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    Nadia Bjorlin and Brandon Beemer star in the E! reality docu-series, DIRTY SOAP, a show where we follow the lives of today's hottest soap stars. Fans of daytime dramas, and others outside the daytime realm, seem to have fallen in love with the series.
    Nadia may be best recognized as Chloe Lane from NBC Daytime's DAYS OF OUR LIVES, where Brandon is known as Owen from THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, as well as Shawn-D Brady from DAYS.
    We speak with both Nadia and Brandon on how they got involed with doing DIRTY SOAP, as well as a little tease as what is to come with this week's new episode.

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    Brandon Atwell

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    Brandon Atwell speaks to Andy Sweitzer and MHH Radio about his new album, "Finally Something", how he got to this point and what he plans for the future.

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    From sharing the stage with CMA nominee superstar Brett Eldredge, a recording featured in the Michael Ealy film Unconditional, acclaimed performances at clubs and festivals across the nation, to appearing on TV and radio shows in major markets and recordings produced by Doug Sisemore (Reba McEntire’s music director and band mate), recording artist/singer/songwriter Brandon Maddox has quickly established himself as one of country music’s rising stars. On the verge of breaking out nationally with his new recording The Bigger The Wheels, The Better The Man, the single has been selected as "The Monster Truck Song of 2014." The go-to song that celebrates the country lifestyle, Brandon was named the "2014 Lucas Oil Monster Truck Artist of the Year" and will be performing at all Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals and 4 Wheel Jamboree events. 


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    "ASK WHEN, NOT IF" Brandon Langer

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    Brandon Langer, Global Vice President for Symmetry inspires you to ASK "WHEN, NOT IF."  Always be positive, advises Brandon.  Focus on WHEN you will accomplish something, NOT IF!!!  This empowers you to accomplish your goals and get what you want in life.      http://www.simplymagicwow.com

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    Fish Keepers United : Aqua Alex and Brandon King

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    On our 2nd episode of Fish Keeper's United Discussion, Aqua Alex is proud to welcome his youngest guest to the show. Fish keeper from Califorina, 16 year old Brandon King will be our 2nd guest ever on Fish Keeper's United. Brandon is a wondeful fish keeper with some awesome roseline sharks, red tail sharks, and plecos. Brandon has a wonderful youtube channel. 

    Aqua Alex and Brandon will be asking and answering each other's questions, and then we will have a very fun discussion on roseline sharks, fancy plecos, and tropical fish. This will promise to be a very special episode that you will all enjoy. 


    You can call in at 347-989-8142 dial 1 to ask a question or answer our questions!





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    Are You An Armor Bearer For Your Purpose? With Brandon & Arvelle Draper

    in Motivation

    Are You An Armor Bearer For Your Purpose? With Brandon & Arvelle Draper

    Hump Day Motivational Network presents Are You An Armor Bearer For Your Purpose brought to you by Thinking Forward Inc. with Brandon & Arvelle Draper. Tonight show we will talk about not only protecting your purpose but being prepare to go to war and even die if possible. Are you ready to step into your greatness even when faced with fire at your feet. When the war begins you must decide if you will fight or take flight and the choice is your. Often time in the battle for purpose you will be alone with no one to help you. You will meet with a lot of deserters by the name of family,friends,and associates that claim to have your back but will flee at the first sound of trouble or adversity. Beware of these cowards living in disguise leaving you to fight a battle meant for a team, but you will be force to fight alone


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    "THANKS-RECEIVING" - Brandon Langer

    in Business

    I say it is more blessed to give and receive.  How would you like to receive an extraordinary opportunity to make extra money, part-time, full-time, anytime?  How would you like to receive healthy products that will replace those toxic products with chemicals?  How would you like a home business where you will be your own boss, make your own hours and the sky is the limit?

    Sounds too good to be true?  It is true.  You can change your life, improve your health and increase your wealth.  Listen to today's show with Brandon Langer, Global Vice President of Symmetry and find out how.


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    Soul Flower Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Soul Flower Readings are an energy reading to help shed some light on present time situations or circumstances.  I provide information by looking at your Soul Flower to determine if you are on your path, if you are a young soul or old soul and the meaning of your Soul Flower. Sometimes we need the help of a psychic for validation or to give us more insight to making a decision.   With a Soul Flower Reading, everybody's flower is different.  What does your Soul Flower need to tell you?

    Along with the information from your flower, I will answer one question.  You can ask about relationships, career or whatever you're being called to ask.  Listen in or call in for a Soul Flower Psychic Reading!

    Visit Brandon at www.innerhealing.biz to schedule a private reading and to look at other services and products available.

    1 yr individual Numerology Reports available at 50% off!!! Email me for more information.

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    Behind Enemy Lines with Brandon Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation

    in Football

    Amanda and Chris start by breaking down Packers-Bears, asking if it's the best Aaron Rodgers has ever played. They then shift to whether or not Green Bay has a must-win game against Philadelphia this weekend, and what the game means in terms of winning the division or making the playoffs via wildcard. They then welcome in Brandon Gowton from the Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation to talk about how legit Mark Sanchez's game against the Panthers really was. They then talk about what a healthy offensive line might mean for LeSean McCoy, touch on the emergence of Jordan Matthews, and look at the playoff landscape for the NFC as a while.

     Behind Enemy Lines is brought to you by hosts, Amanda Lawson and Chris Callaway. Read Amanda's work over a CheeseSportsLife and Chris's musings at Midwest Sports Fans.

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    Something's Brewing with Brandon Boudreaux

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    Welcome Brandon Boudreaux to our show!! 

    Brandon  grew up in the suburbs of New Orleans and attended the prestigious New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, with alum such as like Harry Connick jr., Anthony MacKey, and the Marsalis brothers, for creative writing and specialized in prose poetry. Then he attend the College of Santa Fe to study experimental filmmaking before graduating from Full Sail University with a degree in film.

    Moving to New York City in 2000 Brandon began a career as an editor work mostly in
    advertising and music videos. Working with some of the biggest names in advertising
    Brandon's edited award winning commercials for client like Coca-Cola, Samsung, MTV, and Converse. He's worked with director's like David Fincher, Diane Martel, Randy Krallman, and Speck Gordon along with musicians Kanye West, Beyonce, Pharrell Williams, the Killers, and more.Since 2010 Brandon has also collaborated with artist Leah Singer and guitarist Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth on a continuously evolving multimedia and performance piece called Sight Unseen.

    Since it's premiere Sight Unseen has been performed at various film and art festivals around the world with every performance being unique. Brandon, along with Erick Dozier, formed No Name Brand Films in 2010 with the intention of
    writing and directing their own work. Since then they've created three short films that have played at film festivals across the world, including the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, as well as a number of music videos and are currently developing a web series as well as writing several feature film screen plays. Their most recent short film Neighbors was produced by the two of them, written and directed by Brandon, recently had it's premiere is now being submitted to film festivals. Finally Brandon is also the father of two teenagers, Bain and Lillie, and often include them in the making of his films.

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