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    DECREE & IT SHALL BE: The Power of the Spoken Word comes to life with the teachings & inspiration of Host, Brother Francis Revels-Bey. As a Spiritual Minister, Metaphysician, Mentor, Spiritual Practitioner and Chief Principal Teacher & Founder of his spiritual & metaphysical ministry: “Circle of Grace 1” and his metaphysical & spiritual institute: “The Circle of Divine Grace & Remembrance”, with over 40 years of teaching Numerology & the Power of Numbers, Manifestation, White Light Meditation, Tarot, Dream Analysis, the Art of Prayers, Affirmations & Decrees, Brother Francis provides all of this knowledge and so much more.  JOIN US  to lift your power with your Spoken Word.  Today:  Brother Francis continues his series: The Power of Crystals, Part 2 of 5. Let's discover how to apply Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Fluorite, Malachite & Smokey Quartz,  Tune in as Brother Francis helps you understand the magickal presence of these magnificent stones of Mother Earth.

  • Oct 3rd 2015, 10pm(PDT) Kevin Estrella with his fascinating "Pyramids On Mars"

    in Paranormal

    Saturday night at 10pm Pacific, 1am Eastern we are pleased to have musician, songwriter and contactee Kevin Estrella drop by Spaced Out Weekend!

    Music is a vibration. That's why we are effected by melody and tone. What would happen if a very talented musician had a paranormal encounter and was exposed to music from afar? Let's find out. 

    Every once in a while there comes along a band that is so different or unique, you would think they were dropped on Earth from another planet. Pyramids on Mars is one of those bands. http://www.pyramidsonmars.com/home.html

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    The Secret Chamber of Osiris with: Scott Creighton

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    After nearly 200 years of the pyramid-as-tomb theory, a growing body of evidence suggests the first 16 pyramids of ancient Egypt were not royal tombs but nearly indestructible recovery vaults designed to revive civilization after an anticipated major catastrophe, the Deluge of Thoth. 

    Scott Creighton examines the prophecy of catastrophe and the ancient Egyptians’ massive undertaking to ensure the survival of their civilization. He explains how the pyramids acted as easily located storehouses for seeds, tools, and civilizing knowledge, yet they would have been too visible to house the precious treasures necessary to restore the rich culture of ancient Egypt. For this, the ancients created a secret chamber whose existence was hidden in myth and whose location was encoded in the Giza pyramids. 

    Creighton shows how, collectively, the first 16 pyramids represent the allegorical “dismembered body of Osiris,” the Egyptian god of agriculture and rebirth, and, as in the myth of Osiris, one part is missing or hidden--a secret chamber under the sands of the Giza plateau. Creighton reveals how the 3 great pyramids of Giza “point” to the secret location and how they were built with technology akin to modern hot air balloons, used to “fly the stones into place” as cited in Egyptian legends and shown in ancient art. 

    His website is: http://www.scottcreighton.co.uk/index.html

    For More Soul Talk Episodes: http://www.soultalkradio.org

  • The Mystery School Hour and The Spirit Realm and Ascension - October Edition

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    October 1, 2015

    The Mystery School Hour with Ortrun Franklin @ 8 PM EST

    Topic: Halloween - Halloween is an important part of the American culture.  It has to do with goblins, costumes and candy.  From where did this festival emerge? Is there deeper spiritual significance to this festival? Do others around the world celebrate this festival? Join Ortrun as she takes you on a journey of exploring both the outer and inner significance of this festival.  During meditation, experience the step pyramid of Sakkara (Sa-Ka-Ra) as you awaken into your inner “Holy Eve.” 

    The Spirit Realm and Ascension with Carl Franklin @ 9 PM EST

    Topic: 5th Dimensional Religions - We, as humans, have always had our religious beliefs and will continue to have them in the future.  Our traditional beliefs come out of 3rd dimensional thinking. The new religions will be based on 5th dimensional beliefs.  What are the foundations of 3rd and 5th dimensional religious beliefs and thinking? What changes will need to be made in our beliefs/religions? What does 5th dimensional religion look like and feel like? What role will our "Holy Books" play in this transition?  Join Carl as he shares his thoughts on this exciting topic.

