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    Man Boobs

    in Comedy

    This is the kind of show that should be on at night. Jessie from the Daily Tinkle will be there and maybe a co-host. Either way should be pretty crazy.

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    Beer and Boobs July 4th Show

    in Entertainment

    July 4th is almost here!!  Call in and chat with Jack Sass about some of your crazier 4th of July antics,  and what you plan to do this year.  Is it safe to drink and play with fireworks?  Of course not!!!  Do we anyway??  Sometimes!!!    

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    Banana Boobs

    in Health

    How estrogen effects breast health.

    Deflated boobs?

    Perimenopause banana boobs?

    How hormones can effect your boob health.

    SlidesShare: http://menopausemoxie.com/banana-boobs/

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    Hump Day After Dusk - Check Ya Boobs Month Kickoff

    in Radio

    Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is? Hump Day After Dusk Wednesday! .Ceddy J is kicking off his annual "Check Ya Boobs" campaign talking up what is in store for this month across all of our brands. He also honors his late grandmother, Mama Rachel who passed away 2 Years ago on this date. If you are fighting Breast Cancer or know someone who is, call-in with 347-202-0389 to share your story.

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    Power of the Boobs

    in Women

    This is one of our favorites.  The men love this topic.  And they loved getting to talk about this, unabashed, and uncensored.  We are celebrating the power of the boobs, the power of being a woman.


    Join us for more cool topics on Sex Lies and Consciousness


    Sex Lies and Consciousness Radio for sexy and awaken women who want to reignite their relationship and sexuality.

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    magar hour gets ready to take over dat dtla zone

    in Social Networking

    you ready ? we are secret locations
    meetings and deja vu
    we get deep in to the wed and order al lthe conterfit chinese baby teeth to save the world from black market baby mohammanddddddds
    we got every ones sextape on deck

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    Sexy Saturday with Mary & Boobs!

    in Women

    Sexy Saturdays have Boobs and Mary hosting with two other MU admins answering your sex questions and reading your confessions on air!

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    Grims' Classic All Music Mix!

    in Radio

    It's Sunday and that means RELAXING. We are going to go back a little. Some 70's, a dash of 80's, and a sprinkle of the Late 60's. This will be a Music ONLY Show so hopefully you can listen LIVE or come back later and check it out. It's a small escape or good to pass an hour or so with. These are some of Grims Favorite Artists so you get to see what kind of tunes Grim Vibes out to. Plus some I just threw in to put my touch on it. Remember, 12 NOON. Sunday. Tune in.

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    Whats the freakest thing you ever do

    in Lifestyle

    This guy I had met randomly in a strip club on my 25th birthday brought me into the bathroom and had sex with me there. I would never do it again, but it was extremely hot.

    So this girl was riding me near the edge of the bed when she leaned back. I figured she was just trying to get me in deeper but it turns out she was reaching into her purse. She pulled out a warm hotdog (WTF?) and began running it between her boobs. Then she got up and pushed me down onto the bed. She turned around and moved back to my face and bent over, but then she reached her hand beneath her and started moving the hot dog around on my lips while sucking my dick. I wish I didn’t like it, but I did. God knows where she even read to do that.

    My now-wife (and no I did not marry her for this) pulled me a little further off the edge of the bed when she was giving me head and started rimming me. At first I was totally averse to it, but then I had the best orgasm of my life.

    My boyfriend fingers me while sitting at a bar sometimes. The first time it was really scary, but now I make sure to get a table in the corner and wear a skirt with no panties when we go to a bar just the two of us.

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, and last year he suggested we roleplay/pretend to be strangers. We met up at a bar, and he pretended to be a businessman in from out of town for the weekend, and we ended up banging in the bathroom. I thought I would think it was stupid but it was SO. FUCKING. HOT.

    This guy I used to see (not really a boyfriend, but you know, close) would film us having sex and send me clips of it throughout the day. He once made a GIF of it, which looking back seems kind of insane… but at the time it was very hot.

    My boyfriend sometimes rents us a hotel room at this very nice hotel with VERY visible windows/rooms and makes us fuck in front of open curtains. Sometimes we draw a little crowd.


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    Man Boobs

    in Entertainment

    Join us this week when we'll be discussing what happens when girls transition on the outside but fail to transition on the inside. They base so much of their transition on the outward appearance that they neglect the inner transition, maturing into a woman, and end up Men with Boobs! Tonight we ask: What is being a woman or presenting yourself as a lady? Is maturing into a woman directly related to the initial reasons for one's transition? Because maturity comes at different times for everyone, is it safe to say that every Transwomen eventually matures into that women she transitioned outwardly to be? Or are some transsexuals content in living their lives as Men with Boobs? Join us tonight as we discuss those who look like ladies, but still carry themselves as men!

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    truth front 2 back starring Desiree Deluca &karen fisher

    in Entertainment

    the dynamic  duo is back   and they are giving you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth  in the industry and trending topics

    tonight  our sexy guest is Lolly Ink   she wll be kicking it  with us  live  letting us know all the sexy things  she has going on


    11:30PM ET: **Intro Music** Top of the show   Star 

          **Hosts Intro**

           **Present Show Agenda**


    11:40PM ET: DHR Announcements & First Music Break  L.O party to the lights come on

    11:45PM ET: First Show Segment

    11:55PM ET: Second Music Break         Mya    Money 

    12:00AM ET: Second Show Segment/Guest Interview

    12:15AM ET: Third Music Break    diana ross love hangover   thursday  throwback  of the day

    12:20AM ET: Final Segment/Take Callers

    12:28PM ET: Wrap up show and end with song or outro