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    Bridging The Gap

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    Have you ever wondered how to bridge the gap between you and the youth? Join us as we discuss just how to do that with Sindy Eugene of Global Youth Empowerment Movement Inc.

    Call in with your questions at 347.857.1295

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    Adrienne Hatcher is an Active Guard Reserve CPT in the Missouri Army National Guard currently assigned to a Major Slot.  Adrienne commissioned in 2005 and was sent in support of Hurricane Katrina clean up as a team leader for a peace keeping/patrol missions in the French quarter. Shortly thereafter, she attended Survival Evasion Resistance Escape C+, Dunker School, and then attended Flight school XXI. She graduated with the advanced aircraft of the AH-64 D/Apache Longbow and then transitioned back to the AH-64A. While completing readiness level progression, supporting several state emergency duties, and working temporary active duty operational support, she pursued and received her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She has served as a line company platoon leader, line company commander, Battalion S4, and Brigade Assistant S3, and currently is assigned to the State Aviation Office. After the unit received AH64-D block II aircraft, she deployed with them to Afghanistan and has supported mission sets that include special operation missions, convoy security, route reconnaissance, escort missions, as well as quick reaction force responses. Shortly after her return from deployment, CPT Hatcher transitioned to the UH-72/Lakota due to the National Guard losing Apaches to the Active Component.  Adreinne is the Executive Director/Founder of a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports U.S. Veterans and service members called Combat Boots and High Heels.

    Melissa Grable served in the army from October 2008 until January of 2011. She was a signal support system specialist, basically communications.She also deployed to Iraq in 2009 with 1st Calvary division. She returned in November of 2009.Melissa is contributing her story to female veterans in the hopes that her military experience will help females deal with their problems and issues. She wants them to be able to know what to do.

  • FemVets: Bridging the Gap...

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    We want to bring voices to female veterans everywhere and network our resources. We wish to encourage all women veterans to strand up, be proud and claim their right to call themselves VETERANS.

    Our hosts:

    Heather is a veteran of the Navy she spent 9 years in service with 5 years on the USS Briscoe. Since her honorable discharge, she has had 2 loving children and is presently living in Michigan. She has major depressive order and PTSD.

    Mary is also a Navy Veteran. Adopted at birth and living in foster homes she joined the Navy to become independent. She was stationed in Washington DC as an Intelligence Spec\ialist. She lives in New York with her 7 children and grandson. Suffering from PTSD, she is thankful she was able to raise her children.

    Judi is our Air Force veteran who received an honorable discharge as an E5. She is married to a 20 year Army Veteran. She has depression and suffers from PTSD. She believes she has had PTSD for so long that she was born with it.

    Sharee is a Marine Corps veteran with 13 years of active duty as an Aviation Ground Support Equipment Electrical Refrigeration Mechanic. She is married to a Marine and has two awesome children. Having suffered for many years with depression while on active duty and after, she was able to overcome this with the help of a fellow veteran, good friend and Life Coach

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    Bridging The Gap Between Veterans And VA

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    On Feb. 5th we are honored to have a Military Combat Veteran who has worked with the Veterans Administration, for 18 years, join us to help enlighten us on how Community Outreach Programs can help our Veterans bridge the gap between Veterans and their benefits.
    Join us in live chat on our show page during the show. Be sure to log into your Free account here at Blog Talk Radio to be able to interact. Feel Free to join the conversation by calling our Listener Line at (646) 564-9805.
    Be sure to visit our website to learn more about Bridging The Gap of Georgia - http://btg-foundation.org
    Like our Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/bridgingthegapofgeorgia
    We invite you to stalk us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/BridgingGapOfGA We are proud to announce that we have launched Operation Warrior Family Support Group - Like our Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/operationwarriorfamilysupportgroup
    Bridging The Gap of Georgia is in the planning process for our 2013 Veterans Suppport Summit - Like our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/VeteransSupportSummit

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    Bridging The Gap Of Georgia Pushing Forward!