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    Dr. Carmen Boulter: The Pyramid Code, Post Series Discoveries

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    The Pyramid Code is a made-for-television documentary series of 5 episodes that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a Golden Age. The series is based on the extensive research done in 25 trips to Egypt and 51 other countries around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter formerly from the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary in Canada.

    The Pyramid Code features interviews with prominent scholars and authors in multidisciplinary fields (see Cast): geology, physics, astrophysics, archaeology, bilogical engineering, magnetic field theory, hieroglyphics, and Egyptology. The series explores penetrating questions:

    Who were the ancients and what did they know?
    Could the pyramids be much older than traditional Egyptology would have us believe?
    Could it be that the ancients were more technologically advanced than we are today?

    Dr. Carmen Boulter is a Professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. She teaches in the Graduate Division of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education. She has been researching and writing about the sacred feminine in ancient Egypt and goddesses around the world for 2 decades. Her book, Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, traces fragments of information about matriarchal cultures in pre-dynastic Egypt, prehistoric Greece, and around the world.


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    The Tools Scam on MLM by Scott Johnson and Peter Mingils Building Fortunes Radio

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    Scott Johnson and Peter Mingils will be Building Fortunes Radio. 
    Scott has spent many years on educating people on something he calls The MLM Tool Scam. https://stoptheamwaytoolscam.wordpress.com  On this Radio show, you will hear:

    A. The big picture problems, posted literally hundreds of times on twitter under my name, @ScottTexJohnson:

    Amway has 2 major problems, as do most MLMs:

    1. The products are overpriced, which makes them almost impossible to sell to customers and results in Amway being an illegal pyramid, according to the FTC and SEC websites and previous court decisions, and

    2. The Tool Scam is hidden profit for the top level distributors only, and the vast majority of distributors operate at a net loss as a result. This is RICO fraud.

    Read www.StopTheAmwayToolScam.wordpress.com and email stoptheamwaytoolscam@yahoo.com if you want to help shut down Amway and other MLM scams.

    B. The unified theory of MLM scams, similar to the so far unsolved unified field theory (developed over a 10 year period of research/analysis and using the root causes analysis technique), except the MLM scam unified theory has been solved.

    C. A brief overview/tour of my website, section by section.

    D. A discussion of how people can work together to be more effective in getting the MLM scams shut down. 

    You can hear more about this on Building Fortunes Radio



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    Join us this Monday at 5Pm Est 10Pm Bst for Angel Card Readings with Diana,

    a Registered Nurse for 30 Years.

    She will be speaking about days of High Vibrations.

    She studied natural healing and graduated with honors with a Dr. of Naturopathy, also passing the holistic professional boards in 2002.

    Diana is an energy vitality technique practitioner, from som energetics, which to Diana, is at the basics of sound healing and clearing of the chakras and energy body. The solfeggio scale tuning forks and angel otto and om forks are used in the therapeutic session. She has been reading cards off and on most of her life and now has her first Angel deck .

    Diana has been part of waking up folks to their light body activation for 5 years. We talked about the heartbeats in every cell and bringing in the pyramid from the sun on the last show she did before she left to live on the road and develop her own light in 2011.

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingfountain/2011/10/10/healing-fountain--mountaindeva--heartbeats-2011    - this is the link to the show she did then!

    Now Diana is back from the 2011 journey and is preparing a new journey!

    Call in for your Angel Card Reading!


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    Carbohydrates - Good, Bad or Evil?

    in Nutrition

    There is so much talk about carbohydrates. Some say carbohydrates should be the cornerstone of everyone's diet (Think USDA food pyramid or the vegan diet) while others claim they wreak havoc in the body and should be drastically reduced if not totally cut out (Think Paleo). Whichever evidence you search for you will find something to back your personal conviction around this controversial nutrient. So which is it? Good? Bad? Evil?

    In this episode, Dr. Budweiser founder of Weiser Living, will separate fact from fiction when it comes to carbohydrate consumption.

