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    WWIAAL with DJ Gatsby & Terry Wroten of No Brakes Publishing

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    Its Going Down This Sunday August 10th, 2014 @ 2pm on the west coast / 5pm on the east coast. *I will be hosting Author TerryWroten NoBrakes and the No Brakes Publishing Team on The WHO'S WHO IN AFRICAN AMERICAN LIT Blog Talk Radio Show. (www.blogtalkradio.com/djgatsby) My Guest will be Bestselling Author Terry Wroten and & 5 of his No Brakes Publishing Team Authors. Terry Wroten is winner of the DJ Gatsby Book Club Urban Literary Award for Best Author of 2012 for his book "Girl I've Had Enough". Click This Link To Listen and Call 347-945-7552 To Talk. #TerryWroten #NoBrakesPublishing #TeamGatsby Book Critic Elva NelsonHayes Coolaide No Brakes  


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    Ugly is an attitude not a physical appearance. Folks say alot... Social Media

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    Today, we live in a society of OCD and I want what I want, rudeness. I've never been so exposed to selfish people in all my life. If your under forty your entitlement issues are horrible, If your over forty, your so stuck in your ways, get over it. And, I'm sorry, some of us are aging extremely hard and should not neccessarily brag but, step back and reassist our situations. Ugly is an attitude and not a so called physical appearance. Some of us just suck to social interaction and some of us need to get a grip upon the reality is, you need to pump your brakes and humble yourself ladies and gentlemen.     

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    Two Sibling Chihuahuas "Attack" Each Other at the Sound of Certain Noises...

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    Check out the new website! www.dogradioshow.com  One of the options on the Contact page is to submit a question that you'd like host and dog training and behavior expert Julie Forbes to answer on-air.  We received a submission from a listener in Utah who's elderly mothers two chihuahuas are attacking each other.  This behavior is set of, in part, by the clicking of the brakes on the woman's walker.  On today's show, Julie talks with Jennifer, the daughter who reached out, and evaluates the dogs over the phone.  Jennifer has sent videos of the dogs acting out, so even though they are in Utah, Julie has gotten to see the behavior.  Gotta love technology!  This conversation will be jam-packed with information that will serve people who are struggling with all sorts of behavioral challenges with their dogs.  Visit Julie Forbes' dog training and behavior website at www.sensitivedog.com.

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    "Moving Way Too Fast Or Not Fast Enough" - The LADY JAZ LIVE Show on KLJN 107.7

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    Things are going great in a relationship, and before you know it you’re talking about big things like marriage and kids. Pump your brakes. 

    Lady Jaz will show you how to tell if your relationship is moving too fast. Relationships always rock in the very beginning, because they’re new. But just because things seem to be all roses and puppy dogs, it doesn’t mean you need to rush and get hitched. People always put their best respective feet forward in the beginning. Give it time and you’ll find out if you guys are a good match.

    Or Is your relationship moving at a snail pace?   

    Let's Talk About It!.......Listen in as Lady Jaz and guest discuss how to slow down a relationship that is moving way too fast, and also how to recognize when your so-called relationship is moving way too slow.  

    Listen to The LADY JAZ LIVE Show every Wednesday night on KLJN 107.7

    Click To Join KLJN's Facebook blog group LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS with over 33,000 members

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    Just Another Brick In The Wall with Host Kiler Davenport

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    please anyone of you tell me what we are getting done here. I want all of you to really think about this and give me an answer. what are you doing that you can report that is above and beyond this bull shit here on fake book. how is this helping anyone or anything. its the same shit day in and day out. the same immature rants, the same empty post that go not one place that will save lives or create shelter for the millions that are homeless or the millions that are starving. it will not rid us of this rotten government that we have brought forth. it will not stop these complete airheads from multiplying like roaches. what will it take for you all to start having an adult conversation concerning this complex matrix.

    our show tonight will cover all of these things and so much more. we need to force ourselves from this complacency. we must open the gates of wisdom and have a very different conversation than we are having. things are not getting done, the children are not going to be safe, secure and healthy in this place. we have dropped the ball, we have failed. of course most of you would rather not talk about these things especially with Xmas coming up and the new year. and all of the other clueless empty lame air headed bull shit that consumes you and yours. we are in a big shit hole, we are drowning in foolishness and stupidity. we are having these very important conversations here at the station and we are talking to others around the world who really get this. what will be your next post, how will it change the course of this massive river. how will it stop this train that is moving so fast with no brakes. how will it make your life and the lives of those around you better, safer and more secure.

    we encourage all of you to tune in and listen or come on air and tell me what your feelings are on these matters.

