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    BOLD Moving with Michele & Sharonda

    in Motivation

    Join Michele Aikens, publisher of Sepia Prime Woman and the BOLD Movers Network, and Sharonda Cawthon, editor of Nouveau Exposure as we talk with Certified Life Coach Donna Brumfield of Smith--Brumfield Communications, LLC.  Let's discuss what you are doing, and what is happening to your dream.  How sad would it be to get to the end of life and face all the things you wanted to do but never made time for.  A BOLD Life is a life lived on purpose.  There is help for you.

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    BOLD Moving with Michele Aikens

    in Business

    Join us Saturday at 8:00 as we speak with one-half of the ownership team of Hidden Manna Cafe.  Glynnis Harvey will talk about her and her husband's journey to owning a successful restaurant and give advice to couples that want to be in business together.  We're going to have a BOLD Time.  Join the conversation at 914-803-4503. 

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    BOLD Moving with Michele & Sharonda

    in Self Help

    Join us this Saturday to get advice from stylist Dionetta Scott, owner of D'Nicoles Hair Salon in Midlothian, Illinois.  We will discuss transitioning into a new look for Autumn.  What are the trends in makeup and hair?  Can you wear the hot shade?  What are style changes you can make at any age? But we'll also talk about what's underneath the style; confidence is an inside job that is expressed in your look,.  What are some of the reasons we want a new look, and how can you add some "Pop" to your style.  Call in with your questions and get advice from a professional at 914.803.4503.

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    Janet Thomas-Author of Lemons, Lemonade & Life on Unleash Your Bold Radio

    in Health

    Do you eat for comfort when you are bored, hurt, anxious, angry or lonely? Do you feel like it's impossible to keep off the extra pounds because of your emotional eating? If you want to end the struggle with emotional weight gain, you'll want to listen to this show!

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    Bold Moving with Michele & Sharonda

    in Entertainment

    Honeymoon Hostages is a tale of two hearts that occupy the same chest, with one palpitation beating to the sound of a different drum. Philippe desperately wanted to please Alexis, but her taste was too rich for his blood. He finds himself compromising his moral compass, until his conscious takes the wheel."  .  Meet writer-director Rev. Michael Anthony Simmons and hear his unique perspective on dealing with relationships through theatrical performances.  We will also hear from cast members.  Join the conversation at 914-803-4503 and find out how you AND your significant other can get tickets for the show on October 15-16. 2015. 

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    Bold Moving with Michele & Sharonda

    in Dads and Family

    Join us for a very special Prime Time, Father's Day edition of BOLD Moving with Michele & Sharonda.  We talked to three fathers of adult women about how they relate to their daughters and the bond they have today.  Yes, we hear all the time about those who haven't been available, but this conversation will warm your heart.  Meet Brandon Arnold, Chris Meaders and Duncan Oliver, three fathers who will make you laugh, cry and shake your head.  Pre-recorded

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    in Motivation

    Jo Dibblee, is a former Frock-aholic, and Founder of Frock Off Inc. She spent 35 years in hiding. As a key witness in a murder investigation. Out of necessity she wore disguise - frocks of protection. Not even those closest to her knew the real story. She was successful, and acknowledged for the good work she did. Awarded many international awards! Yet she lived in constant fear of being discovered.

    She has been I was featured on national television. Her internationally best selling memoir  was awarded a bronze medal in 2014 for True Crime. In 2015 her newest edition the Frock Off: Living Undisguised the Freedom Edition  was awarded a bronze medal in Greif and Hardship.

    She is committed to be the change she seeks and her philanthropic efforts are evident in all she does!





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    in Motivation


    Entrepreneurial thinker with a passion for helping others. Enthusiastic, motivated, results-oriented team
    leader with more than 20 years of experience in journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing, digital
    and print media, sales, sales promotion, special events, non-profit management and development.
    Excellent writing, problem-solving and creative abilities. Attractive and effective commercial talent for audio
    and video. Confident and persuasive presentation style.
    Contributing writer to Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine.

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    in Entrepreneur

    Lisa Steadman is a relationship expert, bestselling author, writer/producer, media personality, and highly sought after voice for women who are redefining what Having It All looks like.

    From her best selling books including her runaway hit It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown to her hilarious and heartfelt blog/Twitter following chronicling her Confessions Of An Imposter Mom, audiences rave about Lisa’s refreshingly real world take on the ages + relationship stages women find themselves in (single, dating, mating, marriage, motherhood, divorce, starting over) – and how to navigate each with humility and humor.

    Lisa’s innate talents as a writer, producer, and host make her an in-demand talent in the entertainment industry, on stages and screens around the world, and online.




    Writer | Speaker | Spokeswoman

    Celebrating the ages + stages of women's lives with humor + heart



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    BOLD Moving with Michele & Sharonda

    in Dads and Family

    Join BOLD Moving this Saturday, June 13th for a very special show in time for Father's Day:  Remembering Daddy.  Tammera Holmes will talk about the process of grief and the unique perspective of an adult daughter missing her father this time of year.  She will give insight and help, spiritually and naturally, to turn your grief  into a celebration of your Father and the woman he left to bless the world -- you!

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    in Entrepreneur

    ERIKA FERENCZI Business Strategist and Freedom Champion.

    Erika is a Dynamic Speaker, Loving Mom, Devoted Wife, Chief Freedom Officer and Unapologetic Leader at the Unstoppable Female. She is also the Author of the book, "Beyond the Lies~The Ways Women Sacrifice Freedom by Relying on Others." 

    Erika started her career leading corporate teams in the areas of Finance, Marketing and Sales. She left it all to follow her heart and build a family with the promise of Happily Ever After...just to wake up some years later and find her entire life had shattered..nothing was working and she felt completely powerless. In that moment, she made a decision that would alter the destiny of her life forever. She decided she would spring back onher own two feet and never depend financially on another human being again.

    Erika is a specialist in working with women who do not want to have a corporate job but want to make money through their own business. She specializes in helping he clients get over 6 figures in record time.

    Erika believes that the moment you turn your business into your life's mission and you learn the art of marketing and sales you cannot help but succeed and she is eager to show you how.  

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