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    Sun Gazing & Breatharianism

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    I am in my first week of my journey in sun gazing and moving toward bicoming a breatharian.  I will be talking about the how and why and some basic how to from what I have researched thus far.  Join my in this exciting journey and how I will tie this together with my hopes of making it to Agartha some day.  I will become super human.  An astral gladiator of sorts.  

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    Naraya - Breatharian - Living by Divine Breath

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    Today we chat all about divine nourishment with UK's Naraya Urban-Witerfeldt. Freedom From Food - The Art to Live Without the Need to Eat Currently based in the UK, Naraya has become an attention magnet due to her ability to live without the need to eat, commonly known as Living on Light or Breatharianism. She freely shares her personal experience of this unusual lifestyle with individuals and groups through private mentoring, coaching, social networking, and as a highly inspirational speaker and sought after spiritual presence known for her unshakable trust in life and utter authenticity, captivating audiences on 4 continents since the age of 24 and profoundly touching the lives of thousands of people across the globe.   Her core message is that YOU can be happy and fully expressed in life, no matter what, regardless of circumstances, and she knows how to guide you there from where you are right now. She is an Accredited Journey Practitioner as well as a Shift Network Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution. A family woman and mother of two budding teens, Naraya stands firmly rooted in everyday life. She also loves to be out and about in nature and radiates a deep appreciation for Mother Earth and all of her beings, be they from the mineral, plant, animal or human realm.   Having worked, lived and travelled in grassroots East Africa for 25 years, her life is overflowing with passion to upLift, inSpire and emPower young African audiences and experientially impart how we can all shine the light we truly are, be the change we want to see in the world and create the lives we deserve to live. She is the founder of YOUth Shift Africa – Share ~ Inspire ~ Forgive ~ Transform: Agents For Radical Innovation & Conscious Awakening, a fast emerging community network movement for excellence in youth driven social and environmental innovation and leadership.

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    Breatharian! Can they really Live With out food or Water?

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    An 82 year old man in Gurjarat, India is claiming that 70 years ago, at the age of 12, he stopped eating food or drinking water. Prahlad Jani is what is often referred to as a "breatharian," and is currently being held in isolation in a hospital so that he can be monitored for scientific purposes. India's Defence Research Development Organisation is hoping that this man is telling the truth, and that through their analysis, they can discover ways for humans to survive longer without food. Breatharians are part of a fairly extreme subset of ascetics, believing that the human body can survive without food or water, requiring only breathing and some form of spiritual nourishment. The longest record of a human hunger strike is 74 days." - LAWeekly

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    The Collective Imagination - 10/16/12 (US) | 10/17/12 (AU)

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    This week's show focused on the energy that is each of us, how to expand beyond the physical mass that is our body and be more than an animated hard drive. Also discussed was the concept that we are all fragments of Source sent to gather information and to experience, with some fragments being called back to rejoin the One - and how Monk and Shelton become a Source themselves, sending out their own energetic orb fragments and call back from time to time. The show includes chat on the impact of consumables, and how they affect these out-of-body, lucid, energetic journeys, and a meditation to offer us a taste of this expansion experience for ourselves. Breatharian article Bob Wright referred to: http://www.riseearth.com/2012/10/doctors-confirm-indian-man-lives-on.html
    Radio Show Description: At this pivotal time in Humanities evolution we are beginning to remember our organic technology. A technology when used correctly, can create an experience that the majority of people the world over want to live. It is time to use this technology consciously for our own benefit and healing and no longer unconsciously for own demise.
    We are divine creators, creating both our own personal experience and our collective experience moment to moment. We invite you to join us as we reawaken this technology through experiment,  and experience our power to create and manifest.
    BECOME PART OF THE 3% Join Hosts Lisa M Harrison, Barbara Karnes, Michael Monk, Peter Shelton, Bob Wright  for 2 hours of pure fun as we rediscover our creative power.
    Join the movement: http://www.cafepress.com/5DMediaNetwork For info on LIsa's Private Mentoring Sessions visit: http://www.lisamharrison.com/Sessions
    Watch us on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CoImagination TCI is on Facebook! http://Facebook.com/TheCollectiveImagination
    Lisa M. Harrison's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LisaMHarrison

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    The Honest-to-God Series with Aingeal Rose & AHONU

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    Aingeal Rose & AHONU speak candidly about the profound information coming from the Akashic Records and its implication for who we are, why we are here and where we are going.
    Aingeal Rose has been reading the Akashic Records for many years and since 2010 has been collating and transcribing the information from her weekly Group Akashic Records gatherings. She is launching her book "A Time of Change" this year which is the first in the Honest-to-God Series gleaned from her contact with Source and the Records. The book is available for pre-purchase from her website at http://aingealrose.com or on Amazon.com by searching for ‘Aingeal Rose‘.
    In this show, Aingeal Rose & AHONU share some of the insights from the Records like "The future only implies that which is not yet realized" and "The Law of Gravity is the Law of Karma" and many more profound statements each worthy of discussions in their own right..

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    Jasmuheen Living on Prana ( (Doesn't Need to Eat and Lives on Love)!!!!!!

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    Metaphysical author and researcher Jasmuheen on various subjects, from the Embassy of Peace with its personal, global and universal harmonization programs, to creating healthy, happy successful lives, to living on prana and alternate nutrition sources to eliminate world health and hunger issues, breatharianism, plus co-creating paradise, inner and outer peace, inter-dimensional field science and how it applies to extraterrestrial intelligence and Beings of Light and more.... Also Jasmuheen on tour and videos in various languages. French, German, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and more.

    Data on the above can also be found at her websites - the C.I.A. or Cosmic Internet Academy at www.selfempowermentacademy.com .au and www.jasmuheen.com.

    A lady who avoids the word "Breatharian" yet whose journey on the spiritual path has tremendous implications for a suffering world, addicted to power and passion and whose accomplishment points to the importance of being able to love with the power of God.


    Join Us As We Dive Into Infinite Waters!!!!

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