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    Talking to Devon Live from Bristol

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    We are talking to Devon live from Bristol Motor Speedway.

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    Travel Today - Hotel Le Bristol

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    This week's Travel Today podcast with Peter Greenberg comes from the historic Hotel Le Bristol in Paris, France. Greenberg sits down with Vanity Fair  Travel Editor, Victoria Mather, to discuss what constitues a Palace Hotel...surprisingly, it depends on laundry! Then, Father Sebastiaan takes us on a macbre journey through Paris' landmarks. The fangsmith and historian guides us through some of the presumed haunted areas of town and why they have become known as spooky spots.

    Also joining him is the Le Bristol's mixologist, Maxime Hoerth, who explains the secrets of the hotel's signature champagne cocktail called 365.

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    Hosted by Tony Gosling and "Old Labour" Martin Summers the "Friday Drivetime" show broadcasts live from the award winning Bristol Community FM 93.2 radio station.

    This latest episode, June 20, 2014, covers commentary and investigative analysis on Great Britain and the world.

    1st Hour: Glenn Greenwald on RTE about a year of Edward Snowden revelations: Potential new leader of the European Union. Cameron may fail to stop Jean-Claude Juncker getting EU president job – but is the EU democratic? Avon & Somerset Police Chief Constable, Nick Gargan, and gross misconduct – he was also part of Lady Diana inquiry in Paris but was suspended from that. Why and what does he know? Benefit assessment firm ATOS has been found to lie in getting the DWP contract by Public Accounts Committee, about ability to fulfil contracts – delayed assessments and payments; Work Programme found worse at getting disabled people to work than previous system – Universal Credit catastrophe, 'bailing out the rich and kicking the poor in the teeth'; ... Bristol Port Authority, cash for questions (barrage); Iran hanging and jailing billionaire bankers for banking fraud; UK spooks say monitoring of social media legal because companies based abroad; interview with Glenn Greenwald on surveillance state from RTE (Irish radio).

    2nd Hour: Investigative reports: Iraq and ISIS – Syrian revolutionary soldiers, weapons from Saudi Arabia and Qatar paid for by west. Was Iranian nuclear threat fabricated by Israel and America? PMQs Iraq Chilcot Inquiry. Ukraine – two Russian journalists killed, Russian gas supply stopped, Foreign Minister sacked. with Daphne Havercroft from SWWHAG & Mike Birkin from South West Friends of the Earth (FOE).

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    Bristol Radio Drive Time

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    Lectures, book interviews and thought provoking programming that goes beyond the traditional Sunday media religious and sports extravaganzas.


    Program Summary (as broadcast in the U.K.  11 April 2014, Bristol Community Radio, 93.2fm):

    "Old Labour" Martin Summers & Bristol Co-op's community radio "Friday Drivetime" host Tony Gosling take a deep historical look at tooth & fang capitalist economics within an English historical context that is deliberately missing from the mainstream media.

    "Science progresses funeral by funeral." - Max Plank



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    Special on Snowden and Bristol Palin, replay of Pat Buchanan and Bill Richardson

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    This second of three special holiday shows starts with special statements on the recent Christmas statement by Eric Snowden on NSA Surveillance and the statement Bristol Palin put on her blog supporting Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.

    Then we replay two fan favorite interviews, the one with Pat Buchanan on Putin and his role in the recent Syria issues and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson on his new book How to Sweet-Talk a Shark: Strategies and Stories from a Master Negotiator. 

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    1st HOUR: Law and Disorder Radio is a weekly, independent radio program airing on several stations across the United States and broadcasting on the web. Law and Disorder gives listeners access to rare legal perspectives on issues concerning civil liberties, privacy, right to dissent and the horrendous practices of torture exercised by the US government. This program examines the political forces and legislation that are moving the United States into a police state.

    2nd Hour: A rare archival recording from Bristol (U.K.) Broadband Cooperative. David Barsamian of Alternative Radio originally produced this prescient hit lecture. About the lecturer: Philip Agee was a former Central Intelligence Agency officer who served in Latin America. After resigning from the CIA he lectured and wrote on the Agency's clandestine operations. His activities were not unnoticed. Ex CIA Director and later President Bush the first called Agee "a traitor to our country." He is the author of "Inside the Company: CIA Diary" and "On the Run." He died in Cuba in January 2008.

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    What's the matter with Kansas? "The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy recently reported that Kansas has the ninth-most unfair tax system in the country.  A Kansan earning $47,700 a year pays 9.5 percent of income in state and local taxes; but someone earning $1,191,700 pays an effective rate of just 3.6 percent."

