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    A Taste Of Ink LIVE featuring Author Michele Brenton

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    Author of the bestselling popular culture parody, "Fifty Shades of Blue - the trilogy" Michele Brenton was born in Swansea, South Wales and shares her birth day and place with another Swansea poet, Dylan Thomas. She spent some time living on the Greek island of Kefalonia as did another poet, Lord Byron.

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    A Taste Of Ink LIVE featuring Author Michele Brenton RW

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    Author of the bestselling popular culture parody, "Fifty Shades of Blue - the trilogy" Michele Brenton was born in Swansea, South Wales and shares her birth day and place with another Swansea poet, Dylan Thomas. She spent some time living on the Greek island of Kefalonia as did another poet, Lord Byron.

    Join us host Celeste Duckworth and featured guest Michele Brenton.  

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    Books of Excellence with Author Bonnie Kaye

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    Tonight Bonnie Kaye's guest is B. J. Webster, who is originally from Australia and lived in London for almost twenty years Webster is the author of "Wonder Year," a story about the great fire in London during 1666.

    1666 was called “Wonder Year”, despite it being a year of great calamity and disaster in London. The joke was, at least things weren’t worse than they were. Wonder Year is a fast paced historical fiction based around the actual events in 1666 before the Great Fire of London, through the dramatic fire and in the days after the blaze had ended and London wondered at their fate.

    Who really started the Great Fire of London? Nobody knows for certain. Was it an accident or a deliberate act? Wonder Fire assumes the latter is the case and delves into the motives of ambition, illicit affairs, unrequited love and political intrigue, none which was a stranger to the court of King Charles II.
    Feel what it was like to live in 1666 and better understand the intricacies of politics, power and class divide of the time. Be drawn in by the fascinating web of intrigue and how it plays out to create one of the most devastating events in history.

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    New Music Inferno w/ Down With Webster, Seeking Valor & Cali Tucker!!!

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    Down With Webster - Diverse pop/rock/rap band from Toronto....New Album "Party For Your Life" out now...Check out their video for "Party For Your Life" out now....Out on tour now with Timeflies & KapSlap...Check out their music, videos. dates & more @ www.facebook.com/downwithwebster

    Seeking Valor - Rock group from Philadelphia...New album "7 of Diamonds" out this fall...Just released a video for their song "So Far Gone"...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/SeekingValor

    Cali Tucker - Team Blake Member on Season 6 of The Voice...Now residing in Las Vegas and performing with Ryan Whyte Maloney here in Las Vegas...Check out her schedule,music & more @ www.calitucker.com

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    Insurrection with Brenton Lengel

    in Politics Progressive

    News, opinion, and analysis of current events from a radical perspective, Insurrection is a radio show for the Occupy generation, hosted by playwright, Yippie, and anarchist Brenton Lengel. Insurrection feature a sundry of  artists and activists from Occupy Wall Street and the New York City underground.
    Today's episode features special guest George Rithm Martinez, an American educator, activist, artist and hip-hop political pioneer. George is an adjunct professor of political science at Pace University and a cultural/ hip-hop ambassador for the U.S. Department of State. 

    Theme Song is "Bitter Old Man" by Ramshackle Glory, an awesome Anarcho-Punk band check them out at: http://www.ramshackleglory.com/

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    A Conversation with P.A.T, Los Musick & Daalight

    in Hip Hop Music

    P.A.T. is from Opelousas, Louisiana and has been seriously doing music since ’02 traveling just about everywhere in the nation building up the awareness of his presence in the music world! With a team of “actual emcees” who Respect the craft and know the grind and effort that it takes to make a Good Song GO, he connected with partners in rhyme Daalight from Harlem/Staten Island, Premo Suave of Brooklyn & Los Musick from Port Author Texas and formed the P.A.N.I.C. Team! With Preme & Daalight already buzzing, Los Musick & P.a.T. staying in the same area just gelled together and made magic so well they made a hit called “Elevator Musick” (available in all digital stores worldwide) which was liked by icon/legend Snoop Dogg on sound cloud! They performed it at SXSW, Webster Hall for a release of a P.A.T. mix tape release “No Atmosphere Fun-Da-Mental Trill O.G. part 2″ party, Florida club Eve and New Orleans the Hookah Cafe amongst many other places! So with all that movement going on Los Musick and P.a.T. dropped another mix tape/project called #BrainFreeze (on Datpiff) to get everyone Ready for the album entitled “Inside The People” feat DoggyStyle South artist “T Lae” and Shady/Slaughterhouse representer West coast legendary lyricist Crooked I as well as the fam Daalight of course!!!! 