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    I Cater to My Man.... How far are you willing to go?

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    I definitely believe in taking care of my man. I am okay with being attentive or particularly solicitous and I am willing to do what is required to please My man (Even if that means CATERING to him). What I am not okay with is supplying what amuses him. So I ask myself. Self how far are you willing to go? So I had to think this topic all the way through. When a man is the Maintainer, Protector and Provider of the home, there is NOT anything (with in reason) that as the woman of that said home, I should NOT be willing to do. Above ALL my only job is to please my man as his woman. But... if at anytime I feel I am being mistreated or disrespected some lines will be drawn and that's 100... because Mama didn't raise know fool. 

    I was raised in a household where we honored God and the husband was the head of the household. Did I see my mom cook, clean, work and take care of the home... YES! Now if that is catering to my man, then I am all in.  Based on the video that I shared on Curves In 3D fan page on Facebook catering means something different. The star of the video stated if the man beats you, its okay as the woman I should get down on my knees and apologize for whatever I did.... ERRRKKK Pump the brakes... WHAT! For Real For Real???? First of all if trigger put his hands on me, he should expect to lose said hand... but that's another show... Back to the woman holding camp on this video (you must see it to believe it). She further went on to say, as the woman if he does not want to work, its okay give him half your paycheck... simply because it is a full time job dealing with you.... She also stated that if you did some of these things you would keep your man. 

    Auntie is going to ask you the same question.... How far are you willing to go?

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    Are you and I an Antient or a Modern?   If a better, improved hammer or a chisel harder and resistant to dulling blows, was handed to a craftsman even Christoper Wren was happy with the result. In the old days, a lot of wives died during childbirth. Rooms were cold and not so long ago. Voice and note but no wireless; no power brakes, or power steering. Would we give up LED lights, A/C and safety equipped cars when our loved ones drive off?

    Sometimes I flirt with the idea that actually understand why the old boys codifed their local ways into Charges and Constitution.  It occurred to me that some freemasons have been happy to innovate by replacing the first Local Traditions with their own.  It's a thought I can't get out of my mind.  And it is why I must be an Antient because I'm beginning to see LT's as unwanted innovations. Changing the first LT's is changing the ways. Bloody hell! Moderns are everywhere but being an Antient feels right.  The first LT's were created by early craftsman.  By perserving them, I feel a singular connection that  isn't there with LT's only 20, 30 or 50 years old.  If the 'modern' LT's were a revival of the first LT's then I'm good with them. But they aren't.  Masonic history still tells the stories and explains the old traditions. And I like that a lot. Modern LT's is printing money with limited value.

    I am not going to throw myself on a sword to protect them, but I won't support new LTs.  The older boys aren't around anymore to reclaim their concerns. But some freemasons are restoring the old walls, setting one stone at a time. There is a need to use the newest tools to keep our Lodges in touch- of course.  Have at it, but protect the first local traditions and keep the connection alive. 

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    D Gambit Radio (season 2 episode 1): No Breaks

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    Life Innovations Ent. Presents:

    D-Gambit Radio (season 2 episode 1): No Brakes

    Join us as we discuss being a young black man in America, Furguson, Missouri, NFL preseason scores and news, NBA preview, and much more! And as always playing the best music from old to new, from major to underground! This is D- Gambit Radio!

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    Is It Time For "THE TALK" & When Do You Know?

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    About Sex

    Being Exclusive- How Soon Is To Soon?


    Puberty (Wuth Your Kids)

    Being Intimate with someone that u are dating

    Are U Cheating or seeing some else?

    DTR Talk (Defining the Relationship)

    Hit The Brakes /Need To Have Space



    I’m Pregnant

    The Talk with your Elderly Parents (About moving, Giving up driving or bringing in help)

    The need to be aware of the value of the Black Man with your children

    The Breakup

    The Ex-Factor

    The Divorce

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    Fresh Manna Word

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    Tune in for a Fresh Manna Word Blogtalkradio to empower you at 12:00noon were you are surely to get a word that shall release fresh anointing, fresh fire, fresh determination, that shall take the brakes with unlimited powers in the HOLY GHOST......be sure to call the number tomorrow at 12:00noon  (347) 989-8781....for your midday Manna.  You are at the door of the gate to your blessing, your miracle, your healing, your deliverance in Jesus name....

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