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    Cyrus and Raven give their initial impressions of Borderlands 2 on launch date.

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    Random Review Show - Alien Hominid and Borderlands for iPad

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    Cyrus has picked up a number of Gamecube games including Alien Hominid, which he and Raven review.  Cyrus also discusses his recent purchase of Borderlands for the iPad and his feelings on that game.

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 106: He started it.

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    Ladies and gents, boys and girls, the 16Bit Assassins are back with another great episode. On episode 106, we talk about the Dragon Age Inquisition DLC that's a timed exclusive, sorry PS4 fans, Rust turns into a post-apocalyptic surval social experiment MMO, Toaster talks some Bloodborne, and a bit about the Handsome Collection, Dunny talks some Game of Thrones, and both discuss Tales from the Borderlands, and why pissing off the loader bot is a bad idea. Also on this episode we have some superhero news, as the supposed reason for the Batman/Superman fight coming out next year gets leaked on line, stills from what appear to be the season finale of the Flash hit the interent, and Tyrese Gibson throws the lobby machine into full gear in an effort to land the Green Lantern role, and if you've seen the fan art, it's not a bad idea. Nintendo NX news, a truly disturbing horror game, and the usual banter and Star Wars references, all on episode 106, He started it. 




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    Incredible Edible Baja Arizona

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    Jared McKinley
    Associate Publisher & Co-founder, Edible Baja Arizona

    It’s all about celebrating the foodways and Tucson and the borderlands in ways that delight and entice readers to enjoy this magazine from cover to cover. Because of its important and relevant content, Edible Baja Arizona has become one of the MOST successful of the other “Edibles” throughout the country. Join us to hear Jared share with us the reasons for their success, hear about some local people, local bakeries, local farmers and why they are committed to supporting a strong local economy. Edible Baja Arizona is even changing the dialog about the Tucson/Mexico border from negative to positive! Please plan to join us. This show sponsored by Discount Cab.

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    Chatting With Borderlands' Randy Pitchford

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    The outspoken head of Gearbox Software, developers of the fall hit Borderlands takes your calls for the hour. Plus, Owen Good is ranting again!

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 98: All elfroot all the time

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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, and that means another random friday 16Bit Assassin's show. On episode 98, the 16Bit crew takes a look at the sudden influx of comic books shows, and discuss the mid season finales of Arrow and The Flash, so if you haven't seen them, don't listen, or listen after you've watched. Also on this episode the guys talk a bit about their Dragon Age Inquisition experiences, and Tales from the Borderlands. The FCC has some new ideas on what broadband speeds should be. Xbox One sales picking up steam, Suicide Squad, Star Wars news, all this and more on episode 98, all elf root, all the time. 

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    Geeks, Gaming and Gadgets (G3) - TV talk,Borderlands 2, more

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    On tonight's G3 Podcast, Adam and Beau return with Matt to welcome Marcel Lapointe and Bob Garlick of the new "Crazy TV Talk" Podcast.  Bob and Marcel stop in to discuss what the podcast is all about, and we discuss what we're looking forward to this fall.
    Adam finished reviewing Borderlands 2 for XBoxAddict, and he and Beau will be discussing what many pre-emptively referred to as the Game of the Year.  Has it stood up to its potential label, and can it withstand the barrage of new games from here until the end of the year to keep that title?
    We'll also discuss that barrage of games coming out, what we're looking forward to this holiday season and the "new" PS3.  Stall tactic?  Improvement?  Beau has a few thoughts on that.
    G3 takes to the air at 8 PM Pacific, 11 PM Eastern.

    You can follow @TheG3Podcast on Twitter to discuss live or throughout the week.  We follow back!

    Here is where to find the hosts and guests of this week's G3 Podcast on Twitter
    Matt: @paliontology
    Beau: @beauwjohnson
    Adam: @variation
    Bob: @BobGarlick
    Marcel: @CrazyTVTalk

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    Connie Muhammad-Nutmeg with Boyd and Lucinda

    in Lifestyle

    Formally known as Nutmeg, Connie Muhammad is a internationally known rap artist, singer, songwriter and Phoenix, Arizona native. Mrs.Muhammad has overcome numerous challenges that face many youth of today including teen homelessness, drug addiction, and gang warfare. She has worked with youth and provided mentorship with a focus in the arts through programs such as Project Brave (City of Phoenix), Perfomance in the Borderlands(A.S.U.) , and Ministry of Arts and Culture (Nation of Islam). She performs regularly and is working on establishing her 501-c3 "Sistas Healing thru the Arts" with a focus on women recovering from abuse .

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    A Kind Voice on Movies

    in Movies

    We will interview Allison Otto the project director of the upcoming documentary Bisbee, which explores rural reinvention and transformation in a Southwestern Borderlands community.  To get involved with the project please check out their kickstarter campaign.

    Hosted by  William Battle

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    Good Game Guys Episode #28

    in Video Games

    Good Game Guys. 07-16-2014

    Every Week Wed Nights 10 PM PST

    Hosted by:Deg,Dr.Captain,TKO along with the Good Game Gal: Stephanie and the Good Game Kramer: The_Spaniard

    Good Video Game conversations, real raw talk on the gaming industry and society


    *Hyped up- GTA 5 finally has a release date scheduled for November 14th. Also another 'Finally', Don't Starve recently showed off the trailer for their new multiplayer mode. With hope it should be open to the public soon. Also Nintendo recently released a new trailer for Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS. The trailer shows the return of Captain Falcon followed by Fire Emblems Robin and Lucina. Speaking of fighters Tekken 7 was announced during EVO.

    *Video Game News - Gearbox releases Borderlands 2 skins and heads based on the characters in the up and coming Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Hitler Assassination mission returns to the Sniper Elite franchise, this time for the latest installment. Alien: Isolation lead designer Gary Napper says 'You can beat Alien without killing anyone'. Manuel Noriegal(Former Dictator of Panama) is suing Activision over his portrail in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

    *Call in - Got any questions or thoughts you'd like to share with the hosts? Feel free to reach them when the phone lines are open or shoot them your questions in the steam group chat.

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    The Turbo Nerds Episode 2: Next Stop E3, and a Taco stand!

    in Video Games

    The Turbo Nerds return for an exciting Episode 2!

    This episode, the out to lunch crew will be joined by the voice of none other than Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina, the incomprable Ashly Burch! 

    The team will continue their discussion on E3 Expectations, as well as recap Structure Gaming's Watch_Dogs Midnight Release party!

    There is a hot button issue in gaming right now, and that is Kevin Spacey. His appearence as the main protagonist of the upcoming Advanced Warfare installment of Call of Duty has excited some, and urked others. The Turbo Nerds will weigh-in on the subject. This will be a LIVE open discussion. Text and Call-In's will be open!

    Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TurboNerdsPod!

    This show features adult content and explicit material. Listener discrestion is highly advised. 

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