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    Memphis Broke or playing Broke

    in Lifestyle

    Memphis always seem to come up with money when our mayor or city counsel wants something but when the city needs something we are broke for some reason,. They are saying we can't afford our police or fireman but we can afford everything else... We will be all over this tonight so tune in and join the conversation from 7pm to 9pm plus I have some stories from across the nation that you just might want to hear 

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    Rich Cheater or Loyal broke Lover

    in Comedy

    It`s been a little minute yeah I know but we back and we got a lot on our mind, but lemme ask you a question? What do you look for out of your relationship, what's more important "The Loyalty or Wealth" ? Would you rather be with someone who is loyal but is financially unstable or have that 1 who can get you whatever you want or need with no hesitation and loves you unconditionally but can't seem t  stay faithful? HMMMM, call in discuss ya opinion we want to know I mean it is a recession them checks looking nice so what are you willing to deal with ? Tune in for laughs jokes and a good time you don't want to miss it.

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    2 Broke Bloggers: The Debut Episode

    in Entertainment

    Sammi is from TVGrapevine. Mandi is from 3 Ice Cubes. Together they are 2 Broke Bloggers living the dream, one crazy adventure at a time. Join them as they take the entertainment world by storm.
    Today's episode: The introduction, the week in entertainment.

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    Are People Broke?!

    in Entrepreneur

    Are people broke? Where is our society really at financially? Is it me, and my products that they are not purchasing? Is it a need vs. want-thing? Are people not spending on luxuries, or just not at all? Basically, is the money being held tightly, right now, or is it just not there? That's what we are wondering, lately!

    Join The Business Hippies, Earl & Hannah Tiffin for a frank discussion on this weeks topic: Are People Broke. The Tiffin's own and operate several businesses, including: The Legacy Coalition, The Business Hippies, TopFloor Music, and their many subsidiary and sister businesses.

    Earl is a professional musician, booking agent, educator, and writer. He has enjoyed regional success as a bandleader, sideman, and percussion educator. He recently, with his wife Hannah, has slowed down the pace of live performances, and set up some percussion-based programs: Earth Rhythms, Couples Drumming, etc.

    Hannah is a professional painter, artist, writer and educator. Her artwork is enjoying interest nationally! She produces original pieces, and her healing tree line, as well as prints, greeting cards, fabrics, and household items. She has recently started working as a success coach for at risk youth.

    The Business Hippies typically broadcasts on Wednesdays on BlogTalk Radio

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    Only Broke People Have A Mortgage

    in Real Estate

    If you have a mortage on your home, guess what ?

    You Are Broke !

    Today on "It's My House"  we shall discuss how a "mortgage" is a tool of  "Weaponized Banking". To a very high degree mostly "broke" people will get a mortgage on their homes.  Over all people who do not have cash apply for credit to make up the difference of what they do not have.  To get debt free we need to model what some of the wealthiest families on the planet have done and that is organize their own "Family Bank" to meet any of their credit needs and get debt free.


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    Broke Mack Mountain

    in News

    Broke Mack Mountain

  • 00:41

    SwCA Episode 191: Be EASY To Work With (or be broke).

    in Business

    SITE: http://www.courtneyanderson.com/swca-episode-191-financial-fierceness-series-be-easy-to-work-with-or-be-broke.html


    SHOW NOTES: Our FINANCIAL FIERCENESS!™ series integrates our financial goals into our development plan for surpassing our goals. We deal with the specific issues we need to explore in order to achieve (and surpass) our financial goals. This episode is, "Be EASY To Work With (or be broke)."


    What does this episode title mean?


    1) You want money. People want to give you money. Why make it hard for them to do so?


    One of the challenges that all professionals face is frustration at the self-sabotaging behaviors that some humans implement. The intersection of income and attitude is one of the most difficult for me to personally understand. I have worked as a mentor, coach, corporate trainer, speaker, consultant and attorney with people who lament their income. “I don’t make enough money!” “They don’t pay me what I am worth!” “My business is not doing well!” 

    Their frustration often stems from the fact that people build artificial blockades between their stated goal and their current situation. In other words, the most simple analysis is that the person wants money and someone else wants to give money away (by hiring an employee, purchasing a good or service, etc.). 

    2) We have all been on the side of the equation when we have money and are doing everything that we can to give it away and we are prevented from doing so. We walk into a store to purchase an item and no one that works there will help us. We walk into a restaurant to purchase food and drink and no one will seat us or serve our table. We desperately need more staff members for our business (we are swamped with more work than we can handle!), yet the applicants are late or don’t show up at all. We have to pay

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    Our Broke Desperate Seniors!

    in Lifestyle

    How can we save the next generation when our Seniors are broke and have nothing to pass-down to families.  What does this mean to the youngest children?  

  • 01:28

    Don't Date If You're Broke

    in Relationships

    Some guys without a dime to their names approach women giving them their best game.  Because things are different in 2015, sometimes it works,  However, for those with standards, it does not.  I'm not saying you have to buy a woman's affection.  I am saying that if a couple wants to be able to enjoy themselves then the more disposable income they have the more opportunities.  The last thing most women want is to have to pay every time they go somewhere or not be able to go because he's broke.  However...

    I'm not just speaking to the guys.  Don't date if you're broke goes for women, too!  Just because men traditionally take the lead doesn't mean that you can sit around and not contribute.  Sure, it takes money to look nice for your dates, but men don't want to feel like they have to buy your time.  That's exactly what will happen if you don't reciprocate now and then.  And I'm not talking about sex because if you think that sex is acceptable reciprocation for someone buying you a meal then you're a hooker.  Yeah, I said it.  So, don't complain if he eventually treats you like one.  

    These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 435

    Scheduled for 90 mins.



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    Busting Vegas Broke

    in Entertainment

    Talking going to Vegas on the CHEAP!!

  • 00:17

    Go Fore Broke founder Verby Nix stops by #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Verby Nix of Go Fore Broke to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss how his idea took shape into the golf attire company that he has today. www.goforebroke.com