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    LFTA EP73 The Crown Jewel Chase Owens & Boxcar Superstar The Hobo

    in Wrestling

    This Week on the Show......
    We Welcome "The Crown Jewel" Chase Owens & "The Boxcar Superstar" The Hobo to the program!
    Chase Owens has traveled the world representing the NWA Logo and is fresh off of his latest tour of Japan and his competing in NJPW Best of the Super Jr's 2015 as well as being a staple for NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling. We'll talk to Chase about Japan, NWA, Jushin Liger, & much more!!
    Plus we go back to Hollywood! Championship Wrestling from Hollywood that is with guest former CWFH Champion The Hobo will be with us! We'll talk to him about his battles with Ryan Martel, Willie Mack, Vermin, and many others! If you've never seen The Hobo wrestle you are cheating yourself out of something special!
    We'll also have the weeks news, upcoming, events, and our viewpoint on wrestling!
    Recorded LIVE on Wednesday Nights 7-9pm EST on Blog Talk Radio
    Studio: 213-816-1605
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    Old Men Stories 11-30-2015

    in Entertainment

    First Hour: Old Men Stories Episode 205: Secret Places and Hideaways

    Your Hosts: Roland Willits and Jeff Young

    In this hour you'll hear some FUN stories from a couple of master storytellers who will teach you how to bring out that master storyteller within you that waits to be unleashed. All of us have a story to tell, and we all are Master Storytellers at heart.

    Second Hour: Old Men Stories "Opry"

    Your Hosts: Angie Senger, Ron Honrud, Roland Willits

    Featured Singer / Songwriter Interviews and Their Music:

    1. Mark Fogelson: "Sometimes It Seems"
    2. Rita Krueger: "Feel Them Blues"
    3. T.J. Casey: "Chicken For Dinner" (Intermission)
    4. Lucy Jackson: "Cheap Bottle of Wine"
    5. Boxcar Bob: "Hobo Blues"

    In this hour you'll hear old-time country (plus a few modern) singers/songwriters share their stories and wonderful music.

    Listen live and join the chat at:  http://oldmenstories.wq4dradio.com

    Visit "Old Men Stories online at:  http://oldmenstories.org

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    Mid-Week Independent Music Playlist - Powered by LiveTraders.net

    in Music

    Advertising & Sponsorship: http://goo.gl/ioP6Hw

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    Brought to you by:







    'NewEAR Hearing Amplifiers' at The Savings Mart



    New Music From:

    Petty Change 'Number Game'

    Skip Martin 'Wanna Dance w/ You' Remix

    M.I. 'Way Up'

    Michael Heaton 'All She Wrote'

    Skylar Allen 'Thirst Trap'

    LcXperience 'What U Want'

    Aayize 'Back2Back'

    Blu Collar Glomeration 'Boxcar Ride'

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    Malaya Blue, Juke Rockets, Ilana Katz Katz, Nancy Wright & Franc Robert

    in Music

    Please Allow The Show to load - You MAY need to refresh


    COUCH KID NEWS – Malaya Blue Sat On The Couch on Show # 216 on 04/28/14.  Tonight she returns to talk about her new single released yesterday Sunday, June 21st.  The single contains two original songs and we'll play one of the songs during the segment.

    The Juke Rockets Blues Band has represented the Maine Blues Society at the IBC in the past and they have a new album entitled, Hungry Soul.  I will chat with the band about their musical journey and how they came together and the stories behind some of the songs on the album.

    Ilana Katz Katz came to us through Couch Kid Anne Harris.  Like Anne, Ilana’s instrument of choice is the fiddle and as she describes it, she plays “Blues & Old-Time Fiddle” on her album I’ve Got Something To Tell You.  I will speak with Ilana and we will discuss her road to today and the music she shares.

    Nancy Wright reached out to me on her own and I am glad she did.  I then got to see her perform at the Beale Street Mess-Around this year.  She joined so many of the artists playing.  No wonder, she is a fantastic Sax Player.  Her album is entitled Putting Down Roots and I am looking forward to our chat.

    COUCH KID NEW MUSIC: Finally Franc Robert returns for his third visit (Show # 125 09/17/12 / Show # 214 04/14/14) to talk about the new album with he and his band, The Boxcar Tourists entitled Goin Down To Florida.  Franc is always a great time and the album is full of sensational tunes.

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    in Rock Music

    Common Ground Media presents OFF THE RECORD, a music podcast focusing on local music from the Oklahoma City area. 

    Check out Otter Limits on Social Media:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/theotterlimits
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/Otter_Limits or www.twitter.com/otter272


    Here is the song list from this show:

    Blaster – No Restraints
    Subsanity – Irreperable Ignorance
    5 Star Gravy – Ole Sweety
    Boxcar Children – Surviving the Impossible
    Broken Cross – Do You Want to Die
    Code 22 – I Don’t Really Miss You
    Costanzas – Drinking Myself to Death
    Kinda Creepy – Joke
    Pulpit Red – Rockets
    Euclid Crash – Girl Talk
    James Bond Dracula – Damage
    Real Ones – Christine
    Red City Radio – The Benefits of Motion
    Roustabouts – Fall Into Line
    The Easy Lovers – Hard To Get
    They Stay Dead – Darkness
    Truckside Down – $500 Fight

