mt Vernon NY. http://www.facebook.com/DejaBrewCafe
    Debar is a adjunct professor at Concordia College. She has earned a BS at Cornell University and a MS from the College of New Rochelle, a member of the Mount Vernon Public Library Board of Trustees, and a founding President of the Mount Vernon Public Library Foundation.
    Pete Zucker, aka The Bronx Teacher works at PS 154, District 7 in The Bronx. He has been employed by the NYC DOE for 16 years and currently blogs about education on his blog; South Bronx School; http://www.southbronxschool.com He also blogs for the Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/peter-zucker

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    “Buffalo, Bronx and Basements”

    in Radio

    Taking it to the Streets with your host Christopher Naum and regular guest Joe Pronesti for a conversation and remembrance- “Buffalo, Bronx and Basements”

    Join us on Tuesday evening August 25th at 7:30pm ET on; Taking it to the Streets with your host Christopher Naum and regular guest Joe Pronesti for a conversation and remembrance- “Buffalo, Bronx and Basements” on Firefighternetcast.com

    The live on-line program will focus on operational insights and the Lessons from the Fireground from the August 24, 2009 Double Line of Duty Deaths of Buffalo (NY) FD Lt. Charles “Chip” McCarthy and Firefighter Jonathan S. Croom and the August 27, 2006 Double Line of Duty Death of FDNY Lt. Howard Carpluk, of Engine 42 and Firefighter Michael Reilly, of Engine 75.

    Links are provided here:

    ·         FirefigherLeadership.com: http://www.firegroundleadership.com/2015/08/24/lessons-from-the-fireground-buffalo-new-york-genesee-street-fire/

    ·         FDNY August 27, 2007: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/fire/pdfs/face200627.pdf

    ·         Buffalo (NY) FD August 24, 2009: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/fire/pdfs/face200923.pdf





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    Empress Simone Shares Her Book, Geena - A Bronx Chick’s Story

    in Writing

    Empress Simone credits her parents for giving her the drive to pursue her dreams. A lifelong resident of the Bronx in New York City, Empress Simone devotes her time to family, education, and writing. 

    During childhood Empress Simone realized she loved to write and would pen plays, song lyrics, poems, and short stories. She wishes to throw her hat in the editing arena and help bring fellow-authors visions and literary work to readers and supporters. An Administrative Assistant she is passionate about her love for others and tries to help in any capacity that she can. Empress Simone, an avid reader and old school Hip-hop fan, is also a budding genealogist who extensively studies and researches her ancestors/family history.

    Excerpt from Geena: A Bronx Chick’s Story

    Meet Geena Samuels, a single mother raising two sons in one of New York City’s toughest boroughs. This Bronx Story is nothing like you’ve ever witnessed before. Geena encounters violence and betrayal from those who claim to love her most. She is on a roller coaster ride of a struggle to make ends meet and find true love with emotions raging between love and anger that sometimes lead to war.

    During it all the one saving grace seem to be Geena’s sponsor who helps with the bills and Geena’s expensive shopping habits. However his real intentions are covered by the financial security he provides. Will Geena survive the game, or the web of deceit her best friend Abby or Sponsor have woven, or will naivety and greediness be the cause of her demise?

    Visit Empress Simone at: www.Facebook.com/AuthorEmpressSimoneQuick 

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    The Mind Of A Bronx Teacher

    in Education

    The Mind of a Bronx Teacher will not be on this Tuesday night. Rather, we are going to air Wednesday night, August 17 at 9 PM EDT so we can have a special guest.
    The one, the only, the indisputable, the indispensable Robert D. Skeels of California will be live!!!
    Robert writes the solidaridad blog which can be found at;  http://rdsathene.blogspot.com/ . You can also find him on Twitter @rdsathene
    We will discuss why the billiaonaires find education so attractive, Bill GAtes, Whitney Tilson, and more importantly how we as teachers can fight back!
    Robert is  a social justice writer, public education advocate, and immigrant rights activist. He lives, works, writes, and organizes in Los Angeles with his wife and cats.
    Robert is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and a proud member of Veterans for Peace.
    He attended Glendale Community College and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), majoring in Classical Civilization.
    Robert is a committed member of both Coalition for Educational Justice and the International Socialist Organization. In addition to advancing working class struggles, Robert is an adherent of Liberation Theology.
    He devotes much time towards volunteer work for 12 step, church, and homeless advocacy. Robert’s articles and essays have appeared in publications including Schools Matter, CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Daily Censored, Echo Park Patch, The Los Angeles Daily News, and Socialist Worker.
    Robert not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He is a fighter, a true fighter for those that need a hand, for those without hope.We teachers are lucky to have Robert on our side.
    The call in # is 917 932 8721

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    Hiphop artist Jae Rellz & Lisa Bronx join me on HOT16REALTALK

    in Entertainment

    Hiphop artist Jae Rellz & Lisa Bronx join me on HOT16REALTALK thurs at 7:30pm This husband and wife team,have been putting it down in the boogie down Bronx.Bringing back that 90's sound,With a lyrical flow second to none,and hardcore street beats to match its only a matter of time before Jae Rellz & Lisa Bronx are household names.The game could use it.

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    in Hip Hop Music

    Join us as we break bread with our Special Featured Guest Bronx Native Lyricist "QUEEN PANAMA REDD."  The Bronx and New York City world famous DJ's been spinning her first "Get Em Off Me" and "Two Steps" from state to state.  We recently caught up with Queen Panama Redd during her promotional tour in Charlotte, NC.  During our meet and greet she blazed several venues that left the people wanting more.  Others were stunned with whose that Panama Redd and she FIRE!!!  Several others placed her on the same level as one of Hip Hop Greatest Female Lyricist, Mc Lyte! 

    We are honored to get the chance to conduct our exclusive breaking of the bread with her.  If you thought the Best of Hip Hop Female Lyricist were of the past, well, get REDDY FOR THE FUTURE, QUEEN PANAMA REDD IS MELTING THE M.I.C.'S!!!

    Be sure to spread the word and request her on your favorite Hip Hop radio stations.  THE QUEEN IS HERE!!

    For more information visit Queen Panama Redd social media sites :

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    1PM (est) The Jumah Khutbah, Imam Musa Abdul Ali, Masjid Sabur, Bronx, NY / IWDM

    in Islam

    1pm - The Jumah Khutbah will be performed by the Imam from Masjid Yusuf Shah... Imam MUSA ABDUL ALI.  He will be giving the Khutbah from Masjid Sabur in THE BRONX, NY. 


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    The Mind Of A Bronx Teacher

    in Education

    This Tuesday night, December 21 at 9 PM history will again be made! The Mind of a Bronx Teacher takes its first foray to the south as we welcome our first administrator as a guest. John Robinson a high school principal from Newton, NC will join us live. John, also know as @21stprincipal on Twitter also blogs at http://the21stcenturyprincipal.blogspot.com/

    As always, the call in # is 917 932 8721

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    The Mind Of A Bronx Teacher

    in Education

    Tonight, Mona Davids of NY Charter Parents is our guest. Yes, first Mona, then Grundfest, and now back to Mona. But this is sure to be riveting. Mona is very outspoken, and loves to share her opinion. Listen as we talk about the hedge fund gnomes, deformers, Joel Klein, and Mayor BloombergThe call in # is: (917) 932-8721