    The points covered will be:

    What Exactly Is A Carbohydrate
    Major & Minor Carbohydrate Function
    Carbohydrates And How They Relate To Obesity And Blood Sugar Problems
    Carbohydrates Vs Polysaccharides
    The 8 Necessary Carbohydrates or “Sugars”
    What About Dietary Fibers?
    Avoid These Sweeteners & What Are Some Alternative Ones
    Beware Of Your Favorite Grains
    Not All Veggies Are Created Equal
    Recommended Vegetable List

    … and much, much more!

    So stay tuned for yet another starchy 30 minutes with Dr. Budweiser!

    Meanwhile, go to www.WeiserLiving.com and sign up for our free newsletter and gain access to numerous articles, recipes and products!


  • The Mystery School Hour and The Spirit Realm and Ascension - September Edition

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    September 14, 2015

    The Mystery School Hour with Ortrun Franklin @ 8 PM EST

    Sacred Sites and the Autumn Equinox - Sacred Sites around the planet have encoded within them ancient, timeless and universal messages.  The Great Pyramid of Giza is just one of these sites.  The Autumn Equinox is a time when sacred rituals took place which revealed to the seekers of truth messages about their purpose of life, relationship with  mother Gaia, nature and Oneness with all of Creation.  Join Ortrun Franklin as she takes you to some of these sacred sites and introduces you to the rituals that took place.  During meditation, experience journeying down the Descending passage of the Great Pyramid as the North Star lights your path.

    The Spirit Realm and Ascension with Carl Franklin @ 9 PM EST

    Times Are Changing - At this time, our planet earth is receiving unusually powerful energies from two sources. When they meet, they create a combined frequency and intensity that is changing DNA in all living matter.  Where does this energy source come from? When did it begin? When will it peak? When will it wan?  How can it be utilized in the advancement of our personal Ascension and assist humanity in its uplift-ment of the planet? Join Carl Franklin as he explores this exciting topic.

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (book of the sun) THE BLACK SUN

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    To start it is important to mention that the symbolism that can be found within secret societies, is mainly Egyptian symbolism. The most obvious example is the pyramid on the one dollar bill. Egyptian symbolism was the basis of Babylonian symbolism. This symbolism is for example reflected in the Catholic Church, but also in Islam.The eye in the point of the dollar bill on top of the pyramid represents the eye of Aton-RA. Aton-Ra was the “God” who was worshipped by Pharaoh Akhenaton and Nefertiti in the Aton-Ra worship.Nefertiti worshipped the dark side of the Sun. With which he brings a nice story that in fact tells that this in fact represents the emerging light from the East. Then he gives a twist to this emerging light in the East that it represents Lucifer and that Lucifer has been misinterpreted over the years. He calls Jesus the true Lucifer.In reality, the Aton-Ra cult is based on Saturn worship. The Ra Akhenaton and Nefertiti’s worship is actually the worship of the “dark Sun”, also called “the Black Sun” . And the Black Sun is another name for Saturn. Why is Saturn called the Black Sun? Well, this refers to the so-called ‘Golden Age of Saturn’ or the age of Saturn, where there would have been a period in which Saturn was the Central Sun of a solar system.There would have been a great collision of two solar systems, where our current Sun would have taken its current position. By this “big clash of solar systems” would Saturn have been marginalized to a planet.The Pharaohs were possible the Regents over humanity which were appointed by these Nephilim. It’s possible they knew the actual high-dimensional energetic forces that are behind these “gods”The Pope is also often presented with the Sun on a staff in his hand . The Black Sun Saturn is often symbolised as the black cube, or the black box.

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    David CHAPPELLE Syndrome if your SEEKIng FAME OR FAMOUS Nurse DebBEE NEWZ FO YOU

    in Paranormal


    CHAPPELLE SYDROME: strong enough to brake of from mo money when you had the glory of fame and you refuse to suffer its wicked shame.

    Realizing that your not a puppet and HOLLYWOOD doesnt own you, "MAKING IT" Shouldnt cost your privacy, dignity or your right to just walk away.