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    Bridging The Gap of Georgia is a non-profit organization that helps individuals find employment + reestablish themselves as a member of society. Based on the principle of 1 individual helping another, we are providing an opportunity to network + help each other "bridge the gap" from darkness into the light. We will bring hope into the eyes of a individual that has lost their hope, motivation, + determination in life.
    Guest Speakers
    Executive Director Steve Schiffman - Operation Not Forgotten
    Executive Director, Steve Schiffman, has served as a marketing and media consultant and is a best- selling author. He is the visionary, one of the founders and a strategic planner for the Life Renewed organization. His accomplishments include receiving the National League of American Pen Women’s State of Georgia Award for Achievement in Letters and winning television’s most prestigious award, a local Emmy, as well as three National Religion in Media Awards. Steve has organized and directed creative teams to produce award winning commercials, which have aired on ABC, NBC and CBS network television. As a publisher, he was asked by the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation to conceptualize and produce the original Power for Living book, which has reached millions through their national media campaign.
    Sgt. Brandi.
    Sgt. Brandi reaches out to provide Help for Combat Warriors and their Families using his love of animals, + so many other ways, which you will discover.

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    Bridging The Gap Radio

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    Quinton and Blaine will engage in a host of topics from current events to weight loss all the way to societies miss understanding of black and white cultures.  Live From Charleston, SC and Hattiesburg, MS

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    Bridging the Gap for Willie Kimble #1

    in Military

    Today we introduce you to Bridging The Gap Of Georgia, Co-Founder Keith Laseter & Army Veteran Willie Kimble.
    Learn What Bridging The Gap of Georgia does for Veterans!
    Listen in as one of Bridging The Gap of Georgia's Founder,  Keith Laseter, shares his experiences & what his 13 year old daughter has to say about it
    Listen as Willie Kimbell tells about his experiences and what Bridging The Gap of Georgia has done to help him succeed!
    Please support Bridging The Gap Of Georgia by leaving your doantion HERE:  http://www.btg-foundation.org
    Co-Host - Priestess Kandi Ranson

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    Bridging Spirit with Jody and Linda

    in Spirituality

    Join us on our second show as we bring together the world of a Paranormal Investigator and a Spiritual Medium. On tonights show we will discuss Ouiji boards and more. We invite everyone to join us in the live chat room during the show and we will be taking your calls. Enjoy the experience of Bridging Spirit.

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    REAL TALK is a radio show that deal with real issues in life that other people don't want to deal with. REAL TALK will dicuess what really matters to the community and churches,But most of all the voice that speak for the homeless,those with a addictions,poverty & crime. Some of the Episode Features will be; SHIFT DESTINY; NEW BEGINNING; STANDING AN THE GAP; THE ROAD TO FREEDOM; UNDERSTANDING YOUR PURPOSE; WE ARE PEOPLE TOO! LET GO AND LET GOD; WHO CAN I TRUST; Trust is a precious thing. It is especially precious for those who have been betrayed by someone they trusted. In our world, such things are not odd. Everyone, sooner or later,is let down by a freind,a fellow worker,even a family member. The natural response is to stop trusting. REAL TALK will cause you to deal with the pain and hurt we can cause our community and our family, REAL TALK will help people get over church hurt that has made them bitter and angery with God,THAT'S REAL TALK . IF YOU LIKE TO JOIN US ON THE SHOW YOU REACH US AT THIS NUMBER 302-382-1407; YOU CAN WRITE US; 549 N. BRADFORD STREET.SEAFORD,DEL. 19973 . FOUNDER: Kevin Andrews

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    Bridging Spirit with Jody and Linda

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    Join us on our very first show as we bring together the world of a Paranormal Investigator and a Spiritual Medium. On tonights show we will get to know the journey of Linda and Jody within the Spirit world, their experiences, the evidence and more. Two worlds join that for years have dealt with and communicated with Spirit. We invite everyone to join us in the live chat room during the show and we will be taking your calls. Enjoy the experience of Bridging Spirit.

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    Bridging the Gap the Middlers and the Millenials

    in Women

    "Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it." ~ George Orwell

    The fashion. The music. The selfies. The texting and tweeting.

    If you're a middle-aged baby boomer, you've probably found yourself shaking your head on more than one occasion when trying to understand millenials. The glaring differences between the generations are often hard to ignore. Sometimes this fuels misunderstandings and misjudgments that tend to create a culture of cynism and distrust. But once you get past the differences, you'll find that there is plenty that each generation can learn from the other.

    If you have a millenial in your life that you struggle to understand and relate to, you'll want to tune in today.  We're chatting with Christin Taylor, a professor who has worked with millenials for 10 years, and author of the new book, Crew: Finding Community When Your Dreams Crash. Tune in as she teaches you what it takes to bridge the generational gap and reach out to the young adults in your life.

    Call in, 646-716-6910 or log in to our LIVE chat room.