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    in Entertainment

    For the past forty years, Charles Manson has languished in prison for his participation in the Manson family murders of 1969. He is America’s icon of evil, the one who brought down the curtain on the 1960s. He has never been a quiet inmate, however. From his unbridled outbursts of rage to his tender acts of generosity, he makes his presence felt to everyone around him.
    He inspires awe in other inmates, he cozies up to prison guards who are eager to do him favors, and he is responsible for countless staff transfers within and outside of the institution.
    This book details the dramatic journey of Willie Mendez, a troubled inmate, housed next to the serial killer for more than a year. Willie became institutionalized after repeated violations of the law, including attempted murder and armed robbery. He is serving a sixty-eight year prison sentence.
    From his initial feelings of contempt toward the aging killer, Willie, nicknamed, “Boxcar,” by Manson, traveled to a place of openness and acceptance of the old man’s ideas. Over time, he began to defer more and more to Manson without reservation.
    This is a tale of growth and maturity that contains intimate details and shocking jailhouse secrets. Willie shares an insider’s view of Charles Manson, his crazy behavior, his whispered confessions, and his sometimes profound wisdom.
    “Charlie” speaks openly about his sexuality, shares some details of the Tate and LaBianca murders, and relates his childhood experience of being forced to wear a dress to school. CHARLES MANSON BEHIND BARS: The Crazy Antics and Amazing Revelations of America's Icon of Evil-Mark Hewit

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    A Kind Voice on Books--Episode #27

    in Books

    JL Mulvihill, YA and children's fantasy novelist, joins the showto talk about the fun of writing and the writing community, steampunk and even a bit about cosplay.  Listen to hear excerpts from her novels The Lost Daughter of Easa and The Boxcar Baby.

    Blog Tour Book  $100 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway
    From March 17-19, The Boxcar Baby which be available for 99 cent for Nook, Kindle, and Kobo.

    More about JL Mulvihill and her work can be found at:

    Recent good reads recommended by JL Mulvihill:
    The Decembrists by Kimberly Richardson
    Poseidon's Children by Michael West
    The Famous Tramp series


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    The Star Chamber Show Episode #10! Featuring J.L. Mulvihill and Andy Haught

    in Books

    The 10th episode of The Star Chamber Show, our first milestone, features a pair of fantastic guests!

    First up will be Andy Haught, frontman of the rock band ZeroKing.  This is an encore visit from his appearance recently, as our hosts became so enthralled in talking to him about his band and life in the rock world that we ran out of time to talk with him about genre books and movies!  Andy really wanted to talk about these things, so we thought we would have him back and give him a chance to do so! 

    Next, we have J.L. Mulvihill joining us, a rising voice in speculative fiction who is a true favorite on the convention circuit.  From novels such as her YA Fantasy The Lost Daughter of Easa (Dark Oak Press), to her YA Steampunk The Boxcar Baby (Seventh Star Press), readers are discovering J.L.'s great skill at bringing characters to life.  She also was a co-editor on Southern Haunts: Spirits That Walk Among Us, an anthology of paranormal/ghost tales. 

    J.L.'s convention appearances are also known for the elaborate costuming she designs and wears.  With two of our co-hosts Selah Janel and S.H. Roddey being into costuming, there's a good chance this topic will come up as well!

    So join us this Wednesday night, for our 10th episode at 9pm EST!



    Special Note: Andy Haught photo featured in the Slide Show provided courtesy of Rob Stewart Photography.  Visit Rob at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rob-Stewart-Photography/344137819006092




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    Joe Milford Hosts John Dorsey and Hydeout Press

    in Poetry

    Alex Nielsen is currently completing an MA in English Literature and Letters at Cleveland State University.  He has been a touring and publishing poet for the last decade, and previously ran Inkstained Dagger Press and published works with several writers including Dan Provost, Lester Allen, and John Dorsey. Marissa Hyde is an MA student of modern American literature, also at Cleveland State.  She was associated with various writing and performance groups around Cleveland for several years before starting up Hydeout Press with Alex. Hydeout Press is a new fine arts press operating out of Lakewood, Ohio.  Hydeout strives to publish top talent in limited-run works at a collector's-quality level.  Their first book is John Dorsey's "Twenty Poems about Girls," out October 5th. BIO-John Dorsey grew up in a trailer park outside of Pittsburgh. He is the author of several collections of poetry including TOMBSTONE FACTORY, Epic Rites Press, 2013, BOXCAR POEMS 1-12, Lead Graffiti Letter Press, 2013, and TWENTY POEMS ABOUT GIRLS, Hydeout Press, 2013. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He has been called a genius and a bum.  

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    Another show special this weekend with Memphis Mike and his fantastic BBQ events sauce and all - along with such named international Blues Musicians as David Boxcar Gates....
    Stay tuned and we will beupdating this page with more awesome who's coming to Mike's BBQ dinner
    Follow us on ANCA FB Twitter and many more social networking channels

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    SpokenHeard with Matthew Richards and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Matthew is a 21-year-old poet from Manchester, NH. He was a member of the 2012 Lowell poetry slam team, as well as the 2011 Slam Free or Die team, on which he performed at the National Poetry Slam as their Rookie of the Year. He was a key organizer in the Occupy New Hampshire movement, as well as the co-founder of New Hampshire Pride Fest, the first LGBTQ+ pride festival to ever take place in Manchester. The manuscript he is currently writing, tentatively titled Revolution is a Ruthless Boxcar, will chronicle his experiences participating in the Occupy Movement and living alongside Manchester’s homeless population.