    So much for the 'trickle down' libertarian economic theories masterminded by; the Wichita plutocrats Charles & David Koch, and implemented by Gov. Sam Brownback and his super-majority in the state legislature.

    Program Summary: 21 Feb. 2015

    Kansas legislative news shorts provided by the Kansas National Organization of Women, the Kansas Democratic Party, Kansas Farmers Union, local news media, etc.

    Hear what committee chief is holding up Medicaid expansion in Kansas, and why.  Also the latest last ditch attempt to keep irrigating federally subsidized crops in the Kansas southwestern desert.

    2nd Hour - Hear the latest from "across the pond" (released for distribution 20 Feb. 2015) from investigative reporter, Tony Gosling & "Old Labour" Martin Summer as they host from the U. K.'s Bristol community radio station the "Friday Drivetime" show. 

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    Chris Carley - Learn how to own your own backyard? Hosted by Peter Mingils

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    Chris Carley - Learn how to own your own backyard?

    At the end of a seminar she attended the speaker told her to go get the book: Think and Grow Rich. she was angry, "how could a book about thinking teach me how to become successful?"  All she wanted to know was HOW!

    She didn’t know where  she was going  to get her rent money that month, and not having the money to buy the book, she went to the library and not only checked out that book, but saw an old, old book: The Magic Of Believing by Claude Bristol and two other books he wrote and checked them out too.  She devoured those books and they lead her to more books on  advertising where she learned if you had FREE SAMPLES in your advertising and Money - back guarantee, the people calling your ads would triple.  The books taught her  HOW  TO  negotiate an ad, how to test a small $8.00 ad and turn it into thousands of dollars.

    She learned that if an ad paid for itself, to not only kept it in, to called the newspapers and ran the city next to where you live and to negotiated a better price than the salesman quote you because the books taught her they were on commission.  She learned to OWN HER OWN BACKYARD!, that if you advertised in your own zip code, meet the people, helped them, they went out and helped others.  Her success was fast.  

     She learned to OWN HER OWN BACKYARD!

    Don't forget to read her new book...... The Millionaire Within Us.by Chris Carley. at: Chris-Carley.com.

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    Roads of Destiny: Russell Chapman

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    On Today's Episode, you will meet…(Russell Chapman)

    Born in Erith Kent at the end of 1957, Russell Chapman moved to the Cathedral City of Canterbury at age five. Here he attended the local grammar school. He studied mathematics at Bristol University followed by successful careers in accounting, sales and marketing.

    Married in 1989 to Dianne, they and their cat live in a small village in West Cornwall. Russell’s extensive travel experience includes cruising on the QE2, flying on Concord and riding the Orient Express.

    Writing and publishing a book was a long held ambition. Early in 2014, circumstances gave him the time to start work on his first novel. Doctors diagnosed his father with a terminal illness, giving Russell the motivation to write Roads of Destiny. He wanted to finish the book before his father died; it was not to be.

    Today we will be discussing his new book: Roads of Destiny

    For Info:

    Web site: http://gaiagods.com/my-books/roads-of-destiny-first-chronicle-of-gaia/

    Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00OE9IABE

    Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/roads-of-destiny-mr-russell-chapman/1120905954?ean=9780692357323

    Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/5008511

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    How Safe is your Trademark? with Attorney Erica Bristol Esq.

    in Current Events

    Join Nicky Dare with a returning guest, Ms. Erica Bristol Esq, discussing some of the current issues on Intellectual Property rights, and Trademark rights, particularly in Washington Redskin controversy.


    Guest Speaker: Ms. Erica Bristol, Esq.

    Ms. Bristol, an attorney and commercial mediator specializing in Intellectual Property (copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent), Business Contracts/Transactions and Commercial/Residential Real Estate-related disputes.  She received her law degree from the UCLA School of Law in 1999, and served as corporate in-house counsel for over 11 years. She has been a commercial mediator for over 7 years. 

    She currently serves as a Panel Mediator for the United States District Court, Central District of California, mediating intellectual property disputes for the Court.  She is also a Panel Mediator for the Santa Barbara Superior Court and the California Association of REALTORS®' Buyer/Seller Mediation Program.   Ms. Bristol is a member of the Southern California Mediation Association, the American Intellectual Property Law Association, the Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association, the Intellectual Property and Litigation sections of the State Bar of California and a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.






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    Buying a Newly Constructed Home Part II

    in Finance

    Join me and my guest's as we discuss Buying a Newly Constructed Home

    Zachary Stamper, Vice President

    Crescent Building Group

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