    1ST RECORD "BIGGIE TRIBUTE" Daalight x Jay Earz x P . A . T . x Los Musick 


    2ND RECORD "EVENING BREEZE" Los Musick x P . A . T . 

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    Power of Optimistic Thinking: A Path to Happiness featuring Kokomon Clottey

    in Relationships

    Optimistic thinking is an ancient wisdom.  When one exercises optimistic thinking it inspires a host of opportunities, such as peace, love and happiness. Research by Manju Puri and David Robinson at Duke University finds that optimistic people work harder, get paid more, get elected to office more often, and win at sports more regularly. They even live longer. The meaning of optimism according to the Webster’s New World: The tendency to take the most hopeful or cheerful of matters or to expect the best outcome; practice of looking on the bright side of things.  Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” We are responsible for our thoughts and our feelings", according to the wisdom of Attitudinal Healing. As such, the key to cultivating and maintaining happiness depends on us as the architects. When one holds an optimistic attitude, one can alter life’s experience from negative to positive.  Thank you for tuning in to Happiness Index on Blog Talk Radio to explore with us the Power of Optimistic Thinking: A Path to Happiness.

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    15 minute CONUNDRUM w/ Rikki R. Jones

    in Current Events

    CONUNDRUM= " question or problem having only a conjectural answer. b : an intricate and difficult problem"(Merriam-Webster)

    Tonight's CONUNDRUM: In light of President Obama's State of the Union Address in terms of higher taxes on the more wealthy Americans....

    -- "Why Shouldn't You Pay?"


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    Barry Brisk: Conductor Beach Cities Symphony Orchestra

    in Current Events

    Barry Brisk first conducted in public at the age of fourteen, when he performed selections from South Pacific at his graduation from Webster Junior High School in West Los Angeles.

    As a student he also conducted the orchestras at University High School, Mount St. Mary's College, and the University of Music (formerly Academy of Music) in Vienna, Austria where he studied with the prominent conductor/teacher Hans Swarowsky.

    Professionally, Brisk has conducted many orchestras in Southern California, as well as in Mexico and Austria.
    Maestro Brisk has been Music Director of the Beach Cities Symphony since 1994 and is particularly proud of having expanded the orchestra's repertoire. 

    He has conducted works by more than eighty composers, more than a dozen of whom are living.


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    God's Health System and Protection

    in Religion

    The world’s media headlines are now all about Ebola spreading worldwide. Ebola falls under what the Bible identifies as pestilence, which is a disease for which there is no cure. Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

    Pestilence: “a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating”

    The Bible is very clear that just prior to the Day of the LORD and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the world would be ravaged by pestilences. Ebola is just the beginning of what is coming.

    Luke 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

    Through the years on my blog, I warned that pestilences were coming to America and throughout the world. The warnings are over as the plagues are now here. What I am doing is dedicating every Saturday night starting at 9:00 PM EST to interceding before the LORD for protection from the pestilences. This intercession is based upon Psalm 91. You can call in at 619 966-1655. If you cannot attend the show live, it is archived.

    I also will discuss health ways to supercharge your immune system which is the natural defense against pestilences. I call the world health and medical system, the Babylonian System, while God provides His health system. We want to be under God’s Health System and protection. I believe that coming under God’s system is a sign of faith that God honors.

    The pestilence is here, and the Bible states it is going to get worse. If you have fear of what is coming, join us as we will pray for God’s peace in face of the pestilences. Please join us in prayer and sharing information that will bring you under the umbrella protection of God’s Health System.


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    Habits Help! 7 Habits that Will Transform Your Life

    in Self Help

    Taking on the New Year and Vibrant Life Requires Habit Work!

    Webster defines a "habit" as: a settled or regular tendency or practice. These patterns either make or break the goals we long to achieve. Join Nicole Greer, PPCC for seven tips on self-leadership and developing habits  that will release your potential to S.H.I.N.E.

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